"Oh, that’s the way it is? It turns out that Brother Luo Gong Li has such a good friendship. Stay cold and return to Luo Gong. Don’t take it to heart. "Clear autumn said, leaning over to make amends.

"I naturally don’t mind what the clear autumn girl is generous?" Ripples gently sip tea asked a indifference.
"Is it a holiday for a girl who is not white and clear in autumn that the holy land ranks Tianzi Dreadwind?" I didn’t want ripple to ask questions casually, but I got a sharp sword across my neck
That speed is that ripples have no reaction to come over, and the ideas from the stream feel that the figure of clear autumn flowers at the moment has been ghostly and flashed to the ripple side, and the sword is also across the ripple neck and suddenly gasped.
"What do you do in clear autumn?" Stream ideas knits the brows a way
In the clear autumn, naturally, I ignored Li, a cold and low-drinking stream, looked at Ripple with a cold face and said, "Say who you really are, how do you know about the Holy Land, how do you know about Dreadwind? You are a spy sent by the Holy Land. What is your purpose lurking around Brother Li?"
Ripples glanced at the cold sword on his neck, but instead of being afraid, he chuckled, "A clear autumn girl is a girl. You ask so many questions, which one should you answer first?"
"Everyone should answer, or this sword will pierce your neck in a moment." He said, and moved the sword a little closer to the ripple neck.
"Beautiful sister, what are you doing? Why do you want to put your sword across the queen’s neck?" Is this tense moment a foolish but just right sound up little magpie leaned in some worry looking at clear autumn way
"What did you say?" Clear autumn listened to the words of the little magpie, and it was quite a shock.
"Clear autumn, take the sword quickly." The stream and ideas also came to forcibly withdraw the clear autumn hand zhong Jian.
"Brother Li, who is he?" Clear autumn light frowning at the stream ideas.
The stream felt his nose and coughed. "That’s what the little magpie said. The high priest has been looking for the reincarnation of the queen. She is."
"You mean the queen is really the queen came back? But how is it a man? "Clear autumn first looked at ripples in surprise and turned to face a little weird. Shouldn’t the Queen of ripples be a woman?
Ripples also dry cough.
"This is naturally the convenience of men’s wear," explained Xi Jian.
"The Queen’s Atzhongement Just now, there were many offenses in the clear autumn, so please ask the Queen to punish her." Said the clear autumn, she slammed her hands and knelt on the ground, holding her sword straight above her head as if she had pleaded guilty.
"Get up, after all, it’s normal for you and me to offend when we meet for the first time. I’m not ready to punish people at random."
"Please punish the Queen" said the clear autumn with a low head.
Ripples narrowed her eyes and stared at the people kneeling and frowning. The feelings were fighting with her.
"Ripple, you should punish her a little, otherwise she won’t get up even if you kill her. The high priest has always been strict in disciplining people," said the stream.
Ripples raised eyebrows and snatched the clear autumn hand, and the sharp sword of zhong refused to swing at the clear autumn head. However, several people’s hearts almost jumped out of their throats. Fortunately, it was only when a strand of hair fell on the ground that they came back to their original position. It was really a surprise that a cold injury still rippled.
"It’s already been punished." With a wave of his hand, Ripple put the hand zhong Jian back to the clear autumn hand zhong scabbard. "I’m afraid it’s a good rectification after breaking the rules."
"Thank the Queen for showing mercy."
"Hoo-hoo, you really scared me to death just now!" The brook patted his heart in fright.
"Can the Queen meet the emissary?" Clear autumn also restore mood respectful salute toward ripples way
"Angel? How come the high priest is also around the city? " Ripples eyebrow asked
No high priest is still in Dong Ze.
"The emissary is the four helpers around the high priest, and they have been doing eyeliner in zhong Yuan for years." The stream and ideas sat down and took a sip of the tea, which seemed to dislike the cool tea and tightened their eyebrows.
Ripples thoughtfully for a moment and looked up again, saying, "No, we are not exposed yet. Once those four know that I am here, the holy pawns will soon know my whereabouts, so my plan will be hindered."
"We will do whatever the Queen wants to do, and we still have the best and fastest information. If we don’t want the holy pawns to know the whereabouts of the Queen, I believe we can do it." Qingqiu said.
"Oh, the fastest information?" Ripples pick eyebrows. Yes, now she needs this, too. She thought that she also had the highest-end intelligence organization in those days, and it’s not dissolved now. Even the foundation has been lost.
"Well, besides, we still have the ability that the world does not doubt." Clear autumn said with some pride.
"Tell me, maybe I really need your help."
"I wonder if the Queen has heard about the world when she comes around the city?"
"Ah?" Ripples stream ideas exclaim at the same time
"Clear autumn, you mean that Xiaoxiao’s world was created by you. Why didn’t I know that you were too much? It’s so funny that I didn’t tell you anything. What’s more, I received so much gold at the beginning. Am I not one of my own? I am gold!" The stream broke into a howl of brotherhood.
Qing Qiu felt a little entangled in his forehead and said to himself, Brother Li hasn’t seen this personality for so many years. Fortunately, Master had the foresight to tell me about the world, otherwise he didn’t know what trouble would be caused. It hurts to think of Master zhong again.
"I didn’t tell you that it was right. If I had told you that your mouth didn’t have a door, I didn’t know what to care about. Then the world would no longer know the world." Ripple was shocked but soon calmed down and gave a cold look at the stream.
"Ah, ah, am I so unreliable?" The stream has wronged the bitterness. Look at the ripples
Clear autumn almost laughed and looked at the ripples. zhong’s ripple image suddenly became tall. I’m afraid that the queen’s position in this world will be able to withstand Brother Li.
"You haven’t done a reliable thing, but you can borrow one if you need it." Ripple said lightly.
"Are you sure you don’t want to go back and meet them? In fact, they have always missed you." Qing Qiu still refused to give up. If Master knew that Queen Bi had come back, they wouldn’t know how happy they would be
"I will contact them when the time is ripe." Ripple waved her hand and she had her own plan.
"Oh, clear autumn pool, you can rest assured that I am around the Queen. In fact, the high priest also knows that the Queen has come back and didn’t tell them that the four of them should have his concerns. Don’t worry, everyone will meet again before long." Streams and ideas clap their chests.
"Well, then, we’ll wait for news of the Queen’s position in Xiao World." Clear autumn said that she was worried about seeing the stream in an instant. Now she is worried that Brother Li’s sex with the Queen can really be well protected? Fortunately, she was kind enough to think about it and didn’t ask, otherwise it would be another burst of brotherhood of the Wolf.
"The red chamber is in front of us. Let’s have a good rest here tonight and go back early in the morning." The brook leans lazily on the soft couch and looks like a host family.
"Well, clear autumn is welcome." Clear autumn also said with a smile

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