"Leave you to get treasures from the ruins and you can leave."

Lan hasn’t spoken yet, and Shuo directly refused.
He took out a few days to threaten Master Hong.
"If you are strong, you can do whatever you want. If it is a big deal, we will die together!"
Mutually assured destruction?
You guys deserve it, too
Master Hong sneers at a line
"If I didn’t know, you might have a chance."
"It’s a pity that you still have a chance to deal with fighters with things in your hands …"
"Waste is different!"
Fighters are not targets, how can they be blown up?
New moon tried to explain, but was held back by Lan.
Blue face looked at hong master asked coldly.
"Do you really want us to make enemies?"
"Enemy said no to our Hong family, but it has long been said that we will hit the ruins and anyone can enter, but we will get half of the treasures."
Master Hong said
Blue was silent for a moment and said
"It seems that you don’t know much about this relic."
"What do you mean?"
"I know that your Hong family went to Xiongcheng decades ago, and the goal should be this relic?"
It’s not a secret, and Master Hong doesn’t have to deny it.
But a word from Blue made him stuck.
"Do you know that the fighters who entered this relic came from five different auxiliary cities?"
Hong master one leng consciousness way
"This is impossible!"
Five auxiliary cities?
What a joke!
If there are relics in other auxiliary cities, what have they been for decades …
Blue seems to have expected that master Hong reacted lightly.
"You can ask if you don’t believe me."
"… no need"
Master Hong was shocked, but he also knew that Lan didn’t have to lie to him.
But they still can’t let go if they want to!
"Say more and hand over the things."
"You still don’t understand what I’m saying. We come from Sifang City. You may not have heard of this city, but you can …"
"I said more benefits!"
Master Hong interrupted him with cold eyes.
"Since you know that our Hong family has been guarding this relic in Xiongcheng for decades, you should know that we will never let go of the treasures that are easily available!"
"Leave the treasure or you all stay here!"
See that there is no room for negotiation. Blue silently takes out something and puts it on the ground.
Then with people back away.
Master Hong has never seen that thing. It is not clear whether it is a treasure or a trap.
But see blue and others to leave him, he is going to start work.
One thing is not enough!
Hong Sheng!’
Blue suddenly drink a way
Master Hong turned a deaf ear and continued to rush forward.
Blue shouted
"Have you forgotten how your Hong family developed?"
Master Hong suddenly stopped.
He half squinted and stared at the blue.
At first, the Hong family was a humble family, and it grew into a monster almost overnight.
No one knows how the Hong family developed.
But master Hong, the master of Hong family, knows better than that.
When the ancestors of the Hong family met a man.
It was that man who gave the Hong family a lot of cultivation resources to help them gain a foothold in the main city.
It’s gradually coming. Now Hong’s family
However, the man has never been seen again, nor has he been found by his successors.
This matter has been regarded as a smell.
Until now
Master hong’s eyes look at it
"You know?"
"I …"

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