"Brother Chu Dao." Wang Bozhi saluted.

"hmm." Chu Yifeng seems very rude, but Zhang and Wang don’t care at all, because they all feel the pressure that Chu Yifeng brings them, and it is normal for Chu Yifeng to ignore them.
"All right, take it." Chu Yifeng handed the blazing stone.
"Brother, use your storage belt." Zhang Xuan reminded Wang Bozhi. Not all people who fix the truth will have their own storage rings from the beginning like Chu Yifeng. More people use the most common storage belts, even Zhang Xuan doesn’t even have a storage belt.
"good." Wang Bozhi looked at the blazing sun stone and worried about damaging his baby.
When Chu Yifeng saw Wang Bozhi reprinting this book, he carefully untied his storage belt and slowly leaned against the blazing sun stone, fearing that it would be burned by the heat wave. Finally, Wang Bozhi put the blazing sun stone in his storage belt.
"Thank you, Brother Chu." Zhang Xuan took Wang Bozhi to salute together.
"No, what do I want?" Chu Yifeng is still thinking about the secrets of martial arts.
"Lord Song has already prepared for Brother Dao."
After hearing this, Chu Yifeng ignored them and went directly to Song Xian.
While Zhang Xuan and Wang Bozhi are talking quietly …
"Brother, what do you think of the cultivation of this Chu Yifeng?"
"I can’t see it clearly, at least in the middle or even in the late stage of then."
"Then he won’t give us any trouble, will he?"
"No, I don’t think he may be a young disciple of any sect who also came to travel. Look at his arrogant appearance. That kid doesn’t know anything, even the emperor isn’t sick. He didn’t see that we got such a baby for nothing. "
"Well, it looks like a young disciple who came out to travel."
"Hum, I think we can make him our scapegoat after we get things done."
"You mean …"
"Rank patrol makes it very cruel to fix the true person who makes moves to mortals. We might as well take him down and put things on his head …"
"Hey hey …"
At this time, Chu Yifeng didn’t know that he had entered the calculation of others. He just went to a place similar to the stacks in the palace and saw the secrets of martial arts that had already been prepared for him.
"Can I take it with me?" Chu Yifeng asked the guard.
After getting a positive reply, Chu Yifeng waved his hand like a hill, and the secret of martial arts was put into the storage ring by him, which made the guards look dumbfounded and scared a little silly.
Chu Yifeng left the palace directly.

020 flying sword
Chu Yifeng came out of the palace and returned to the inn. At this time, although the fire had been put out, the house was burned down, but those officials also knew that Chu Yifeng’s identity was unusual and immediately rearranged the room.
Chu Yifeng dived into the room and ordered not to be disturbed, then immediately began to study martial arts. His body has been transformed by amethyst jade gourd, and his brain is also undergoing lightning tempering, so now his brain is flexible and abnormal, and his thinking is very clear. It’s almost a quick read and never forgets anything.
Chu Yifeng can make all kinds of human body figures on the secrets of martial arts only by reading them once, which is also due to Lan Chen’s extraordinary flexibility and coordination in transforming his body to reach the yuan infant stage. Therefore, as long as he remembers the form in the book, he can naturally make some movements more accurate than those who have practiced martial arts for many years.
Like a copier, Chu Yifeng read all the secrets of martial arts one by one, remembering them all in his heart. It took Chu Yifeng only one day to read them, and then he found a spacious place to start practicing.
Eagle claw skill, chain leg, arhat boxing, soul-chasing sword, soul-breaking knife, Liuhe gun … Chu Yifeng practiced many kinds of martial arts in one breath, only to see that he practiced one set after another without stopping, and none of them were repeated from morning to night, attracting officials, servants and servants in the inn.
Where have they seen such brilliant martial arts and Chu Yifeng’s body has become more and more flexible, and finally it has turned into a black shadow in the eyes of others. No one can see clearly Yifeng’s figure, even several officers in the inn have never seen it.
It took only two days for Chu Yifeng to become a peerless master. No one believes it, but it is true. But he is a peerless master for mortals.
However, Chu Yifeng didn’t enter the Tao from Wu, so these fists and fists were only used as a means for him to fight the enemy, and he didn’t understand the profound meaning. Chu Yifeng’s real ability is the power of thunder and lightning produced by Lei Xiao’s Shinto Scripture.
Chu Yifeng practiced and practiced martial arts quietly in the inn, but some people didn’t want him to be so easy.

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