"The four county owners and right-handers came here with sincerity to tell the truth. Many people in this fruit wine and dim sum business are staring at everyone doing business, so no one wants to miss the rules of the county hosting workshop. Now all the merchants in the Wei Dynasty know that the four right-handers will not be broken. You only need 10% of the rules!" Lipper stretched out a finger and said

Qin Lan’s heart is not stupid. If Fang’s business is big and good, there are a lot of abacus in front of her. She naturally needs to be cautious.
"You should know that many people who want to do business with me now come with sincerity, so why should I choose your four partners?" Qin Lan heart (turn said with a smile
"The county magistrate heard that you and the Huang Shang Xiao family and Xu family are all good. There are also many merchants coming and going at the Baishi Wharf. You can inquire well to see if the four right people are worthy of your business partners." Si Qingyun said with a smile.
This Qin Lan’s young heart is really as delicate as what I heard, and it’s not much different from doing business with them.
"Ha ha, it’s true that I can inquire about some things. Sometimes what I see with my own eyes may not be true, whether it’s doing business or making friends, it’s impossible to rely on my eyes and ears!" Qin Lan heart said gently
"What should we rely on according to the county owner?" Lipper asked.
"Depend on the heart and depend on the time. The four of us might as well slow down and take our time. As the saying goes, we can’t do anything in a hurry, especially in business. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. This business can’t be done."
The business field is the same as the battlefield. Qin Lan wants to make friends with southern businessmen, but this kind of friendship is not temporary or simple, and it is not dependent on money and business to maintain her. She is different from Yincui gorge Qi Bing. She wants to be a partner and has great loyalty in it.
"How to take your time?" Four people have some confused look at the Qin Lan heart.
In doing business, it is natural to seize the opportunity to act quickly, otherwise others will rob you. Why did the Lord of Fuhui County say to be slow first? !
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Re-planting
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"As the saying goes,’ I’d rather regret doing this business than doing it.’ Four people who have been doing business for many years are also predecessors in business. Lan Xin really wants you to have a long-term relationship, and I have always been respected by others in business, and I have always been loyal to others. But the most elusive thing in this world is that people’s hearts are the easiest to change, that is, interests. Money believes that the four of you will have a deeper understanding of this than I do. I will definitely be in the south and maybe I will arrive at your doorstep. But before that, I hope that you can lay the foundation well. First of all, I must understand it before I can make a decision. This understanding includes not only you, but also all kinds of fresh fruits in the south. I didn’t understand it but didn’t speak! "
Qin Lan became very cautious about the situation in the southern part of the Great Wei Dynasty and what everyone knew. She had to know it carefully before deciding whether to get along with them, otherwise she would be cheated, and she would regret it.
"Every word the county owner said is reasonable, and I hope that the county owner will not misunderstand that the four right-handers will come here today to discuss this business. These words of the county owner will make me Li Baijing Pei, and I hope that the county owner can make friends with the Li family and give you a word!" Li Bai said with a sincere smile
"Li Guzhu welcome! I rely on my parents to go out at home and rely on my friends. Although I am a woman, I also like to make more friends and good friends. What do you say? " Qin Lan looked at Lipper with a meaningful smile and said
"The county owner is very!" At this moment, this group of business veterans suddenly realized that the real purpose of what Bai Qinlan said just now was to make friends with them first, but some of them beat her to make friends and good friends, which would make her "pay back" and "keep faith"
In other words, if they want to do business with her, but they are treacherous or have a bad idea, then they can guess the consequences without saying it.
A woman who has such insight and achievements in business and has become a county owner by virtue of her status as a peasant woman is about to enter the palace and become a hostess. If she doesn’t have any scheming means and ability, they will have lived in vain for so many years.
It’s not terrible to threaten them, but it’s not terrible to deal with them. The most terrible thing in business is that an opponent like Qin Lanxin can feel her powerful momentum and means because you can’t guess her.
"Four seniors at Baishi Wharf can do business with more than fruit wine and snacks. I hope that we can cooperate sincerely in all aspects in the future. Once the time is ripe, it will come naturally. You don’t have to be impatient. You might as well stay at the wharf for a few more days." Qin Lan said with a smile that her attitude is finally moderate
"It’s the grass people’s white!" Four people back to say
Qin Lanxin gave a gift to four householders, Li Bai, Si Qingyun, Mo Yantang and Sang Jiu. Naturally, wine, snacks, rope embroidery and vermicelli from Baiwei Manor combined to form a big box.
When they came to Baiwei Manor, the four of them naturally prepared gifts with Qin Lan’s heart. They were even more glad that their preparation of gifts was more about sincerity than gold and silver, otherwise they might lose the chance to get in touch with Qin Lan.
When they left, Yang Popo told the four people that Li Bai’s gift was the most famous black tea and green tea in the south. Si Qingyun’s gift was a set of exquisite porcelain. Mo Yantang’s gift was a set of rosewood tea set, which was a good match for Li Bai’s gift.
Qin Lan’s heart felt very satisfied after seeing it in person. These four people did have a heart, especially when she saw black tea. With this, she could make lead-preserved duck eggs.
"Shui Mu, how are they doing?" On this day, Qin Lan called the manager and friend who managed the backyard of Baiwei Inn and asked
"Back to the county magistrate, the three of them performed very well and worked very hard, and those chickens, ducks and geese ate more eggs in their hands than before, but they said it was better to put these poultry in a small stream mountain nearby." Chongyou was the first batch of slaves who were bought by Qin Lanxin from Fenghe Toothshop, and reiterated that they are now the most valued people by Qin Lan. He is also very eager to do things, but he is not big in front of others.
"They still have some experience in this respect, so just do as they say. In addition, send me all the duck eggs laid in the last two days to Baiwei Manor, and let others prepare some mulberry ash and soda ash for me." Qin Lanxin ordered.
"It’s the county owner!" After listening to it, Joyo hurried to do it.
When Qin Lanxin wanted something ready, she left a room alone in the backyard of Baiwei Manor, and then she brought a pair of emphasis, heavy happiness and came to help Qin Lanyue. Together, she put a certain amount of black tea powder water in a pot to boil and then fished out the tea residue.
When cooking tea juice, Qin Lanyue was particularly curious. She asked Qin Lanxin, "Sister, I just heard from Grandpa Three that this black tea is very expensive and you put too much water into it. What are you going to do?"
"I want to make a new food. It happened that someone sent black tea today and I thought of it!" No matter how much stuff you have in your head, you can’t pour it all out. Qin Lanxin didn’t think of making Songhua duck eggs until she saw Lipper send black tea.
"New food? What is it? " Qin Lanyue asked curiously with a smile
"You can also call Songhua duck eggs with preserved eggs, and you will know when they are ready!" Qin Lanxin must be accurate in weighing the freshly brewed tea juice in order to make the best preserved egg formula.

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