"Where is Zhu Xiong? We have been friends for many years. You were not so melodramatic when you and I fought side by side on the grassland. Besides, even if it wasn’t for you, I couldn’t bear to see the Japanese burning and looting in my summer land. So, put away the ceremony and let’s consider the present situation." He Daoyang found a fairly clean stone and sat down, unconcerned that he was in danger.

"Hey, what to do about the current situation? I only hate being confused for a while and sending out a signal for help, so that the Japanese people’s tricks can succeed. If this continues, I am afraid that few teams can compete with the Japanese army." After Zhu Jie saw through the tricks of the Japanese, he was even more remorseful about his wrong decision.
"It’s no use at this point. I’m afraid we have to make a choice if we don’t want more people in Donglu to fall into the sea of fire. You know, there is too much food and grass here. If the Japanese get it, I’m afraid we don’t have to worry about logistics for half a year. If we plan to break the wrist of a strong man, we can’t leave any grass and trees here to the Japanese." Listen to the tone of He Daoyang, he didn’t want to go back alive.
Liu Wang Zhu Jie looked at Ji Taishou with some apologies. You should know that Moping City is his hard work for many years, and it is also the third prosperous place in the East except Wangfu. As for this second place, it is, of course, Tongbo City that was surrounded by Mu Qingfeng.
"Report doesn’t have to look at me. What Taoist Master said makes sense. Our materials here must not fall into the hands of Japanese people, but only the residents of the city then …" Ji Taishou didn’t go on. Up to now, there are still a lot of civilians in Moping City, and they actively participated in guarding the city, which caused a lot of casualties to the Japanese Coalition forces. But now we have to give them up. As their parents, Ji Taishou is somewhat reluctant.
"When the time comes, we and all the soldiers will take the initiative to attack and give them some time to escape. As for whether they can escape, it depends on their fate. If they complain, I will make amends with them underground." Liu Wang Zhu Jie’s eyes began to be sharp. This morning, there was a shout of ShaSheng outside the city. Presumably, another reinforcement that received the wind was wiped out by the Japanese, and the fighting lasted for more than an hour. According to Liu Wang Zhu Jie’s speculation, at least three thousand people were killed in the battlefield this time. As the owner of Donglu, he must never let this happen again. He had to leave some seeds for his son Zhu Ceguo.
"Three days later, all the staff broke through and fought with these animals. Even if we die, we have to let them know the bloodiness of the summer man. When the time comes, I will fly Lei Jun to take the lead, and I will ask you later." Zhu Jie hesitated for a while and finally made a decision.
"Being original should lead a bunch of disciples to be the back of Zhu Xiong’s temple. Please rest assured that Zhu Xiong will kill him. When the time comes, we will catch up with each other!" He Daoyang lost an arm, but his heroism was no less than anyone else’s.
"When I arrange the evacuation of the residents, I should follow the two. You must know that this official has been an official for a lifetime, and he has never been rough with others. Today, I am dragging the blessings of the two, and I will experience it!" Ji Taishou is naturally unwilling to be left behind.
"Brother Daoyang, you went to the Virtual Palace, but it’s a sect with a long history. This time, most of your disciples and you, the palm sect, died here, and I’m afraid it’s not good to explain to our ancestors." Zhu Jie still doesn’t want to involve He Daoyang in this matter. With their skill and background in the virtual palace, it is not difficult to escape from this chaotic army.
"Ha ha, if it weren’t for Master’s favorite me, I wouldn’t be too lazy to teach in front of something. I have a great career in the virtual palace. Without me, it’s no big deal. My younger brother Li Daoling’s theory of martial arts is not under me. I believe that under his guidance, the virtual palace will definitely reproduce yesterday’s glory. I just heard that my younger brother, who never accepts disciples, has received a stunning disciple named Mu Qingfeng. This boy. He Daoyang wanted to go and see for himself whether this nephew was like his teacher younger brother who said that his eyes were higher than the top. Unfortunately, he heard about Moping City on the way and hurried to help. I didn’t expect it to be easy to get in and not get out here. It’s been almost a month since he was trapped in this place. Although he and his disciples killed several times as many Japanese as himself, it still didn’t help. I don’t know why, when I mentioned Mu Qingfeng, He Daoyang remembered his disciple, Liu Liangchen, who was not seen by many people.
Just when Liu Wang Zhu Jie and He Daoyang discussed the matter of crash and burn, Muqingfeng and his party finally arrived at the waters around Moping City. Moping City is not the same as Tongbo City, and it is not a port city, so Muqingfeng can’t reach the city directly, and they have to climb over a big hill, but the Japanese know that the sea power in summer is weak and there is no fortification here, which gives Muqingfeng an opportunity.
Pingliang Pill, renamed as the Breaker, ushered in its first test on the sea. As luck would have it, Muqingfeng, as soon as they arrived, met the Japanese grain fleet, which was really YanChong by himself. The Japanese supplies all came from the sea, and these Japanese lives were not good. When he saw the huge broken Lu coming straight at him, he thought it was the reinforcements from Weaving Tian Zhen Village, and he actually stopped and waited to meet it. If he could not grasp this opportunity, Muqingfeng would be ashamed to be a king.
"Sha Tongtian, aim at the grain team for me and hit it hard. I want to add a beautiful scenery to our destroyer with the blood of Japanese people!" MuQingFeng shouted at Sha Tongtian.
"Don’t worry, Your Royal Highness, if old Saga doesn’t hit them, he will be afraid when he sees the sea. My name will be written backwards." Sha Tongtian didn’t talk nonsense. After the transformation of the broken Lu, its fighting capacity has far surpassed that of Pingliang Pill. Apart from the weapon of war, the iron sheets wrapped in the bow are not affordable for ordinary boats.
Maybe God doesn’t like the Japanese people’s actions, and the wind is more powerful to Muqingfeng and them. I saw the full sail of the broken Lu, like a monster that destroyed everything, rushing into the Japanese fleet, and the Japanese people haven’t reacted yet, just like a tiger rushing into the flock.
The first goal of the Broken Lu is a fairly large warship, but it’s a pity that the Japanese misunderstood that it was their own warship, and they didn’t know they were under attack until the hard collision angle of the Broken Lu was deeply inserted into their own hull. With the help of the wind, the destroyer directly smashed the ship in half without any stop, and the Japanese people fell into the water one after another. Until this moment, they didn’t know what kind of monster they were facing.
"archery! Don’t let go of a Japanese! " Mu Chongshan issued his own command, and other members of the sea shark picked up the crossbows left in the thousand-machine altar one after another, and they just shot at the water. An archer needs to spend a lot of time practicing aiming and strength if he wants to cultivate well. Besides talent, Xue Lianer’s superb skills are more important to practice by himself, but the crossbow is different. Due to the transformation of the pipe, these sea shark players performed better than ordinary archers in close-range shooting.
The Japanese people who reacted finally knew that the once proud Pingliang Pill was not one of their own now, so they rushed over unceremoniously. After all, in their eyes, there was no decent water army in Daxia, and the Japanese warship finally returned to its own hands.
Seeing the Japanese warships rushing towards him, Mu Qingfeng knew it was time to show his strength. I don’t know when Xue Lianer and Quan Nai came to the deck. Looking at the Japanese warships aggressively forcing * * cool pills, Quan Nai was somewhat proud and said to Mu Qingfeng with his head held high: "Do you think that robbing our biggest warship is foolproof? You know there’s an old saying in your summer that tigers can’t hold wolves. I think we should surrender early and save our lives in vain. As I said, I can spare you for your kindness to me. As for your wife, I can’t guarantee that we Japanese men are the most lewd. If they see us … "In this case, Quan Nai thinks he can do whatever he wants, although these.
Mu Qingfeng grabbed Xuelian, who was trying to hit her, and said softly, "Your Royal Highness is still not good at learning Xia language. I don’t know if there is another saying called’ sitting on a well and watching the sky’? You came up just in time, so I have to go down to find you. Just keep your eyes open and see how your Japanese fleet is in flight! "
Just as we were talking, Huang Liang had calibrated the first crossbow, and the baby’s thick-armed crossbow had been strung and aimed at an aggressive Japanese warship.
Get MuQingFeng signal, a sea shark team members mercilessly hit the gavel in his hand to the organ, only to hear a "om", was flying directly, as expected, the Japanese warships simply can’t bear such a blow, only to hear a bang, the hull directly broke a big hole, the sea surged in, and the speed of the warship dropped instantly, only to hear the Japanese on board shouting to repair it quickly.
Will such a blow be able to be repaired for a while? What’s more, Muqingfeng has no intention to stop. After the fifth crossbow hit accurately, the warship could no longer carry it, sinking at the speed visible to the naked eye, and countless Japanese people jumped into the boat to escape, but there were still many people who were dragged into the sea by the vortex caused by the shipwreck.
Quan Nai wine atoms looked at the scene in front of them dumbfounded. For the first time, she knew that naval battles could be played like this. Xia people’s secret weapon made their sailors’ years of experience a joke. Looking at Mu Qingfeng’s Gherardini, Quan Nai’s face became livid.
"Why don’t you talk, your highness? Do you still think I need you to let me live?" Mu Qingfeng was surprised by the present situation.
With the sinking of the first Japanese warship, the face of Quannai wine atoms became more and more ugly. I thought Mu Qingfeng and these Xia people were seasoned road. I didn’t expect them to develop such a weapon. Looking at Mu Qingfeng’s quiet command of this warship that used to be his own, Quan Nai suddenly remembered a conversation between himself and his father in the imperial garden.
"Spring nai, you really decided to fight against the summer with Jia Kang? Although our struggle with Jiakang will be inseparable for a while, it is not a Meiji decision to attack a huge country. I must not lose big because of small. " The Japanese emperor, who is over half a century old and hunched, stared intently at the fishing rod in his hand and said seemingly casually.
"Father, are you underestimating our strength? If it weren’t for the infighting with Jiakang, which consumed a lot of our strength, I have the confidence to lay their entire land and let our imperial flag fly in their capital!" Quannai doesn’t understand why her father likes fishing so much. In her opinion, it is boring to stare at the float for so long.
"Spring nai, although my father gave everything to you, you did not live up to my expectations, but I always feel that your joint invasion this time will bring disaster to Japan. Although this country has gone through a lot of civil strife, its strength is not as good as before, but my father knows that there are still many talented people in Daxia. Don’t underestimate the heroes in the world. If your attack is not smooth, not only our royal family, I am afraid that the whole country will not recover within a hundred years. "
"Father, I think you are old, and you don’t have the ambition of that year. My daughter will let all the world know this time that our country can replace Daxia as the master of the whole continent!" Quannai wine atom is still unconvinced.
The Japanese emperor knew his daughter’s temper, so he stopped talking. At this time, the fish floated violently, which seemed to be a big guy biting the hook.
"Father, quick! A fish has taken the bait! Pull him up quickly! " Quannai, like discovering the new world, shouted in high spirits.
It may be that the Japanese emperor is a little old, and he is no longer brave. After several struggles, he has a tendency to be towed away by big fish. If the Japanese emperor falls into the pond of the imperial garden, there will be no face, so Quan Nai rushed up to save his father’s waist without wearing a skirt, and it was only after two people’s efforts that he missed a tie with the big fish.
"Hum! When this princess pulls you up, she will eat you alive and make you so stubborn! " The veins stood out on Quan Nai’s hand. It’s all this broken fish, which destroyed his gentle pictograph at ordinary times.

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