It’s common to get hurt all over your body and face, so Changsheng didn’t think it was strange, just casually asked, "Did you hurt yourself playing football again?"

Say that finish, he went upstairs, going to change clothes.
I didn’t expect Avril Lavigne to pick up at the back: "What hurt me playing football? Weiwei had a fight with someone!" "
Changsheng paused, then turned to look at Chang Wei.
See Chang Wei a face of proud expression.
"Fighting is still so proud. It seems that you won?" Ever asked.
"Of course, dad! I gave that bastard a good beating! " Chang Wei’s face is injured, but he is in good spirits.
Chang Sheng asked, "Why fight?"
"He called you names, Dad!"
"scold me?"
Chang Sheng feels strange. Chang Wei’s classmates are all 12-year-old children. They have no enmity with themselves. Why do they scold themselves?
So he asked: "Roman fans?"
What makes Chang Sheng strange is that Chang Wei shook his head and denied it.
"So he’s not even a fan?"
Chang Wei continued to shake his head: "No, Dad. He is a Lazio fan! "
Changsheng feels strange. If it is a Roman fan, it is normal to scold yourself.
After all, in the past ten years, Rome has been suppressed by its own Lazio, and it is not a day or two for them to be unhappy with themselves.
But why do Lazio fans scold themselves?
Are they out of their minds?
"He said you were a coward without eggs … so I hit him." Chang Wei continued.
"Why did he say that?"
"He said that Lazio were assigned to the group of death, and it was clearly cheated by UEFA, but you didn’t dare to protest aloud, so you were a coward …"
Hearing Chang Wei’s words, Chang Sheng was in distress situation.
This is not where to go!
I’m a coward if I don’t make any noise!
In the past, the media always accused me of being a mad dog because I was always fighting all kinds of people.
I didn’t expect to be hacked if I chose silence and did things in a down-to-earth manner …
And this time it was Lazio fans who hacked him, which made Changsheng lost in thought.
But before Chen Si, he didn’t forget to praise his son: "Well done, son! Fighting is nothing, the key is not to lose! Your dad, I have never lost a fight before. You can’t lose the fine tradition of our family! "
Then he went upstairs to change clothes.
In the process of changing clothes, Changsheng began to think about it.
It seems that this is just a grudge between two children, and it may not let the adults take it to heart at all. Children are quarrelsome, especially boys. It may be better to have a fight. There are many examples of "no fight, no acquaintance" among boys. In a few days, Chang Wei and the little Lazio fan who scolded him may be reconciled.
So adults don’t make a fuss.
But Chang Sheng saw something else from this incident.
Lazio fans may not have watched Lazio games for a long time. They are emerging forces and will become the mainstream of Lazio fans in the future.
He may not represent everyone, but at least he represents an attitude.
That is, some Lazio fans are already dissatisfied with him.
Why is this?
Changsheng’s position in the eyes of Lazio fans should be very lofty, which can be seen from the breakdown of his negotiations with the club and the result that everyone supports him.
But now it seems that Lazio fans are not monolithic.
Some people have begun to dislike themselves.
This may be because I have led Lazio for two consecutive years without a champion.
The world is no different from when he first came, and the winner is king.
Look at dimatteo. He won two most important championships, so he is a handsome man.
As for himself, without a champion, even the fans of his own team began to oppose him.
The world is so cruel.
Changsheng will not scold this society for having a problem and ask everyone to reflect.
Because this is normal, it should be, and the winner is king!
Otherwise, human beings will lose their sense of competition, and once they lose their sense of competition, they will not be far from extinction.
The history of human development is basically a history of competition, and only competition can make progress.

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