After chatting with the old lady for a long time, it gradually passed.

After dinner, the two chatted for a while. The child talked and talked. Jiang Xuanxuan learned a lot about parenting.
At nine o’clock in the evening, the old lady went back to her room to rest, and it was about an hour before Gu Chen got home.
When the child slept and woke up, Jiang Xuanxuan was teasing the child and made her forget.
When Gu Chen arrived at the nursery, she was lying on the cradle and twirling a rattle to tease the child.
"Jiang Xuan?" Surprised at her appearance, he couldn’t help questioning.
And hear his sound Jiang Xuanxuan immediately nervous a face of smile is stiff "? Boss … "
Gu Chen frowned and didn’t seem to like it. "What are you doing here?"
"When my class comes back, I want to talk about seeing the children spend time with the old lady," Jiang Xuanxuan honest and frank replied.
It is easy to be seen that Jiang Xuanxuan’s mind is clear at a glance.
He doesn’t want to see outsiders standing next to the child, but reason tells him that Jiang Xuanxuan’s proximity to the child and the old lady will help him.
After all, I didn’t say anything. Gu Chen stepped in.
"Boss, you sit down." Jiang Xuanxuan quickly gave up the best position and got up and wiped the chair with an embarrassed smile.
Gu Chen looked down at the child after sitting down. Unexpectedly, the child was grinning …
"Boss, have you worked overtime until now?" Jiang Xuanxuan found the topic and asked
Didn’t turn Gu Chen light way "I leave early tomorrow"
Didn’t we say that?
What’s the point of waking up again
Or did she forget?
Don’t know what Jiang Xuanxuan can nod to kiss up to in our nature. "Well, the boss has worked hard on a business trip, and the boss has gone well! The boss is careful all the way! "

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