Knowing that Feng Qinglan was testing Chang Acacia, she talked about it.

It seems that everyone is on guard against Chang Luo, but this is normal. Even she is on guard against Chang Luo.
After all, Chang Luoqing Mu Gong is more involved than her Qing Mu Gong, but she is not.
Feng Qinglan micro leng didn’t expect her temptation to be punctured by her and couldn’t help laughing.
"So that’s it! Wang also has nothing else in mind. It’s just asking questions. After all, I am responsible for things. "
I often miss you and laugh at Feng Jiang’s clothes, and I can’t hide them. I said, "I miss you and I seldom come here. It’s better to walk around. Brother Jiu is in poor health or go back to my room to rest. After all, it’s not necessary to be so polite to be a brother!"
He smiled at Feng Qinglan and the elegance in his eyebrows was not hidden.
In fact, the two of them have very similar eyebrows and eyes. When Feng Qinglan wears a ghost mask, she often misses someone and almost mistook her for someone else.
It’s often that lovesickness hasn’t come out of Fengqinglan service road. "It’s also rare for you to come here. Wang’s injury has also been a big deal. These days, he has been recuperating. In fact, it’s better to go out for a walk. After all, Wang is familiar with this palace."
Acacia is the so-called phoenix-red dress, and his face has begun to be clouded again.
It’s rare to have some interests. I often miss the guqin and gently fiddle with the strings. Suddenly, I remembered that night, the two handsome young men, Yunyu Yunjing, called for the end of the year.
"Go to the Shuiyue Building and tell the madam that I want to redeem Yunyu and Yunjing, and ask Yunyu and Yunjing if they want to?"
Who doesn’t know that Shuiyue Building is a drunken building?
At the end of the year, I naturally heard that my young lady was going to redeem the little girl and immediately said, "Lord, this is not good. If you let your report know, it will be unhappy!"
Chang acacia gently fiddled with the elegant piano and poured it out at her fingertips. She looked towards the end of the year and a shallow smile appeared on her beautiful lips.
"What’s not happy? I’m asking you to redeem Yunyu Yunjing. If they are willing to stay, you can take them to the fairy mansion to find Yuntreading snow and let Yuntreading snow arrange for them to stay! "
If it weren’t for the road, no man would want to go to a place like that and be a small man. Everyone would play with these two people, and they wouldn’t be hungry if they were willing to stay in the fairy mansion to help.
At the end of the year, I was relieved that I didn’t want to bring it back to Xiangfu. "I will handle it immediately!"
Soon after I left at the end of the year, the clouds came through the snow. When I saw that I was playing the piano in the courtyard, I often missed it and immediately came over with a smile.
"I have seen the Lord!"
"What’s so happy?" Asking about lovesickness
Speaking of this matter, Zhang Xiuqing’s playful little face immediately collapsed. "Big Brother is busy and asked his family to come over. Big Brother said that he sent a fairy to sneak into Anping Wangfu to find nine petals, but today, the nine petals are gone in Anping Wangfu!"
The piano came to an abrupt end, and I often missed the clouds and looked through the snow.
"But the people from the Eleventh Prince succeeded?"
Cloud through the snow shook his head "no! Eldest brother there received the news eleven report sent in the past, people are wondering nine petals suddenly disappear this matter Anping king has begun to look for heard this matter Anping king severely punished many people, after all, it is to give Yining princess dowry "
If the nine petals disappear, it’s not the clouds stepping on the moon or the phoenix clothes taking them away. So who else needs the nine petals?
And where are the nine petals hidden? I can’t find anything about her pink dress, but someone found it.
"Did you find any suspicious people when you sent someone to look for it?"
Cloud stepping through the snow shook his head. "If you don’t know this matter, it’s better to let Big Brother come over and explain to the Lord. After all, it’s not very clear whether you participated in this matter!"
Chang Xiangsi nodded thoughtfully. "I asked the two young girls to be redeemed at the Shuiyue Building at the end of the year. If they are willing to stay in the fairy mansion, you can see if there is any suitable position for them."
"It’s white!"
Cloud through the snow immediately nodded for their owners to find a small supposed is also heard.
There are a lot of things over there, too. I often miss it and leave soon, but I don’t have the mind to fiddle.
Who will eventually fall into the hands of the nine petals? Listen to Xuanwu. Living in water without water will soon wither like a fish without water.
The places where there is water or where there may be hidden water in Anping Wangfu have been turned over several times, but Nai has not found them. I didn’t expect who was so powerful to take the lead in taking nine petals this time.
Does the other party have this demand, or do you know that Feng Jiang Yi is looking for it?
No matter which one, she doesn’t want to find nine petals after a hard time. It’s hard to find nine petals in this world!
It’s a rare plant, otherwise it wouldn’t have made Fengjiangyi look for it for so long.
Yi Lee look in a hurry back to the eleven Wangfu found in the room is busy phoenix crimson clothes immediately.

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