In the open-air yard, a lot of blast furnaces are piled up, which is very messy.

Road flyover Li Tao said faintly: "These piles are all scrapped blast furnaces, some of which have been used for too long, burst or damaged, and some have failed in the refining stage. These blast furnaces are very troublesome to handle, so they are all piled up here. In the past, the inventory here was more than ten times as much as what you see now, but in recent years, due to the financial constraints, we had to select some scrapped blast furnaces and refine them again. The rest of these blast furnaces are estimated to be treated in this way. "
Qing Lin was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that the pockets of the blockbuster faction had shrunk to this extent, and even the money for purchasing materials for refining an alchemist furnace could not be taken out.
"Come on, Qing Lin, let’s talk in that room. The opportunity I told you to work as a short-term worker is in this room."
Qing Lin hurriedly kept up with the footsteps of the road flyover Li, and four people entered this house with no small area.
Inside the house, against the wall, there are many tables with steps. On the platform formed by each step, all kinds of blast furnaces are neatly placed.
The Taoist priest said, "These blast furnaces are more or less defective, and there will always be various situations when they are used. Some of them can’t even be used at all. I invited people to see them before, but I just couldn’t find their problems. Qing Lin, your task is to tell the faults and problems of every blast furnace in this room. I’ll give you twelve taels of gold if you haven’t said a problem or problem … Oh, no, twelve taels is too little, fifty taels of gold. "
Qing Lin shine at the moment, "are you sure, a problem s gold? Regardless of the size of the problem or problem? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Road flyover from plunge nodded, "yes. Regardless of the size of the problem and the problem, you must abide by a principle, and you are not allowed to make false reports or false reports. If this situation is found out afterwards, you will make false reports or false reports once, and you will be fined 520 gold. "
Qing Lin said quickly, "Don’t worry, two seniors, I will report it truthfully, and I will never make a false report."
Road flyover from the plunge ha ha a smile, "then let’s get started. Huihui, you take notes. "
Wen Yihui knows that this is an opportunity offered by ShiShu. If Qing Lin really has this ability, it is very important for him to have more contact and friendship with Qing Lin. So, Wen Yihui took out a blank jade pupil, "Qinglin, you can start."
Wan’er brought an alchemy furnace nearby, looked away from the Taoist priest, and said, "This alchemy furnace is called a double furnace. Its main problem is that there is no way to change the civil and military fires, and there are also frequent deflagrations. After refining from it, there has been no successful refining of a furnace of Dan medicine. "
Qing Lin took a look at the double stoves, briefly sorted out the information that flashed in his mind, and then began to say, "This stove has seven major faults and twelve minor faults. Let’s talk about the big problem first. First of all, it is the problem of materials. There are not many matching materials and main materials. On the whole, brass as the main material uses ten catties and six dollars … "
Qing Lin’s two mouths, just like the spillway opening the floodgate, the upper lip touches the lower lip, gushing and continuous. Road flyover Li and Wen Yihui are dizzy for a while and awake for a while. It’s not that they didn’t have enough practice, nor that they were stunned by Qing Lin. It’s really a lot of problems that Qing Lin said, which is beyond their understanding. They don’t even know the basis of Qing Lin. Just look at this blast furnace and conclude that ten catties and six dollars of brass are used more. This is incredible.
However, Taoist Li and Wen Yihui are both discerning people, and it must be something to rely on if Qing Lin can tell such a long speech without making a mistake. It is definitely not nonsense, and it has at least 70% or 80% credibility.
When Qing Lin spoke out the nineteen faults in the size of the double stoves, the road flyover Li Ling casually asked, "Qing Lin, it’s really rare that you can pick out so many problems. Even I have to say I admire you. By the way, you can see so many problems. I wonder if you can propose effective solutions to these problems? "
Qing Lin just wanted to say "yes", but the words slipped to his mouth and he swallowed them abruptly. Qing Lin remembered a sentence that Li, with crooked nose, often said when he was telling stories, called "The wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it". Now he has attracted enough attention, not to mention Wan’er’s talent for alchemy, which is far superior to ordinary people, but to say that his hand freely reported the means of defects in the alchemy furnace, which has never been heard of since ancient times. Now, fortunately, it’s still inside the blockbuster school. If it accidentally spreads to places outside the blockbuster school, Qinglin will be in danger soon. Even within the shocking faction, Qing Lin can’t guarantee that he is absolutely safe.
Thought of here, qing Lin hurriedly shook his head, "I’m so sorry, elders. I don’t know what’s going on. When I saw the blast furnace, I naturally knew the quality of this furnace, but I don’t know how to correct it. This is beyond my ability. "
Qing Lin looks as usual, his face is not red, and his heart is not chaotic. He really didn’t see that Qing Lin was lying. He thought it was a matter of course. Qing Lin has never received systematic training, and it is already a very fate talent to tell the advantages and disadvantages of an alchemist furnace. If he can freely quote how to make up for it in a targeted way, then it is simply a waste of time to switch to Dan Dao for nearly a thousand years like him.
With concerns, Qing Lin began to consciously restrain his ability. When reporting the shortcomings of other blast furnaces, Qing Lin no longer reported all the faults and problems of the blast furnaces, but selectively cut them. The overall principle is to report the big ones without reporting the small ones, and to report the little ones without reporting more. He would rather earn less gold and try to reduce the attention of others on him.

Chapter one hundred and eighty-three Even up * *
Chapter one hundred and eighty-three Even up
Chapter one hundred and eighty-three Even up three poles
Even Qing Lin consciously compressed the number of problems. After Qing Lin diagnosed nearly 200 blast furnaces in the room, he reported nearly 2,000 problems. In the end, Qing Lin said that he was thirsty, and Wen Yihui changed the jade pupil Jane twice.
In the face of such a result, both Wen Yihui and the Taoist priest who left the country were sincerely surprised. Is there really such a person in the world? Just looking at it with your eyes, you can determine the problem of the blast furnace at the first time without any spells and magic weapons. This is a bit too ridiculous. If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, these two masters who hold power in the shocking faction would not believe it anyway.
When Qing Lin reported the problem of the last blast furnace, the Taoist priest left again with the idea of giving it a try and asked, "Qing Lin, are you sure that you can only find the problem and can’t give a solution?" These blast furnaces are our amazing treasures, all of which cost a lot of money and are not easy to refine. Whether it is destroyed or left idle, it is a huge waste. If you can give a specific solution, I can give you a higher reward and give you a solution to a problem. I will give you a standard spar. Well, think about it. "
If it was before Qing Lin realized something, Qing Lin would not refuse to make such an offer from the road flyover Ling, but now Qing Lin has decided to focus on making a fortune, and then expose himself to the focus of others for a mere two thousand pieces of standard spar. Qing Lin will not do such a thing.
"The elders, I’m really sorry. I really don’t know how to solve these problems. By the way, I’ve heard that there are many refining experts in our school. The elder can ask someone to take these blast furnaces to Jingshan last month. " Green forest pushes 369.
"Well, that’s it." Road flyover Li. Sighed, "we still need to verify these questions you have raised, and after they are confirmed, we can reward you with the task. Well, do you still want to buy the seeds of herbs? Tell you what, I’ll give you a warrant. You can take it to the drugstore and buy seeds and whatever you need. The required payment will be deducted from your due reward. In three or five days at most, I can send someone to send the reward of the task to you. "
Qing Lin is not worried about leaving the Taoist priest in the same hall. The Presbyterian church will deduct tens of thousands of gold from him. "Elder, brother Wen, then I will be excused."
Qing Lin respectfully withdrew from the room, and just walked out of the yard, he hummed a tune. Although it took a long time to talk and I was thirsty, compared with the harvest of 100 thousand and two gold, this tiredness is really nothing.
Taoist Li and Wen Yihui looked at the distant back of Qinglin and stood for a long time.
"Uncle, do you think these questions mentioned by Qing Lin are true?" Wen yihui is still a little unacceptable at the moment.
The Taoist priest said, "The world is so big that nothing wonders. Qing Lin may really have this talent. Let’s have a good test later. If it is confirmed that Qing Lin really has this ability, then the cultivation of Qing Lin must be strengthened. It is absolutely impossible to adopt the method of herding sheep as it is now. We must find him a better master and accept him as a disciple. "

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