She takes a detour so that the capital is farther away. By the time she arrives, Toffee’s birthday has passed Chuheng and she must go home, so they can miss it perfectly.

Chapter 117 Chasing
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"Good" the coachman responded with another whip and the carriage ran faster.
Coloured glaze quietly sitting in the carriage don’t know what’s going on.
I hope she can return to Beijing safely.
Coloured glaze just left Sambo and came out of Chuheng’s room, waiting outside to wait on the maid. Wisdom Fofo Agbo hurriedly asked the maid to him, "hasn’t the colored glaze girl come yet?" You go to the kitchen, please come and wait on the report earlier. When you wake up, you should see the girl and let the kitchen help the report cook a bowl of hangover soup. "
Maid respectfully replied.
Sambo told the maid and then turned and went back to the room.
Chuheng slept soundly. Sambo felt strange and muttered, "I always have a good capacity for liquor. Even if the glass girl makes wine again, I can’t get drunk after one drink."
Sambo tried to call ChuHeng, but ChuHeng just lay motionless. Sambo frowned. I always felt that something was wrong. I thought that the report and the coloured glaze girl had been in conflict recently. Sambo spun around and went out screaming and calling for "someone".
Soon there will be palace guards and maids coming over.
"Sanbao Gonggong"
Sambo pointedly ordered, "Go to the kitchen and Hengwuyuan immediately to see if Liuli girl is there?"
"Sanbao Gonggong Sanbao Gonggong"
As soon as Sambo’s voice fell to the ground, the maid in Hengwu Garden hurried to see Sambo, but she didn’t forget to salute her first. Sambo saw that the people who waited on the glass realized that it was not good to ask anxiously, "What’s the matter? Where is the glass girl? "
"Sambo’s father-in-law Liuli girl is missing."
Sambo green face cried "gone? What do you mean, gone? How long has it been since I went to help the prince go back to his room, when Liuli girl was still tidying up the dishes in the front hall? But how can Liuli girl not be seen? "
Maid is more urgent than Sambo. She is to serve the colored glaze sovereign and care about the colored glaze girl. Now the colored glaze girl is gone. When the sovereign wakes up, they will be miserable.
"Sambo’s father-in-law is true. We’ve searched everywhere, but we haven’t found the girl. Some of the tenderness is gone."
Sanbao angrily said, "What are you still doing here? Go and find it quickly. Some people are looking for it carefully in the house. Even if they dig three feet, they should find the girl of Liuli. Some people are going out of the house to find it. Let’s go to the city gate to see if it’s not over yet. Don’t hurry!"
It’s said that the whole palace is sensational because the girl coloured glaze has disappeared. The maids are looking for a courtyard in the palace to find the guards, while others are looking for some people outside the house and rushing to the city gate, while others are looking for coloured glaze restaurants.
Sambo whirled back to the room and went to bed, calling ChuHeng "Report Report Glass Girl is gone"
But the man in bed is still asleep.
Sambo was so anxious that he really wanted to drag his grandfather out of bed that he thought that the sovereign was unconscious after drinking wine. A guess flashed in Sambo’s mind, was it that the glass girl was drunk after drinking a glass of sweat medicine?
It must be so.
"Coloured glaze ah you this is bitter! I love you so much and promise you a princess, but you are popular. Even if Yuping enters the house, I have a heart in you … How can women expect men to have you as a woman these days? "
Sambo sat on the edge of the bed and sighed, a little understanding and a little incomprehension of Liulihang.
Chuheng won’t wake up if he doesn’t sleep for two hours after drinking the wine soaked with sweat medicine.
It’s getting dark outside, and the maids have come to report it, but there is no glass girl in the palace.
Guards are also coming back one after another.
"There is no coloured glaze girl in the Sanbao father-in-law restaurant, and moreover …" The guards were tongue-tied.
Sambo growled, "And what?"
"The two restaurants of Liuli Girl have been resold."
I heard that Sanbao’s face was black.
Coloured glaze must have been ready to leave the house long ago. No wonder he walked out every day in recent days. He also sent her to take care of the restaurant business. The guards said that she met many bosses. Isn’t that business? Now that the three treasures are white, it’s not about business. She’s talking about the resale price of the restaurant
"The gate has been glazed, and the girl may be out of town."
Without thinking about it, Sambo told the guards that "the horse went out of the city and went to Beijing to recover the colored glaze girl. It should not be far away. It is necessary to invite the colored glaze girl back before the report wakes up."
"But the gate has …"
"I personally ran a trip to the gate and let them wake up to know that the colored glaze girl ran away and our lives were not guaranteed." Sambo turned back to Chuheng’s bed and picked him a waist tag from Chuheng’s waist. With that waist tag, he could make the guarding city official gate.
In order to recover the three treasures of colored glaze, I can’t consider so much
"Sambo father-in-law with report waist tag command guarding city officer gate? What does he want? " Master Yu twisted his eyebrows and thought deeply after hearing the report from someone.
The man replied, "I heard that Liuli girl is missing."
"The glass girl is gone?"
Jade master snap up stare big eyes "news can be accurate? Why is Miss Liuli missing? Be taken away or go by yourself? "
"I heard that it was my father-in-law who walked the Sambo and let the guarding city official gate let the guards in Wangfu chase the glass girl."
Master Yu walked back and forth with a solemn face and ordered "to let the housekeeper come to see me"
People should go.
Soon after, the housekeeper came to Master Yu and said to him, "Arrange our hospital to help find Miss Liuli."
The housekeeper is not white. "Isn’t it great if Master Liuli girl really leaves?" After she left, our second lady was the only woman in the back yard of the report. Even if the second lady was a concubine, she would be loved by the report. Maybe the report would straighten the second lady. "
Jade master scold a way "what do you know? Coloured glaze is gone, and the sovereign will be angry, and even more angry at Yufu. Don’t say it’s bad for Yuping, and it’s bad for the whole Yufu. Coloured glaze came back with the sovereign and stayed in Naman for four years. The sovereign’s feelings have always been excellent, and she suddenly left because the sovereign wants to welcome Yuping into the government. She is a strong person who would rather leave than wait on Yuping. "
Butler thought also hurriedly replied, "I immediately asked the nurses to help chase the colored glaze girl."

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