This is the extreme tide, and this is the pinnacle. Arrogance will be my unique authority, and beauty is just a humble decoration. After becoming the only prince in the Qin Dynasty, there was only one voice in Yanhuang 6! ! !

Walk into the [Dingding Peak] and take you all the way!

060 fix true without time.
Chu Yifeng was led by a bruiser to one side of the garden. When he left, Chu Yifeng saw Sun Zhong’s smiling face and felt that she was so insidious.
Although Sun said that he wanted to arrange a place for Chu Yifeng to rest, Chu Yifeng knew much about this kind of thing, and of course he understood his situation at this time. He was under house arrest by Sun!
Once again, I walked through the garden like a fairyland, but Chu Yifeng didn’t want to enjoy the beautiful scenery again. Although his face was still calm, his heart was extremely worried. He secretly thought, "Am I going to jail when I come to fix the truth?" Just a few days after I left Master, I was lucky that Shuidungeon Star didn’t die there. I just arrived in Beiguxing and was locked up again. If I don’t promise, I don’t know when I can go out. "
Chu Yifeng suddenly feels a little miss the earth. If there is trouble on the earth, you don’t have to be so helpless.
I was thinking that Chu Yifeng had walked out of the garden behind the bruiser, but the way out was completely different from the way in, so after leaving the garden, Chu Yifeng did not see the truss and the black nightmare, but was led to a room that looked unusually neat.
When Chu Yifeng watched the bruiser leave himself in the room and then walked out of the door to wave, a red light lit up on the surface of the whole room.
"Another enchantment!" Chu Yifeng clearly felt the breath of that enchantment and gently sighed.
Chu Yifeng looked at a serious bruiser and walked away to the door of the room. He gently touched the enchantment and saw a flash of red light. This time, it was not lightning but a crimson flame. Suddenly, Chu Yifeng rushed to Chu Yifeng and felt a heat in front of him and subconsciously hid in the past.
Looking at the enchantment Chu Yifeng, who was still spraying flames, felt helpless and had to walk back to the room.
There is not a bed in Dalian, only a futon. Chu Yifeng doesn’t cross his legs, but sits sprawled on the ground and sulks, thus passing a day.
The next day, Chu Yifeng felt that time passed very slowly, and some people felt like years, so he began to ponder slowly in his heart.
"My Lei Xiao Shinto Sutra can refine all energy flames, and even the enchantment of the flame can be refined, and I can carry the fairy armor given by the master even without Lei Xiao Shinto Sutra, but now I can’t walk even if I break the enchantment in the Tongtian building. Even if I run out, I’m still facing the pursuit of the rank patrol. Alas, how can I be so unlucky? It’s really a bad time …
It seems that I can only promise Sun’s words. I’ll join Watch City for a while and make a rank patrol. Anyway, I’m also traveling outside, and I’ll sneak back to LeiYuanXing when I have a chance … "
Chu Yifeng was thinking about whether to join the rank patrol when he suddenly heard someone talking outside the door.
"Brother Chu, are you there?" The sound of the truss came in.
Hearing this, Chu Yifeng quickly sat up and walked to the door, half jokingly saying, "Brother Xi, see where you said I could go without being here, and I can’t get out."
Ying truss thought that Chu Yifeng was complaining about his face and suddenly felt guilty. After all, Chu Yifeng helped him a lot and gave him a piece of blazing sun stone. But he brought Chu Yifeng back and let him be locked up again, which still made him feel a little guilty.
So Ying Bo said, "Brother Chu is really embarrassed. I didn’t expect that bringing you here would make you suffer here …"
"Brother Ying, it’s nothing. It’s quite quiet here. It’s much better than the dungeon star, and no one will harm me." Chu Yifeng said with a smile. "By the way, Brother Ying, how did you get here?"
Yun Kuang’s face suddenly showed an eager and happy look and said hastily, "Brother Chu, I heard the elder say that she wanted you to join the rank patrol, but why didn’t you agree?"
"I didn’t say no, I just wanted to think about it."
"Then how do you think about joining the rank patrol is actually not bad, you can get fixed cultivation resources and a good magic weapon, and you can leave if you don’t want to be a rank patrol in the future."
"You can also leave! Really? " Chu Yifeng doesn’t believe it. Can he still resign? This management method is quite advanced.
"Of course you can leave, and many people have to practice and leave after the fit period." There is a trace of yearning in the eyes of the truss.
"Are there any conditions for leaving?" What Chu Yifeng wants now is to get out. If he can resign after joining the rank patrol, it’s no big deal to work as a police officer.
"Oh, at least I have worked in the rank patrol for one hundred years. In addition, if I make great contributions, I can apply to the elder to leave early."
"In one hundred! It is really short. " Chu Yifeng pie pie.
But I didn’t expect what Ying Kuang said was just direct: "Yes, it’s only a short hundred years."
Chu Yifeng knew that Yingtruss wouldn’t joke and asked in surprise, "Is a hundred years short?"
But the truss directly asked, "Is it a hundred years old? How many years have you been practicing now? "
"Me? ….. "Chu Yifeng silently thought for a moment" two … "
Chu Yifeng just wanted to say "more than two years", but Ying Zhen was more anxious than he was. He said, "It’s been more than 200 years, right? It took you more than 200 years to train to Yuan Ying. Doesn’t it take hundreds or even thousands of years for most people to train to Yuan Ying?"
"Cough …" Chu Yifeng suddenly coughed up. I don’t know if it was because he was scared by what he heard, or because he was glad for himself, or because he was scared by what he just said. What would you think if you just said that you only practiced for more than two years?
After pretending to calm down his mood, Chu Yifeng said, "Well, then I will promise the elder to be a rank patrol."
"It’s really great. I’ll tell her to let you out." With that, Ying Truss hurried away.
Leaving only Chu Yifeng standing there with a dull conversation with Ying Truss, though simple, it also made him understand many things. There is no time to practice for hundreds of years and thousands of years in the field of fix true. In the eyes of fix true, the life of ordinary people is just a blink of an eye. In contrast, after practicing for more than two years, he has reached a height that many people can’t reach in their lives. It can be called a very lucky person!
"No matter how much time I have, I’ll really travel to Leiyuan Star for a while. If Brother Yang Lin asks, I’ll blame Master for not telling me clearly about the fix-true boundary when he left, which caused me a lot of trouble."
Chu Yifeng shirked his responsibility and chose himself completely. At this time, in another space, Lan Chen sneezed involuntarily and said to himself, "Someone must scold me."

061 go through the formalities
The bruiser who sent Chu Yifeng came out in front of his eyes again, but this time he came to let Chu Yifeng out, but his face was like plaster. Chu Yifeng never saw the expression on his face change.
Seeing that Chu Yifeng came out of the "brig", he immediately came up and asked with concern, "Brother Chu, are you all right?"
"Nothing." Chu Yifeng said to Ying Truss with a careless smile, but in his heart, he really felt the light of day.
Then Yun Zhen turned his head and gave the big man a little gift and said, "Please protect Cao."
"hmm." Cao Mo just snorted faintly, and the whole person was as silent as his name without saying a word.
Yun Kuang and Cao Mo should be familiar with each other, so he also knows Cao Mo’s character. Without waiting for him to say anything, he said voluntarily, "Leave the rest to his subordinates."
Cao Mo took a glance at Chu Yifeng’s cold eyes and let Chu Yifeng’s good mood suddenly stop.
Ignoring Cao Mo’s advice, he left Chu Yifeng and asked Ying Truss directly, "What else does Brother Ying have to do?"
"Oh, the rest thing is to go through the formalities for you to become a rank patrol, and then get the equipment and tokens before you can really become a rank patrol." Ying Truss patiently explained and left the "brig" with Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng once again came to the lobby, where people were still busy as before, and the truss led him through the lobby and into another aisle, which was still a staircase, but unlike the staircase to Sun’s room, the staircase here was intricate, horizontal, straight and vertical, like a spider’s web, and people walked by it from time to time. If the spiral staircase was like a noble castle, it was like a messy slum.
However, the truss can lead Chu Yifeng to walk up quickly without getting lost, and Chu Yifeng is in a daze.
"Come on in." Yun truss and Chu Yifeng went to a room outside, and Yun truss took the lead and went in.
Sitting in the room is a middle-aged man, well dressed and white as an ancient scholar, and also a bit bookish.
"Brother Guo Qian." Ying truss said with a lot of enthusiasm.

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