The waist design is very clever, the waist is slim, the wedding dress adopts a unique fishtail design to show the hips completely, and the veil is dragged on the ground for a long time. Qiao Huan is like a fairy beauty from heaven.

"How beautiful!" Qiu Ji and her assistant were blindsided.
Although Qiao Huan rejected Mu Bei in her heart, looking at herself in the mirror, she had to admit that this wedding dress was really beautiful on her body, which made her feel trance for a moment. Is the beauty in this mirror herself?
"Sister-in-law, don’t be leng. Come out and show Mubei. I’m sure Mubei will be dumbfounded." Qiu Ji suddenly became excited and urged Qiao Huan to go out quickly.
Qiao Huan skirt slowly out of the locker room appeared in front of MuBei.
She saw Mu Bei’s face suddenly zheng, and then her face slowly showed a smile, and her eyes were satisfied.
"It really suits you" is breathtaking.
"You’ve worked hard for two months, how can you not be suitable?" Slight ridicule
"Do you like it?" Mu Bei looked up at Qiao Huan hopefully and was a little nervous.
"If I hadn’t married you, if you hadn’t designed this wedding dress, I believe I would have liked it very much." Qiao Huan approached Mu Bei and leaned over his ear. Two people could hear the sound and said to Mu Bei.
She hates this elaborate scam, and she hates being played chess.
Mu Bei’s face hasn’t changed. "No matter what you say, I’m happy that you like it."
Qiao Huan eyes flashed a trace of anger. She stepped back and quietly looked at Mu Bei.
How can he do this and feel at ease?
Mu Bei pulled out a box and took a diamond necklace like a magician.
"Is this what you have already prepared?" Light tone, light ridicule
"Yes" Mu Bei is a little strange. Qiao Huan’s tone is a little puzzled. Just now, he was fine. How did he suddenly change his feelings when he saw her eyes moving?
"Qiao Huan, are you uncomfortable?" Mu Bei asked Qiao Huan carefully
"Good. It’s just that you’re not comfortable," Qiao Huan said slowly. "Since it’s already ready, won’t you wear it for me?"
Mu Bei’s brow wrinkled gently. Now he is sure that because of something, otherwise Qiao Huan wouldn’t talk to him in this tone.
Mu Bei’s eyes flashed and all the questions in his heart were pressed. His face was filled with a bright smile and he hung the necklace around Qiao Huan’s neck.
"Beautiful" MuBei couldn’t help praising one.
"How beautiful!" There was a chorus of praise around "Miss Qiao, you must be the most beautiful bride"
Qiao Huan looked down at the diamond necklace on her chest and had to admit that it was really beautiful. The heart-shaped streamlined design combined with other small diamonds really made her add three points.
"Do you like it?" Mu Bei asked Qiao Huan
"What about you?" Qiao Huan asked.
"I like it if you like it."
"I don’t like everything you like. I hated it before, but I am willing to make do now, just like our marriage. This is the wedding dress. Can I take it off now?"
Qiao Huan looked at Mu Bei calmly.
"Qiao Huan, is it really good for you to hurt me like this?" Mubei slightly inaudible to sigh a.
"What about you? It’s very kind of you to hurt me? " Qiao Huan asked.
Mu Bei was speechless and couldn’t find a rebuttal at the moment. He sighed and called the staff to hold Qiao Huan and went to the locker room.
Qiu Ji leaned in and looked at Mubei with a puzzled face. "Mubei, what do I think of you?" Did you quarrel? "
"What happened to Qiao Huan in the dressing room just now?" Mu Bei Xiang Qiu Ji asked.
"Nothing happened in the dressing room!" Qiu Ji has a blank face.
Mubei’s eyes flashed. "Did you say anything?"
"Say what?" Qiu Ji thought for a while and suddenly said, "I remember that this dress was carefully designed by you when you spent two months."
"How did she react?"
"I was dazed, and then my face became very strange. Then she confirmed to me whether you were really designed two months ago and asked if we were still in the United States two months later."
Mu Bei’s eyes darkened and he gave Qiu Ji a look lightly. The words that came out almost made Qiu Ji cry.
"Go back to America after the wedding."
"What?" Qiu Ji was dumbfounded. She just got back. She didn’t want to go back to that hellhole and stay with a group of expressionless people.
"Because you talk too much," Mu Bei gently said to Qiu Ji word by word.
"Boss, I …"
"shh!" Mu Bei gave Qiu Ji a gentle hiss and shook her finger. "You are not only talkative, but also have a bad memory. We are friends. You should call me Mu Bei."
"Mubei, can I not go back to America?" Qiu Ji blinked a pair of beautiful eyes and looked at Mubei expectantly.
"No," Mu Bei shook his head. "There will be a batch of weapons recently. I’m afraid there will be any mistakes. You must go and see for yourself."
"Let cloud flying go and see it!" Qiu Ji treble call 1
"He has other things to do" Mubei said simply, "There must be a person to take care of the national business."
"I can actually" Qiu Ji stood tall.
"You’re not business material, and you’re not suitable for it." A word from Mu Bei made Qiu Ji’s heart hit with holes.
"Mubei, do I have to go to America?" Qiu Ji bitter face to MuBei confirmation again.
She really doesn’t want to go to America.
Mu Bei no longer answered Qiu Ji’s question. Qiao Huan came out of the locker room at this time. The string of dazzling diamonds has been taken.
Qiao Huan is still the former Qiao Huan.
Mu Bei was greeted by a man who naturally went to hold Qiao Huan’s hand. Qiao Huan’s body was stiff and stiff. Unexpectedly, he didn’t dump Mu Bei’s hand.
"Can we go now?" Qiao Huan asked quietly.
"hmm!" Mu Bei smiled at Joe and took Qiao Huan’s hand to the outside.
Qiu Ji chased the door and waved to Qiao Huan with a smile and said enthusiastically, "Sister-in-law has nothing to come and sit after walking slowly."
Qiao Huan smiled at Qiu Ji and nodded slightly. Mu Bei got in the car in tandem and got rid of Mu Bei’s hand and face. Suddenly, it was cold and turned to look out of the window.
Mu Bei looked at the back of Qiao Huan’s head and his face showed a weak smile. He tried very hard to ease him and Qiao Huan, and then he returned to the state of pulling out the sword.
Mu Bei turned a little towards Qiao Huan, and Qiao Huan looked back at Mu Bei with a cold face.
"If you don’t want me to hate you more, please leave me alone."
"Anyway, no matter how far away I am from you, you still hate me. In this case, I might as well just get closer to you." Mu Bei moved to Qiao Huan and put his hand around her waist and tied Qiao Huan tightly in his arms.
"You? !”
Qiao Huan was so ashamed of Mu Bei that he couldn’t say a word. He glared at Mu Bei with his eyes.
"Don’t look at me like that, I’ll be embarrassed." Mubei chuckled and kissed Qiao Huan’s eyes.

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