The more important thing now is to convince the other party that they and others are here to rescue them, not to kill them, or to fight before they meet, which will be completely finished.

In particular, the other party is being hunted by crows, and they don’t know the communication mode of the other party. According to the current situation, the other party is unlikely to open the communication mode.
"Find them first, but don’t disturb them," the crow lightly ordered. "Keep your distance from them, first contact them and then approach them."
This is also the best way now, otherwise, before the rescue can be reached, the rescue object will be killed first, and then the jungle trouble will be over, especially in South America.
Even now, plants and zoologists dare not say how many different species there are in these jungles.
Because it is too complicated, the area is too large, and it is too difficult to travel and investigate, let alone go deep into the jungle, even if a protection is not done at the periphery of the jungle, fruit flies may get to the skin to lay eggs.
Even some unknown poisons are stabbed and caused fatal danger. Even if the enemy appears within 100 meters, you will hardly find them if they don’t make too loud noise.
Most of the firefight distance here is tens of meters, and a large number of obstacles and shelters make it difficult for the bomb to hit the target. Even the US military has suffered heavy losses in jungle warfare.
Even at one time, they were forced to throw defoliants to make the jungle there die, hoping to reduce the loss of jungle warfare.
It was also after that that the US military attached importance to jungle warfare and set up several points in South America to train troops and other special warfare units to adapt to jungle warfare.
"What’s the news from the crow" Hou Dacheng rubbed his eyebrows and asked in a low voice.
In his room, the hair was already a little gray, and Dr. whispered, "There is not much news coming back yet. They started positioning several times and then fell completely silent."
"That should still be on the road, it is not far away." Hou Dacheng said lightly, "No, this matter needs an iron arm."
But see Hou Dasheng got up and walked to the window and looked out the window and whispered, "Yemen, let the iron arm pause first and tell Hussein that he will come back to report on his work."
"Well, I want to tell him personally about asking him to come back and report on his work." Hou Dasheng slowly exhaled. "The crow received someone, so it is called that the manager can’t die at all costs."
Dr. Wen whispered, "Will this cost too much?"
"There is no way to show our importance at this time." Hou Dasheng looked out of the window and looked at Ling Lie. "If we flinch at this time, it would be a complete destruction of the jackal."
Looking out the window, Hou Dacheng said word for word, "How did the Silly Axes family stand firm in the legion? They suffered a lot of blows, but they almost died in the worst time."
"But they survived because of their persistence in family beliefs." Hou Dasheng turned to look at the doctor. "Our core can’t change. This is the root that determines how long we can go."
How long an organization, especially a large secret organization, can go is largely determined by their core values, which sounds illusory but can not be ignored.
Investors, their core is to make the investors earn money to their satisfaction. The interest theory is whether the investors get great energy and benefits from the military, politics, resources or more direct money.
At the same time, they also need to do their best from the perspective of investors. Many investors have known about them for many years, but no one is willing to challenge investors easily.
Several of them are the most important.
First, investors are mysterious enough. No one knows who is the investor except the direct controller. No one can guarantee the interests of other investors except the direct controller.
This hidden power, but also a huge power, makes people extremely afraid.
You don’t know who your company, your colleagues and your friends will be the investors. Those who can learn that investors are not ordinary people now.
They know and understand investors, but they also know those hidden forces. Maybe they are imagining things.
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To deal with the idea of investors, several people will be willing to give their lives to investors as warlords.
Secondly, the investors are extremely rich, and Hou Dasheng himself can’t even imagine how much money they have, arguing about whether it is the dark world or the real world.
Everyone needs to burn money to burn a lot of money. Although it is not clear how much money investors have, Hou Dasheng believes that investors can definitely set off a global and cross-regional war by mastering the funds.
If you have money, there will be a number of outlaws who are willing to take great risks to do things that ordinary people dare not do or think about. When the number of outlaws set off a sea of blood in various places, the power in the hands of investors will also add fuel to the flames.
Then the war is difficult even if it is not remembered. Hou Dasheng doubts whether the company’s methods are learned from investors. The two are so similar that some manipulation methods are exactly the same.
Now the problem is that the strongest fortress is not under external pressure, but there are cracks in the department. Obviously, someone has figured out how to divide the things left by the old crow after his death.
They are very clever, instead of focusing on the successor of the old crow, they aim directly at the old crow.
Obviously, the old crow thought that someone would plot his heir, but he didn’t expect that those people would be bold enough to think about killing him. Of course, they still dare not.
They are creating this opportunity. The core of this opportunity is to manage the biggest intelligence and assassination trading platform. If he chooses the successful planner, the success rate will be greatly improved.
However, they dare not contact the manager easily, otherwise no one can guarantee that the manager will not report this matter to the old crow, and no one can guarantee that this matter will not be noticed by others.
So the way they choose is to trick the manager into their own territory. If the manager doesn’t submit, then they don’t mind choosing to clean up the manager
The fact is that Hou Dasheng can see from this incident that they are about to start work, otherwise cleaning up the main manager may cause the business to temporarily fall into chaos, but after the chaos is over, there will inevitably be a flurry of revenge
The other party is sure to control the investor before the merchant retaliates, and then realize the control or containment of the business through the investor.
"These crazies" Hou Dasheng couldn’t help whispering in his mind that "this matter may lead to a new war if it is not well done"
Dr Smell speech interface with a wry smile way "now there are signs"
"Recently, some good mercenaries and some small killer organizations have disappeared. They should have been gathered."
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-four Found it
"Let’s get together in a small area first." Hou Dasheng pondered for a while and whispered, "The security in the vicinity should be strengthened. I’ll go out for a while and do things yourself."
Doctor nodded, then turned around and went out. Hou Dacheng sat in the chair for a while in silence, and then hit the drawer and took out a telephone to dial a number. After two rings, he was picked up.
"It’s windy recently. Good doors and windows. Remember to tell me if the doors and windows are not tight enough." Hou Dacheng said to the other end lightly.
Soon there came a voice at the other end, "The doors and windows were specially packaged before they were sealed, but the effect was not bad."
"It’s good to pay attention to the wind," Hou Dacheng said lightly. "It’s not good to have wind entering the window."
After that, Hou Dasheng hung up and dropped the phone, then walked to the door and handed it to the black team members who were on guard at the door to "smash and throw it away"
The player nodded his head and saw that Hou Dacheng had no other orders, so he took his mobile phone and walked back about ten minutes away from Da Da, but at this time Hou Dacheng had returned to his room.
Crows in the dense jungles of South America quickly got the message. If they found each other, the tactician dialed three short messages, and the response was one of our own. If they didn’t,
Breathe out a breath, and the crows take people to touch them quickly, because they have found the trail, so they choose to travel at night. The jungle at night is actually more dangerous than during the day.
During the day, most jungle animals are resting or hiding, and it is normal for them to feed at night. In addition to the road, they should be careful about their sides and feet. In case they step on the viper or the rain forest scorpion, they are very ants.
They will be happy to tell you that you are an outsider, and they are the owners here.
"Suspected target found. Suspected target requested to be verified." A sound came to the crow’s ear soon, and the crow responded quickly. "Don’t signal directly when the branch is erected."
"Team aim at each other and shoot them immediately if they show something is wrong."
It was only three or five minutes before the preparation, and the crow sent a signal. Obviously, the signal was received. Soon, the other party got up and raised his hand to the light position avenue. "I don’t have a tube, but I know that the signal doesn’t need a gun."

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