"How much can I do for you? Zhang Fei took me to log. Look, my hands are soaked!" Shen Xintang spread his hand evenly to show him the red cocoon in her palm.

"Ah, what you said is wrong." Liu Bai is quite critical. "You see how good the clans are to you. What if they do something? You are too haggle over every ounce! "
"I’m not haggling over every ounce. Please don’t confuse us, okay?"
"…" The scene is amazing.
The two men argued excitedly, but they were afraid to say too much. They were next to each other because Liu Bai wanted to depress the bass so that Shen Xintang could hear him bow his head and talk almost close to her ear.
In this way, the two people look very close together and feel very close and intimate, just like men and women in love are talking about love.
"Hey you two!" Little dragon girl didn’t know when she came out of the room and threw Shen Xintang’s luggage away. "Show love and go somewhere else!" You said that you brought a sleeping bag and two people should be able to sleep together! "
"Little Dragon Girl!" Shen Xintang rushed to the door and stopped the little dragon girl from moving the door. "You misunderstood me and Liu Bai, not what you think! Don’t kick me out! You see, I haven’t talked to you well. "
"What do we have to say?" The little dragon girl is still sarcastic. "Do you have to get up early tomorrow or go to bed early!"
"Little Dragon Girl, you should seriously consider it!" Shen Xintang lobbied her at the first opportunity. "I know I’m a little reckless, but isn’t it urgent for me?" I don’t know what’s bothering you, so let’s talk about it and let’s help you solve it together … "
Little dragon girl gave her a sharp sweep and gave Liu Bai a hard stare. "Who said I have difficulties?" What can you help me solve? Can you revive the dead? "
Shen Xintang spent a stay.
The little dragon girl looks a little scary. She is angry and her eyes are wide open. There is a malicious light in it, as if someone had stepped on her sore feet, and she was all prepared to work.
"how about it? Can’t you? " She smiled mournfully again and turned to the room. There was a incense burner on the table against the wall.
She took out two sticks of incense from the small drawer on the desktop and lit them by candlelight, then put them in the mouth of the incense burner and talked to herself.
"Mom why don’t you take me with you? Why did you give birth to me when I knew I would suffer like that? "
Her voice was so sad that Shen Xintang also burst into tears in her eyes.
"If your mother is brought back to life, won’t she suffer any more?" Liu Bai followed and came in and said sadly, "Even if she is still alive, won’t you suffer? If you want to relieve the pain, you must find the root of the pain and pull it out. Isn’t it good? "
The little dragon girl turned to look at him with red eyes and resentment.
He also looked back at her not to be outdone, and even had a sense of regret of "mourning his misfortune and angering him"
"Smelly man, who let you in?" The little dragon girl exhaled breath and pointed her finger at Lu Bai "get out!"
"Oh, I see," Lu Baidian nodded and retreated to the door and said slowly, "You are suffering so much because of yourself, and there is no other reason, but because you are trapped!"
"No! Is that mean man … "Little dragon female eyes emit fierce light is almost immediately blurted out.
With that, she realized that she had been tricked into reaching out and covering her mouth.
What happened to her? What could be so hard to control? What, he can easily anger her in a few words?
"Does that bitch know that you are in such pain?" Lu supercilious look has a triumphant light passing by and then leads the little dragon girl to say, "Will he feel distressed?" Will he feel bad? Or is he having fun in someone else’s gentle village and has long forgotten who you are? "
"You shut up!" The little dragon girl was told that the central thing could not help shivering.
She has been pursuing perfection in everything in her life, and there must be no regret in her eyes.
Even if you suffer a loss, even if you stumble, you should quietly cover it up and whitewash it.
And once exposed, she will make a hullabaloo about.
Section 31
"Please get off the horse!"
This time she even became angry with Shen Xintang.
"Little Dragon Girl, calm down!" Shen Xintang felt more and more overwhelmed and was busy mediating. "Actually, Lu Bai said that although it is ugly, it is also reasonable. Think about it. You are sad and sad here, but the person who makes you sad is handsome and happy. Do you think he deserves to die?"
"Yes, he really deserves to die!" The little dragon girl suddenly raised Ba’s eyes and flashed as if she saw something worth looking forward to. Her face burst into a frightening smile. "Miss Shen, it’s not necessary for you to want me to work for h& …"
"really?" Shen Xintang was overjoyed and almost jumped up to give her a big hug, but she endured the uncertainty of rain or shine.
"If you can do something for me, I can do it for you in exchange!" Little dragon girl stared at her eyes with faint excitement.
A carefree, pent-up and bloodthirsty excitement
"It’s my honor to be able to share my worries with the little dragon girl!" Shen Xintang was obviously carried away by the immediate victory, and she didn’t want to think that it would not be easy for the little dragon girl to need a prosthetic hand. She said with great excitement, "But please ask the little dragon girl to tell me to do whatever it is!"
"Uh …" As if feeling danger coming, Liu Bai raised his forehead and groaned.
Shen Xintang was so absorbed in joy that he didn’t notice Liu Bai’s expression.
"Okay, I’ll show you!" The little dragon girl took out the sketchpad from the crack in the wall of the bedstead, then took a picture and nailed it to the wooden wall, then found the musket and pointed it at it.

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