One mouthful blood gushed out, and Shao Qing’s original magnificent body fell to the ground, obviously past, but his voice was still a little spread out, and it happened that Yuan Ying, who was walking outside, heard it.

"No, there’s something wrong with the young master. Hurry up." Yuan Ying exclaimed with a loud voice, and the five tigers rushed past like a fast wind. They all know Shao Qing’s habits, and they like to play with women at ordinary times. As long as there are some women with a little posture in this dust-free area, they are all played by Shao Qing.
However, Rao is so. Ziyang still dotes on his only son, and dare not let him suffer any harm. Moreover, this young master is responsive. In the dust-free land, it can be said that he wants wind and rain, and no one dares to resist him. After all, there is a patriarch Lao Tzu, and no one will make public anger.
"eh? There are five more masters? And the strength can’t be seen through. " After killing Shao jǐng, Tianjun suddenly felt five powerful momentum rushing in his own direction, which made him feel up.
"What? It really is your boy. " Yuan Ying said with a face of excitement when he saw Tianjun, but then Yuan Hu saw a trace of blood in the ground and Shao Qing’s head was separated, and felt his head was big. This day Jun was really bold, and even dared to kill the young master. Although they were very disgusted with this young master, anyway, he was also a member of the dust-free Sect, and there was no room for outsiders to meddle.
"Boy, I think you really want to die, even killing the young master, so die!" Not much nonsense, five people are full of resentment in their hearts, and they were stabbed with swords when they saw Tianjun.
"I’m too lazy to fight with you." Seeing that the fist is going to hit Tianjun, the sharp wind strength has made Tianjun’s sleeves swaying, but Tianjun turned a blind eye and didn’t pay attention to everyone’s attacks.
All of a sudden, a very violent momentum of Linglie fiercely rushed out from the front of Tianjun. In just one distracting time, a middle-aged strong man appeared. Under the violent momentum, Yuan Ying’s five people were all unbearable and retreated dozens of steps, directly crushing the wall behind them, and their chest was full of blood, but they could not bear to fall on the ground and spray blood.
"You, you, who are you? Don’t make trouble in my dust-free clan, otherwise … "Yuan Ying saw that the big fellow just appeared out of thin air and made his five people so embarrassed. In their cognition, even their patriarch Ziyang Road didn’t have such shocking strength. At that time, I was completely distracted and didn’t know what to do.
"oh? Otherwise, what? " Jin Peng asked some curious.

Chapter two hundred and ninety-six Frustrated
Then he said, "Don’t talk about you, that is, your patriarch and even the whole dust-free Sect. As long as anyone dares to have an attempt on our ancestors, there is only one way to go, and that is death." Jin Peng said that there was no room to slow down, and when it comes to dust-free cases, Jin Peng’s big eyes unexpectedly burst out, and several people were surprised to see Yuan Tiger.
What strength is this? Can not put dust-free cases in the eyes at all, so that is to say, the strength of the people in front of us has reached at least the middle stage of Tianjun, and it can firmly hold down the end of Ziyang Road, so as to dare to have such a big tone.
"Elder, we just want to kill the boy behind you. Although your old man is advanced, you can ignore my dust-free Sect, but don’t forget that there is a powerful Tianfengmen behind my dust-free Sect. Tianfengmen can’t be provoked by your old man. Younger generations still hope that you can give that boy to us for handling, and we promise not to embarrass you." Yuan Ba seems to have found something to rely on, so he stood up bravely and said with great momentum.
When the other four people heard Tianfengmen, their eyes were all bright. Yes, the Dust-free Sect itself is the affiliated sect of Tianfengmen. Although there is no Dust-free Sect, it can be regarded as a big sect within Wan Li, Fiona Fang, but compared with the super sect Tianfengmen, it can only be regarded as a drop of seawater in the sea, and Tianfengmen is the whole sea.
In their view, although the people in front of us are strong, they can even ignore the dust-free Sect, but as one of the five super sects in the celestial world, you can’t ignore Tianfengmen. After all, if Tianfengmen gets angry, there is really no one they can’t kill in this chaotic world.
"Tianfengmen? Haha, how dare you threaten me with it? Well, none of you five are going to leave alive today. " Can Jin Peng know the meaning of Yuan Ba? For the antique monster beast who has lived for tens of thousands of years like him, although his intelligence may not be as good as that of human beings, just think about it carefully. But unfortunately, everything in the chaotic world is strange to him. In his eyes, only their Taoist Tianjun is the only one.
Hear Jin Peng didn’t care, yuan bully several people face se is changed, care for one look, all is started to run. But now that can release the madness, Jin Peng is sure to keep a few people. A flicker, it has been in front of the yuan bully several people, the speed of the late Tianjun peak master, has reached an incredible level.
"run? You still want to run in front of me, haha, die. " Say that finish, Jin Peng spine hit the past with his bare hands.
For Jin Peng, even when dueling with a master of equal strength, he has a natural advantage. After all, his speed is one of the few in the chaotic world, and no one can really catch up with his speed. Now Yuan Ba’s five people are just the strength of Xianjun in the middle period. In Jin Peng’s view, they are like children, and it is only a matter of waving their hands to kill them.
See jinpeng swing right fist in the air fiercely bigger, red black se fist as if like a super black hole, conan the destroyer’s energy from the fist, violent storm blew yuan bully several people face distorted, but feet like being nailed to the floor, can’t move that fraction.
Yuan tiger several people face se changed greatly, I didn’t expect the big fellow in front of me to have such ability, and his body was locked by his spirit force aside, and the violent momentum on his fist alone had blown them past.
"Ha ha, die." Jin Peng’s rise, also helping what, directly face upwards whistling, seems to vent their chests are depressed.
At the moment when the huge fist hit the ground, like a statue of death, it was constantly harvesting the lives of five people in Yuanba. In the twisted space, at this moment, time was flowing like a turtle’s speed, but several people in Yuanba were endlessly appreciating the pain of death. From bottom to top, first, their feet were constantly destroyed by violent energy, followed by the place in the abdomen. At the moment when the original stored spirit force broke through in the abdomen, it all turned into waves of fairy gas and dissipated in the air.
All of a sudden, five flashes of light popped up in the air, and Jin Peng knew that this is their soul. If you don’t cut the grass and get rid of the roots, sooner or later, they will practice again and hold them tightly in my hands. Jin Peng said without any pity, "Don’t blame me for being ruthless. This is the result of your opposition to your ancestors. You only have one way, and that is death."
Say that finish, a spiritual force directly from the abdomen rushed to the hand, Jin Peng tightly with a force, then see a bright light floating in the air, Yuan Ba, Yuan Hu, Yuan Ying five people, is completely disappeared within heaven and earth.
Respectfully looked at the Tianjun standing behind his back in the distance, and Jin Peng nervously said:
"Daozu, everything has been completed, but …"
"eh? What else? " See Jin Peng perfect killed five people in Yuan Ba, Tianjun smiled with relief, but when he saw some Yu stopped in Jin Peng, he asked some questions.
"If I didn’t guess wrong, the patriarch of the Dust-Free Sect should have come. I can feel several powerful momentum coming in this direction. Although one of them is not as good as me, it is not much worse. What do you think we should do next?" Looking at the momentum to place, Jin Peng asked a face of concern.
"oh? Ziyang Road actually came over? Well, since the face has been torn off, let’s go out in the open. " Tianjun said heroically, but then he looked at Jin Peng and asked with some expectation, "Jin Peng, if you fight Ziyang, the dust-free patriarch, how sure are you that you can kill him?"
"As far as the momentum is concerned, the patriarch of this dust-free Sect should be at the level of Tianjun in the middle period. It is not difficult for me to defeat or injure him, but it is almost impossible to kill him in a short time."
"Well, Jin Peng, you should act quickly later, even if you can’t kill him, you will seriously hurt him." Tianjun face se a malicious, said angrily.
You know that Tianjun is in such a mess today, thanks to his dust-free Sect. First, he made the valley of the celestial realm shudder, and then he robbed Xuanji, and also took away the purple wind Excalibur and the sacred beast. All this made Tianjun bury this hatred deeply in his heart. The words sound just fell, then see a time straight for the place where Tianjun and Jinpeng stood.
Whoosh, just a moment’s interval, and dozens of figures standing in the middle of Shaoqing mansion, but when I saw the tragic scene in front of me, my face Se flew into a rage, especially Ziyang Road, completely lost the weight that should be given to Ri, and looked at the body of Shaoqing’s head separated on the ground, pointing to Tianjun with a face of disbelief, and asked, "Little, little boy, you, you killed Shaoqing."

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