Guards who dare to speak have bowed their heads and searched around.

The cold feather on the roof still hugs the little maid-in-waiting tightly.
"The old man is fiercer than you." The little maid-in-waiting muttered a small hand and secretly touched the dagger in the hands of the cold feather.
Han Yu has long been alert to the smell of playing with his hands. "It seems that this thing is very important to you."
"Give it back to me!" The little maid-in-waiting immediately turned against her again.
"Who are you? !”
"You pay me back first!"
"You are not qualified to talk to me about conditions." Cold feather said, leaning over and pressing her on the roof was very ambiguous.
"I … I don’t mind shouting again!" The little maid-in-waiting sounded flustered.
"I don’t mind if you try." Cold feather smiled.
"Come …"
The little maid-in-waiting didn’t say a word, but her lips were already covered with black eyes. Looking straight into her eyes seems to be a warning and a play.
He didn’t move, so he looked at her clear eyes.
She was stiff and at a loss, and felt that the strange smell was very close.
For a long time, the cold feather eyes smiled and took her waist, and her hands suddenly increased their strength. When she exclaimed, she invaded her mouth and was very overbearing!
Suddenly, I came with a whip.
Cold feather suddenly put the little maid-in-waiting sideways to avoid the whip and saw a thin black man with a handsome face not far away.
The little maid-in-waiting finally recovered, and quickly got up and flashed a trace of shame and anger at the scold, "Han Yu … you … you rascal!"
Cold feather has already looked at the man in black with a alert and stretched out his hand to grab the little maid-in-waiting, but he has not touched the man in black and dumped him with a whip.
Cold feather sideways hiding from the right arm bruise heart suddenly frightened the two men exactly is the position? !
"Don’t interfere with me!"
The black dress person was about to whip but was stopped by the little maid-in-waiting
"It’s the Lord". The black dress person respectfully responded with a flash and disappeared.
Cold feather frowned and re-examined this beautiful person’s face. Her eyes were smart and her brow faintly revealed noble temperament. Who is she?
"What are you looking at? The dagger is not me!" The little maid-in-waiting seems to be a little uncomfortable. The figure suddenly passes over the words and falls behind the cold feather. She was about to stretch out her hand to take the dagger, but the cold feather suddenly paddled sideways at the little maid-in-waiting hand.
Delicate hands immediately emerge a black blood, and black blood surges up in a moment.
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"Little people!" The little maid-in-waiting denounced the person but was held hostage. The dagger was still behind her.
Cold Yu see her almond eyes stare but will she hold more tightly very patient tunnel "lovely tell me who you really are, the black dress person is a person? Otherwise, if you wait a little longer, this wound will be scarred forever! "
The little maid-in-waiting xiu’s eyebrows are tight, her forehead is cold, her hand wound is deeper than her back, and her blood is constantly risking poison. It seems that it has spread to her arm like an ant crawling, and the whole arm is itching.
One-handed enemy, but he simply gave up the struggle and tiptoes covered his lips slightly and unexpectedly.
I just couldn’t stay for a moment, but my clever eyes flitted past and bit me hard.
Cold feather obviously caught off guard, and the little maid-in-waiting had already broken away from him.
"Haha, even if I am a maid-in-waiting, just find me out!" The little maid-in-waiting turned and left at a very fast speed. The figure was as early as a hundred miles away, and once you look at it, you have already started to catch up with it by disappearing.
Cold feather frown looked at swinging on the roof for a long time before slowly sitting down, slender fingers gently wiping blood from lips, a thoughtful face without noticing that the little maid-in-waiting and the man in black actually didn’t leave, so they were hidden aside. They were Princess Zi Xuan of Yueguo and her shadow guards.
"Princess Zi Xuan belongs to kill him!" Shadow for Zi Xuan will poison out of the eyes of murder.
"No!" Zi Xuan blurted out.
"But …"
"He is the cold king who can’t be killed!"
"If the emperor knows, he will kill him!"
"Don’t tell father!" Zi Xuan seriously talked about the shadow. Although it was her shadow guard, she still obeyed her father.
"But this matter is serious!" Shadow is also serious.
"It would be nice to marry the princess after the big deal!" Zi Xuan said very casually.
"What? !” Shadow almost called out.
"Oh, uncle shadow, don’t be so serious. I’m kidding. Shall we go to the Xiao Taihou Palace?" Zi Xuan laughed cheerfully.
"The Queen Mother said that if you don’t go back to the palace, you will be grounded for three months." The shadow is still serious
"My mother will scare people away, and my father will let me go!"

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