Warm and forbearing interrupted, "Duke Zhou, are you sure we didn’t misunderstand?"

"Misunderstanding? I’m not that stupid, little ye! "
"Then it seems that I am crazy."
Zhou Hanzheng "What do you mean?"
Warm didn’t good the spirit way "if I’m not crazy, how can you importune so long didn’t hang up? It’s good for you to score points alone. I just have to listen to my brain for so long. How much I want to be dyed! "
Weeks without cold breath breath smiled "ok, Miss Wen, I just said one less thing. You not only have calculating means, but also are eloquent. No wonder you can confuse the three brothers of Shenjia, even your cousin …"
Warm and forbearing, you must endure the sound again and suddenly soar. "What are you doing that’s all right? If you have something to say, just hang up! "
This roar was loud enough, and the drivers in front heard it clearly. For a moment, it seemed like a ghost. Miss Wen was scared out of her wits. Did you dare to shout at the public?
And what the hell is the tone of this training child?
Zhou Hanhan felt as if he had experienced an earthquake and could still be trained in his lifetime? It’s really something new. His tone is grim. "How dare you yell at me?"
Those who wish to eat people’s voices are cautious and warm. Naturally, they don’t care about impatience and fret. "I’m too busy to accompany you."
Weeks not cold sound also soar "you say ye disturbing? Warm, you are good, and your sword is biased. This is forcing me to be a line. As you wish, I remember you! "
Why is it stronger to talk to this Uber than to talk to that bear child by rubbing your forehead warmly? Doesn’t he live in a different world from her? "You are terminally ill and I really can’t save you. Wait for me to find someone to come …"
Then she put down her mobile phone and shouted "Wu Come in" at the door.
Wu Yuan didn’t care about everything in the office, and he didn’t know that Zhou Hanhan and Wen were talking. He didn’t feel uneasy until he heard Wen suddenly pull the high note. Who made a hullabaloo about the lady’s anger regardless of her image?
He thought about whether to go in and see if he heard the warmth calling his name, or whether he was a little flustered and impatient. He was upset and provoked to the highest level, and when he pushed the door and came in, he saw that the warm face was very bad. When he saw him, he directly threw his mobile phone to him. "Wu, tell Duke Zhou that our thinking is not on the same channel."
"Ah?" It’s really official news that Wu is shocked, isn’t it But what do you mean this thinking is not on a channel? Did two other people quarrel? "Miss me, what did I say?"
Take a warm breath and feel a little rude. Both of them are arrogant, narcissistic and arrogant. "You told him that I never wanted to do anything. He told him not to bite one by one when he was paranoid about being killed, but I didn’t want to take the blame."
Wu is confused and wants to ask again. Warm has waved a hand at him, unwilling to say more and listen more. She wants to calm down.
Even if Wu is in a fog now, he still knows how to warm the lounge. He still has to avoid suspicion and take her mobile phone to wash her hands and close the door. Only then did he put his ear on the phone and tentatively shouted, "Is it you?"
Zhou Hanhan was so angry by the episode that he kicked the front seats awry. This was a bit of a fire. If warmth was a man, he would directly kill the door to kill her now. "Warm, warm …"
He gnashed the name over and over again as if he were going to chew it up and swallow it, and he could vent it for a while
But the driver listened with trepidation. Why does he have a sense of deep love and responsibility? Hate to a certain extent, but it is more unforgettable than love. He is suddenly upset, but don’t engage in any drama of love and killing each other. His abuse is low
Wu Ke didn’t know that things were so serious that he was still optimistic. After shouting, the other end didn’t respond, but he had to breathe quickly and unsteadily. He came under pressure and bravely shouted "Gong?"
Weeks not cold this just Yin is extremely extremely "well".
It is not neat enough for Wu Shenxin to hold his head high even when washing his hands. "Is it really you, father-in-law?"
Wu was stimulated by the gloomy voice coming out of his mobile phone, and his scalp tightened. He tried to stabilize and squeeze out a smile. "How did Gong call Miss? Is there anything important? "
Zhou Hanhan gritted his teeth. "It doesn’t matter if I forget it, I will remember her."
Wu Ruping heard a thunder and blew him up for a moment.
Zhou Hanhan continued, "You told Wen that I would never forget her in my life. Didn’t she want to hook me? Ye as she wishes I would like to make an exception and regard her with special respect or new views … "
Listen to these words, which seem like confession, but they are shocking. Wu looked shocked and finally had to interrupt, "Did you misunderstand something?"
Wu didn’t wait for Zhou Hanhan to say that it was even scarier. "I don’t know what happened with you and Miss Wu, but I can assure you that Miss Wu is absolutely the best person. She will never think about who to catch, and she won’t play hard to get, refuse to meet, and retreat!"
Zhou Hanhan seems to have been hit hard suddenly. "Are you sure?"
Wu was forceful and vowed, "I dare to swear with my life!"
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☆, two more send self-defeating.
"I swear by my life!"
There are seven words on the ground, and the end of the week is not cold and silent. Is he mistaken? Did he make a joke by being sentimental? Is he making trouble all the time?
Even if he really thinks so, he will never admit it!
Who is he?
Duke Zhou of the Imperial Capital was born with a golden spoon. Tianjiao was born in the clouds and accepted by the world to look up and worship God. Anyone who saw him had to bow his head to make way. Grandpa would make mistakes, be sentimental and make trouble.
Ha ha!
He doesn’t believe it anyway!
But he didn’t continue to be sentimental and unreasonable!
He adjusted his mood and mentality in silence, so the driver was lucky enough to witness that Zhou Buxin was strong, and it took five minutes to be as calm as water from just now.
Five minutes later, Zhou Han stopped talking. As usual, he was lazy and sloppy with a little unruly and arrogant. "Give me back my phone to the warmth. I haven’t finished talking with her."
"Ah?" Wu waited for half a day to wait for such a sentence.
In the five minutes just now, he also guessed and analyzed, and figured out a little clue. It is estimated that after Miss left, those gentlemen received a lot of performances, which made the public angry. Who was regarded as an imaginary rival in love would not be comfortable, not to mention those who were still imaginary.
Besides, it’s annoying enough that the cleanliness is wronged by others, but can he stand it if he is disgusted with him again? Even if I didn’t get mad at the time, I would definitely take revenge afterwards.
It is the most effective and cruel to retaliate against those means to take the charges seriously!
They tried their best, but in the end they were self-defeating. What revenge can be more Japanese than this?
The idea is right, but … The process is too so what? And it seems that the result is also self-defeating. I have to say that this is really … The original good card was just smashed.
The culprit, of course, has no experience in molesting women with the public. Moreover, it is the young lady who dares to be so courageous to the Duke of Zhou. Moreover, the young lady has a family of gods and the three brothers are not interested in other attractive men, which makes the public eat badly.
Of course, being too narcissistic and arrogant is also a real cough.

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