"oh? This is called Kowloon-bound silk oblique spike? " Hearing the words of Xuanji, Tianjun watched with great interest. I didn’t think that this oblique spike even had this wonderful famous house Xuanji suddenly relaxed my heart. I don’t even know this name. It seems that I am a little petty. This Yunxi is probably his cousin. | ww.txt80.com overspeed update text chapter |

Explaining to Tianjun, he said, "This is indeed a sword spike bound with silk in Kowloon. It is a sword spike formed by selecting thousand-year-old ice silk and using the special method of binding silk in Kowloon. Although it doesn’t look like a pearl jade, it is definitely a good thing. You really know the goods."
Seeing that Tianjun couldn’t put it down, Xuan Ji asked, "Only a big family can hold such a valuable thing. How can you get it?"
"This is a gift from my sister. Her name is Yunxi." Tianjun didn’t want to hide anything, and he didn’t want to cheat Xuanji.
"Are you close?" XuanJi some silly asked.
Tianjun smiled and said, "Very well, although our time together is very short, it is very meaningful. She is the only one who broke into my heart before except my brother. I haven’t seen her for more than ten years. I don’t know how she has been recently. "
For Yunxi, Tianjun always has that kind of feeling in his heart, like brother and sister who are not brothers and sisters, like friends who are not friends, like lovers who feel a little uneasy. In short, everything needs to be seen in Van Gogh before we can feel something.
Xuan Ji’s face is obviously ugly. From the heart of the population, his evaluation of another woman, for whatever reason, is a woman will be somewhat unacceptable.
Tianjun didn’t say anything more, just quietly pulled up Xuanji’s hand and held it in his palm. Xuanji’s face turned y and n in an instant.
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Watching the singing of the warm and mellow wind, listening to the winding and circuitous rain rolling, smelling the clear and ethereal midnight stardust hidden on the peak, the sky is covered with ground, and the curtain is on the ground, which is a dream that I don’t wake up.
"Don’t come to the master until you are warm," said Zuo Hao jokingly.
Tianjun’s silly smile stood quietly in front of Zuo Hao, staring at the mountain Lu water that is not obvious on weekdays, but at the critical moment, he devoted himself to his master, how can he not feel J: and.
"What’s the matter?" Zuo Hao looked at Tianjun, who was motionless. It was really unlike his usual style, so he couldn’t help asking.
Tianjun looked at the master. At this moment, he realized that the master really loved him, but he didn’t show it at ordinary times. In his eyes, Lu showed a firm god, Se, and said, "Don’t worry, master. I won’t let you down. I will definitely get a good ranking and won’t make you and my mentor a laughing stock again. "
Their eyes met, and the sincere feelings between master and apprentice were sublimated at this moment.
"What do you think about this exquisite tower?" Zuo Hao smiled slightly and interrupted the peace just now.
"This time, I learned a lot of experience in the exquisite tower of the seven orifices and in the hands of those spirits, and I also saw strange spirits and beasts that I had never heard of before. I learned a lot about swords and hearts, but there were also many shortcomings. Therefore, I want to study the allusions in Tenglong Road for these three days." Tianjun trays out his own ideas.
Zuo Hao smiled and said, "People who cultivate immortals can’t practice hard. Throughout the ages, countless senior experts who have cultivated immortality and achieved success have gradually grown up through experience. Only by combining penance with knowledge can we succeed. You are still young, and it’s really not easy to think of this. It’s also my intention, so go there as soon as possible. "
Now I’m familiar with this Tenglong Road, and I didn’t let go until I saw the two elders, Gold and Silver, talking for a long time. When I entered it, I couldn’t find Brother Hao Cheng, probably because I was out, so I went directly to the third floor without delay.
Gently release the consciousness, and the third layer is completely induced by the cultivation of the fairy realm. The door is wide open and looking at some magical organs is really amazing.
But looking around, there are only some medium magic weapons and some tips and tricks, but there are no books and allusions they need, which is inevitably disappointing.
After consulting the two elders again, I suddenly realized that these books and allusions claimed to be a pavilion, just around the corner. After this advice, Mijin, Tianjun can’t wait to check it out.
No one opened the door. As soon as he entered, the double-tower structure appeared in front of him, with blue Se as the keynote, which means to be careful with water and fire. The main building is in the form of double eaves, with a glazed tile roof in Kong Quelan, an internal wall with light R ? gray Se, stone steps with granite pedestal, and Pei Cui railings. The stacks are stacked and undulating with no end in sight, which is really everything. The podium buildings are distributed on both sides of the main building, and form two large patios with gardens in them, forming a unique landscape with gardens in the building.
At the moment, there are countless people inside. People passing by saw that it was the arrival of Tianjun, and suddenly the quiet pavilion like water was broken. Everyone dropped their books and caught a glimpse of the well-known man of the day. After all, such people rarely come here. How can you catch one and let it go?
After some cajoling, this only calmed the public’s anger a little, and shook his head helplessly. It’s true that people are afraid of famous pigs and strong ones, and they can’t hide if they want to, but at least now they can read widely with peace of mind.
I found some books I was interested in and read them, but I was generally satisfied with Tianjun, who didn’t ask for much understanding.
At the same time, I can’t help but feel a little sigh with emotion. Imagine how much time and energy it would take to search for some information in this pile of paper unless your memory is amazing.
Sitting in the sea of books in Yu Hao, my head is white and I am poor. Although my image is persistent, it is full of desolation and helplessness.
How to read these countless books in three days, and the information you want can be readily available, has now become a problem for Tianjun, and it seems that you can only choose the best and focus on it. This is also a helpless move, and there is no way.
It’s a long way to go in Xiu Yuan, and I’ll go up and down.
Tianjun sat there quietly, thinking about his heart, saying that it was impossible that his mood was not affected at all, but there was no such frustration as crying and crying when the sky was falling, and there was a little frustration.
Instead, j: and his high morale, right to take this as a kind of hone to oneself, diamond cut abrasive. It’s a pity that these books can’t be taken away in the storage bag, otherwise this storage bag can hold more than thousands.
The days are dull, and day by day, three days have passed unconsciously, saying that it is not long, saying that it is not short.
After three days, Tianjun spent all his time, sleepless, and devoted himself to learning the necessary knowledge. Thousands of books, except for a few, have been incredibly read by him.
For example, today, you can be called well-informed, knowledgeable and proficient in geography.
The flowers still bloom every year, but the flowers are different from each other year after year.
The power of knowledge is indeed infinite. In just three days, Y and N transformed Tianjun into a new person, which is refreshing.
At this time, it was just the middle of the morning, and Tiangu was full of rainbow and clouds, surrounded by Tiangu disciples who came and went in a hurry. It seemed that there were endless things waiting for them to do.

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