I know the reason why the four generations of Huo Ying sent people to find themselves. Although the cross-country is very clear, I am afraid that the reason why the four generations of Huo Ying found themselves is not as simple as "fierce".

However, when thinking about the four generations of Huoying, I still miss myself and think of myself as a trustworthy person. The cracks between the original cross-country and the four generations of Huoying are probably much smaller.
Then I got enough information from "Meng" in Uchiha Shisui, because I knew that my fellow sword squad might not be able to escort myself back to Muye Village. After bidding farewell to my fellow sword squad, I embarked on the road back to Muye Village alone.
This time, I was so anxious when I returned to Muye Village off-road, far less relaxed than when I returned to Muye Village this time.
Because I am familiar with the original plot, the cross-country show knows more things than Uchiha Shisui.
Moreover, cross-country also knows that the four generations of Huoying are not "radical" in the original plot, which is likely to lead to even more terrible results!
Imagine it!
In case cross-country fails to stop the tragic Kyubi no Youko War, four generations of Huoying and Uzumaki Kushina still fall, but the war between fire nation and Leiguo is a foregone conclusion, what will Konoha Village face?
In the original plot, Muye Village was able to defeat Yunren Village with its residual strength at its peak.
However, after the two countries declared war, Yunren Village was prepared to die regardless of the future. Could it be that Muye Village won miserably in the end?
Imagine that things in the future will step into an uncontrollable trajectory, and cross-country will feel a hot flame burning in his heart, urging him to return to Muye Village as soon as possible.
However, a few days later, when the main entrance of Muye Village was once again reflected in the cross-country sight, the anxiety that had been suppressed for a long time in the cross-country heart disappeared in an instant!
Because off-road just returned to the main entrance of Muye Village and was about to step into it, when I went to Shimura Danzou to report the rain country, a figure that was very familiar and made off-road feel reliable suddenly appeared beside off-road
That familiar figure that can make off-road feel reliable is the head of Nara clan now!
Cross-country Uncle Nara Shikaku!
"Cross-country, are you finally willing to go home?"
"Come home with me for dinner!"
Chapter 99 Radical benefits
"Well, go home!"
"Uncle Lujiu!"
Even cross-country never thought that his long-suppressed irritability in his heart could disappear instantly after deer appeared for a long time.
And listening to Lujiu’s faint and slightly warm words combined with the messy thoughts in off-road mind are all sorted out in an instant.
Then silently followed Lu Jiu and returned to his familiar home.
Dinner at home has never been a delicacy, but a little plain.
But eating this rough tea and plain rice beside my uncle Lujiu and aunt Jinai feels that eating rough tea and plain rice is far more than eating delicacies outside.
Dinner is short, or cross-country deer eat fast for a long time.
It’s not even half an hour before dinner.
When Nara servants came to pack up, Yoshino Nara, who was also pregnant, went back to rest early. Instead, she stayed off-road beside Lujiu and watched her aunt Gina slowly return to her room to rest. Her face raised a faint smile.
"Aunt Jinai is pregnant with the deer pill in the original plot, right?"
"By the way, I really want to think that in the original plot, Luwan is one month older than Naruto."
"That is to say, in a month, Luwan will be born and I will become Brother Luwan?"
"It’s ridiculous to forget that Uncle Lujiu’s child is going to be born after taking care of the teacher at the water injection gate!"
"What do you always think about those complicated things every day?"
"Most of the time, it is actually quite good to enjoy the quiet feeling at home!"
Secretly heart way a cross-country took a deep breath, like a relief from the burden.
And next to LuJiu found off-road situation corners of the mouth is also raised with a faint smile immediately looked at off-road face emerge relaxed expression to LuJiu slowly with off-road said
"Is cross-country white?"
Nodded cross-country smile, "Most of the time, the burden is added by yourself. In fact, there is no need to bear the burden. There is always a solution depending on your mentality. If your mentality is bad, the burden will become heavier and heavier, but if your mentality is good …"
"The burden will naturally become lighter!"
"Well, it’s good to be white."
I didn’t say whether the cross-country feeling was right or wrong.
Lu Jiu’s face still hung with a faint smile. After listening to the cross-country feeling, he directly said, "You were hiding there. Watergate actually told me that at that time, Watergate said, don’t look at cross-country. You are not very old, but you think a lot of things. It turns out that you think a lot of things are like your father."
"But your uncle is cross-country, and I hope you are like me."
"When you should think about things, think about things when you should relax."
"It’s like I forced you to have a holiday in the New Year, remember?"
"A relaxed life is a real life!"
Said the deer took a deep breath for a long time as if enjoying the moment of peace.
And cross-country beside Lujiu also feels that my heart is getting quieter and quieter. Even after that, I have to face some problems and solve them in a quiet environment. I am curious about what magic Lujiu has in his hand that can make me feel relaxed and think of some solutions.
I don’t know that cross-country is like Lu Jiu’s saying that he is squeezing himself all the time.
Practice is like sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will retreat. Cross-country practice should be maintained strictly every day.
In the original plot, the tragedy is urgent to solve the cross-country. Every day, my mind is full of tricks and games.
However, most of the time, it is said that the perfection of cultivation and progress strategy is completed in a flash of light.
Just trying to squeeze yourself is pushing yourself to the wall step by step.
Only one relaxation, one loosening and one tightening is the real king.
It is the cross-country that has accumulated some experience in forbearance, but there are still some shortcomings. It is not as sophisticated as Lujiu that cross-country has taken the road of getting stuck in a dead end.
of course
If compared with Kakashi, Uchiha Shisui, Skunk God and others in the same period, cross-country is already ahead.
After all, it is also an experience to grow up.

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