The little girl didn’t know what Zhou Tianxin was thinking there. After forcibly pressing down Sunday’s dissatisfaction, she immediately opened her mouth again at that time and introduced her own sect.

"There are only a few rules for our sugar gate. First; Listen to the door Lord, second; Listen to elder Yu, third; When the door master and the elders have any requirements; Other members of the sect must try their best to help them complete their assigned tasks. Fourthly; Ten candies must be prepared every day to honor the door owner; Otherwise, they will be punished for not eating sugar for a week. Fifth … "
Listening to the door rules revealed by the little girl’s mouth; On Sunday, some collapsed, and what the little girl said was not a rule! This is simply a curse against him. Although there is no explicit statement; But if you really want to do things according to the rules that the little girl said, then needless to say; Sunday became a coolie in his sect.
Moreover; What makes Sunday speechless the most is that the fourth rule mentioned by the little girl is to prepare candy for her every day. What is this called? Sunday past lives is really never heard of this kind of door rules, if this door rules spread out; I’m afraid the whole Tangmen will become the laughing stock of everyone.

Chapter 17 The girl cries; Yujie nu
I’m terribly sorry, everyone! Because something happened at home yesterday, the main line of our area went wrong again at night; I stopped the electricity for a long time, so I couldn’t update it. After a while, I was not as busy as I am now. We must add more. 200,000 words in the first month, here I make a promise that I will definitely finish this task by then, if I can’t finish it; Let’s order no more than 100 books, and the power of this punishment is in the hands of the big ones. You should believe our determination! The door rules set for little loli; On Sunday, nature is very dissatisfied. What about the door rules that are like child’s play? The little girl doesn’t care about this because she is a girl, but she still has face on Sunday! If you let others know that he has joined a small sect, you can forget it. If you let others know that his sect has set such rules, you won’t have the face to see anyone on Sunday.
Unfortunately; The only people who have the right to make their own suggestions on the door rules of the sect are the door owners and elders. Although Sunday is said to be the protector in the sect; But the fact is that there is not much power, even if it is no matter how dissatisfied with the door rules of its own sects, it is powerless to resist at the moment. I can only accept the door rules set by the little girl with a resigned nod.
"Fortunately, the name of the sect is Tangmen; Although it is suspected of plagiarism, it can be said anyway; At least this name is passable, so I won’t even dare to mention the name of my sect. "
Heart just still there for the name of his sect is not shocking, but Sunday didn’t keep this lucky for a long time, because on Sunday, it was already accepted to join the little girl’s sect, but the little girl’s next move was to directly smash the last bit of luck on Sunday.
"well; Uncle; Since you have become the protector of our sugar gate, then change this dress! Henceforth; This is the uniform of our sect. " Say that finish; The little girl took out a dress like a magician from somewhere and handed it directly to Sunday’s bosom. He motioned for him to put on that dress.
Most sects have special costumes, such as Wudang wearing Taoist costumes and Shaolin wearing monk costumes on the earth. Generally, even the smallest sects will print some symbols representing their own sects on the clothes they usually wear, so that their disciples can know that they belong to their sects when they are wandering the rivers and lakes, so as to increase the reputation of their own sects.
Because I know the reason of this situation, I just heard the little girl say what the uniform is on Sunday. On Sunday, I didn’t feel anything wrong, only because of the small number of my own sects, the little girl prepared a uniform; In order to get past the addiction of regular sects.
But I don’t want to be shocked by the style of the uniform when I see clearly the uniform I took over on Sunday.
A big’ sugar’ is printed on the heart of the uniform; It was like laughing at the decision to join the little girl before Sunday …
This "sugar" is not "Tang". If I hadn’t seen the uniform that the little girl took out with such a big word "sugar" on it, I always thought on Sunday that the "sugar door" that the little girl said was "Tang door". Originally wanted to come; Tangmen in Sichuan is also a big school of martial arts novels. Although this name is not the most satisfactory for Sunday, at least when I hear this familiar name, Sunday itself is not disgusted.
But I don’t want the little girl to write the name of her sect in this way, and it seems that she is afraid that others will not know that the sect she created is a’ sugar gate’, and even a uniform should be printed with a big word’ sugar’, thinking of the scene of going out in such a uniform; I feel like I want to blush every Sunday.
That is, the little girl doesn’t have to feel any sense of shame for wearing this kind of clothes, as far as Sunday is concerned; Naturally, he won’t want to wear this uniform. So; When I saw the uniform that the little girl handed me, it was like seeing something terrible on Sunday, throwing the uniform of my hand; Jumping three feet high, the request put forward by the little girl; Without mercy, he refused: "whoever loves to wear this dress will kill me anyway;" I won’t wear it. "
"Big ~ uncle!" After the little loli saw Sunday’s performance; Naturally, I feel quite uncomfortable. In the little girl’s opinion, the clothes I prepared for Sunday are so beautiful, and there is no reason why I don’t like it on Sunday. Now Sunday’s performance is naturally a little sad for the little girl, with a little face and a long voice called Sunday at the same time; That expression on her face may not be so good, but it will be great if she doesn’t change her mind on Sunday; She’s going to cry to him.
Unfortunately; This time the girl is doomed to disappointment, if it is anything else; Then when she makes such an expression, Sunday, who is soft-hearted, may really be mainly. But now the uniform she wants to wear on Sunday is impossible for Sunday to agree to wear anyway. So; Even if the little girl’s expression seems to be pitiful, Sunday also feels a little soft-hearted, but in the end she wants to think about the style of that uniform; On Sunday, it is impossible to nod and put on that uniform anyway.
Forcibly harden your heart; Sunday ignored the poor expression of the little girl, gritted his teeth and said to her again, "I will never wear that dress. It’s useless for you to say that."
Hearing this on Sunday; The little girl’s expression immediately changed at that time. At first, with a little anger and a poor expression, after hearing Sunday’s words, she immediately turned into a poor look, and her eyes quickly began to get wet, less than ten seconds later; Drops of tears flowed from the little girl’s eyes.
"Wow ~" sounded with the cry of the little girl; Sunday’s troubles came to you at that time …
Like teleportation; It took less than a minute for the little girl to cry; Sister Rain in Little Lolita’s mouth; The royal elder sister in the eye of the week directly kicked the door violently and broke into Sunday’s room.
Casually glanced at the situation in the room; After giving Sunday a hard stare, Yujie finally walked in front of the little girl, gently stroking her head and gently comforting her: "Sugar doesn’t cry; Sister will take you to eat sugar. "
"No ~ not good." Hear the words of the royal elder sister; Little Lori didn’t appreciate it. She shook her head while crying and refused the suggestion of the royal sister. She looked at Zhou Tiandao piteously: "Uncle doesn’t like the clothes prepared by Luo Li for him. Luo Li is so sad and sad, and now she doesn’t even want to eat sugar."
Hear the little girl’s words; Sunday’s whole face was green at that time. This sentence is poisonous! It depends on the attitude of the royal elder sister to the little girl at ordinary times, and I can feel it on Sunday. The little girl’s position in the mind of the royal elder sister is not low, and now she listens to the little girl; Knowing that I made the little girl cry, I can imagine it on Sunday; At present, the royal elder sister beside him will be a what kind of reaction.
Sure enough; After listening to the little girl’s words, the anger value of the royal elder sister’s adult rose in a straight line in the form of a rocket, which was clearly felt on Sunday when she was watching them from the side; The royal elder sister’s anger has been ignited because of the little girl’s words, and the waves of visible anger that come out of her body prompt Sunday, when she comes to get even with herself; Because of the little girl’s words, I’m afraid I’ll probably be badly cleaned up by the angry royal elder sister.
On Sunday, I sensed the anger suppressed by the royal elder sister; When my heart began to worry about myself; Royal elder sister is not to show their emotions in front of the little girl. Some gently touched the little girl’s head, and the royal elder sister looked calm and comforted her; "Sugar sugar rest assured; Sister will let uncle agree to put on the clothes prepared by our sugar sugar for him, sugar sugar will not cry; Wait, let uncle put on the clothes prepared by Tangtang for him and take our Tangtang princess out to play, okay? "
"Really ~ really?" Twitching his little nose; While the little girl stared at a pair of red eyes; Pathetic looking at the royal elder sister asked.
"really; Sister assures you. " Affirmative answer to the little girl’s question, royal elder sister after a little calm her mood, it is deadpan toward Sunday.
When I saw the expression of the royal elder sister; On Sunday, the whole people are not afraid to take a few steps back toward the rear. Now what kind of person is this royal elder sister? On Sunday, however, they have a little understanding. At the same time, Sunday is clear; Like some people, emotions are invisible, and the calmer their expressions are at ordinary times; Then it shows that the anger of his heart will be more prosperous; Now the royal elder sister in front of Sunday, although there is no evidence at all; But Sunday’s intuition told him that this royal elder sister is the kind of person that Sunday knows.
Knowing that the royal elder sister in front of you is in a state of rage on Sunday is naturally unwilling to be alone with her, but unfortunately; At present, this situation is beyond his control.
There is no meaning to ask Sunday words at all; Look calm after the royal elder sister walked to the front of Sunday, a pull on Sunday’s neckline directly, and then quickly left outward …

Chapter 18 Strong grab handsome boy
"alas!" Depressed, I followed the two beauties in front, one big and one small. On Sunday, I touched a pair of panda eyes that had not been swollen. Heart that call a helpless!
Although Sunday already knew that the little girl’s position in the mind of the royal elder sister was not low, she didn’t think that the relationship between them would be much better than she thought. At the beginning, after hearing the little girl’s crying, the royal elder sister didn’t give Sunday any chance to explain, so dragging Sunday outside directly was a fat beating; Finally, it was not until Sunday was beaten repeatedly for mercy that he was spared at that time.
And then for this matter; On Sunday, I had to put on the’ uniform’ prepared by the little girl in humiliation, and think about the kind of eyes that people looked at themselves when they just appeared in front of outsiders in that dress; On Sunday, I had an impulse to buy a piece of tofu and kill it.
But now what is done is done; It’s useless to regret it on Sunday, anyway, the shameful dress is already worn on the body, which should be seen by people; Shouldn’t let people see, now also is all let others look, now officially reduced to a big and a small two beauties footman coolies, Sunday in addition to honestly behind the bag, for others to their strange eyes, has changed from the initial anger, shame and anger to ignore.
On Sunday, so indifferent to follow behind the two beauties; In the middle of shopping activities in and out of various shops, on Sunday, at that time, I accidentally met a modest trouble …
Even if you don’t want to admit it; Although not all people are like that, but because most beautiful women fall into the rich and few hands, the final reason is that genes are better! Except for some people with genetic variation, on average, most of them are well-born; It is still a little better-looking than people born at the grassroots level.
As a Wulin family, the Zhous dare not say how famous Nanzhou is. But in the end, it is also a family that has been passed down for more than ten generations, with the efforts of more than ten generations; In addition to having a strong family before Sunday, his parents left him a good skin.
Moreover; Because Sunday’s practice is the reason why Thirteen Pacific Insurance Practises Hard Qigong and Tiebu Shirt, even now Sunday has only practiced a small success. But after finally practicing the two kungfu, Sunday’s body is still stronger than the average person, so when Sunday gives others a tough feeling because of his figure, the attraction will naturally be stronger.
For their own situation; Sunday has always been quite proud, relying on its own conditions; Sunday was also a romantic figure in Blackstone City, but it was only because of the great changes in his home that Sunday accepted his heart and began to practice martial arts wholeheartedly. I’m not in the mood to pay attention to men and women anymore.
But don’t want to; On Sunday, at the moment, I have not injected too much energy into that aspect. In the end, someone found him because of his appearance at that time.
"Little" xianggong "; Go shopping with your wife and daughter! I don’t see what’s so good about your wife. Why don’t you come home with me as long as you are willing to marry me? I can guarantee you a lifetime of prosperity. "
"Being teased." Sunday’s mind flashed such a word for half a day, and I never thought that I would encounter such a thing.
Only; Before Sunday responded to this matter, someone was the first to respond to this matter.
"Which come of ugly; Since you dare to seduce my family’s "xianggong" and don’t take a look at your own looks, you dare to rob others of "xianggong" and have seen shameless people; But a shameless person like you; I really see it every time. "
"mom; Is this uncle going to rob Luo Li’s father? Can you tell him not to do this? Luo Li is a father; If you give it to him; Won’t Luo Li have a father then? "
Hold back a smile; The royal elder sister patted Lori on the head and said to her, "Sugar sugar; If you want to call your aunt or grandmother, you can’t call your uncle, okay? Although people are a little ugly; But it’s still a woman. Don’t call it wrong next time. "
"But … but she really looks like an uncle!"
"Children are not allowed to care so much. It’s not up to her to decide what parents are like. Don’t yell again next time!"
"But …"
All right! It is worthy of being a black duo; Sunday also really didn’t think of them after hearing the man’s words; Made; Since this is the reaction. When you are hugged by the royal elder sister; When his right hand is completely caught up in a pair of turbulent royal sisters; Sunday was completely lost in that sense of touch, and they didn’t even hear what they said, only knowing silly nods, but they didn’t think of it; Such a reaction is to get on the popularity of the name has become a pair of what appearance.
"You … you." Liu Chunhua really didn’t think that he would encounter such a thing today, when he saw Sunday; Liu Chunhua was attracted by Sunday’s appearance. As the daughter of Tie Niu Gang Wang, Liu Chunhua really didn’t do this kind of thing by relying on her father’s power. There have been no accidents before, even if someone does not follow; When he showed his gang strength; At that time, most people can only choose to give in. After winning the men they like for three transgressions and two times, Liu Chunhua has taken his behavior as a matter of course, but he never thought about it at all. Since your behavior will also hit a wall one day.
Now that someone dares to call her ugly; Since the girl still regards herself as a man, think about the reaction of the mother and daughter; Liu Chunhua has a feeling of wanting to be crazy.
What you said; Liu Chunhua feels that she can’t talk to the other party. Just now, the other party just gave herself a terrible anger in just two sentences. If you don’t know how to argue with each other again, it is unlikely that you can take advantage of it then. On the contrary, God knows what the other party will say, and it may be that the mother and daughter will be angry again. Liu Chunhua decided to use force directly from the beginning and catch the family home. How to deal with them when the time comes is inconvenient.
"Come; Catch these three people who dare to insult this girl back, and this girl will personally interrogate their origins, and whether we can let the enemies of the iron ox gang mix into the city. "
After hearing what Liu Chunhua said; Almost all the bystanders couldn’t help but cast a sympathetic look at them on Sunday. What is the virtue of Liu Chunhua? At present, these people who are watching but dare not make any noise are loud and clear, almost all of them fall into the hands of Liu Chunhua; None of them will end up in a good end. If they really fall into the hands of Liu Chunhua on Sunday, it’s quite impossible for Liu Chun Flower Club to deal with them then.
It may be that when the time comes, the fish pond will be affected, and I almost see the moment when Liu Chunhua ordered the family to be strong on Sunday; All those who were watching the fun immediately dispersed. Those who stay in the same place; In addition to the three of them on Sunday; There are only a group of strong men who follow beside Liu Chunhua.
Judging from the size of those strong men; Even if they haven’t practiced internal skills, at least they have been exposed to some layman’s kung fu. Otherwise, according to the living standards of civilians in this world, the average person really can’t grow so strong.
While listening to Liu Chunhua’s words, he mentioned a name called Tie Niu Pie. Now, seeing such a group of thugs, it is almost clear about the enemy’s situation on Sunday.

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