But the temple of hades didn’t say a word, and his head was gray and he never crossed the line again.

I can’t help but convince many people that the temple of hades has become unintelligent.
That so-called accusation against the dark world is pure pretending.
As a result, I accidentally installed it and couldn’t end it.
As soon as the paper tiger was exposed.
In the face of high-profile response from the hunters’ organization, it is too shameful to dare to directly admit it.
The only way to go is to pretend to be deaf and dumb.
However, representatives of major forces still rushed to vulture island
After all, although it seems like a joke, who knows if the young master in the temple of hades is a fool?
What if the brain gets hot and really goes?
You can’t miss this wonderful play when you talk about life.
Ling day this three days personally accompany beside Sue elegant to protect Sue elegant Ann.
The merchants of Su Qingya Yunhai Business Alliance devoted themselves to their work.
Ling Tian invited Hua Yunfei to the sea of clouds in a word during his leisure time
I implore Hua Yunfei to help protect Su Qingya when he is away.
After three days, Ling Tian took Zhang Jian and others by helicopter and went straight to Bald Eagle Island in the East China Sea.
At this time, vulture island is very lively.
Representatives of major organizations in the dark world gathered together.
Waiting for the crazy little Lord in the temple of hades.
In the center of the island is a palace-like building.
A sandalwood plaque is hung on the square of the building.
Two big characters hunting!
This is the ice mansion of the hunter leader.
Ice is covered with black clothes and black cloth, and stands proudly in the hall behind his hands.
A pair of sharp eyes like swords looked out coldly.
It’s chilling to release the cold breath.
"The leaders are all arranged as planned."
"If the temple of hades doesn’t come, they will be dead if they dare to come!"
A killer with strong breath bowed down and reported to the ice.
It is the first elder of the hunter organization who stabbed in the back!
Ice tone cold sound as if from nine deep and remote hell with murderous look way
"You remember"
"The temple of hades is nothing but a buffoon."
"We don’t want to kill the waste of hades."
"It is to shock other major forces and let them know the details of my hunters!"
"Do you understand?"
Upon hearing the sniper’s shot, he quickly leaned down and respectful way
"Chief, I understand!"
"We are taking this opportunity to show our strength to the major forces."
"Only by letting the major forces know how strong we are can we get more chips in the future competition for interests."
Ice carrying hand nodded satisfied way

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