"ah? Boss, what did you say? " Just want to cover the quilt hand to stop Jiang Xuanxuan and look into his side.

Gu Chen didn’t reply and turned his back to her.
What’s the matter … I thought I heard the boss call her name just now.
Jiang Xuanxuan was suspicious but didn’t delve into it. She turned to the bed and was closed.
She tossed and turned in the middle of the night.
Jiang Xuanxuan spent the next week in torment, with her dark circles getting thicker every day, and she woke up more and more times at night. The baby had a regular night noise, and her biological clock was out of order twice a night.
One afternoon in the tea room, Jiang Xuanxuan leaned her head against the coffee table with her eyes wide shut …
Abrupt head tilted forehead bump tea table issued a "bang" a flips.
"Ah-"Jiang Xuanxuan woke up with her forehead twisted with pain.
Section 4
"Gee …" Ai Qiqi sat by her while playing with her mobile phone. Nai shook her head. "Come and lie on my leg and sleep."
Rubbing the fish bubble and sleeping, Jiang Xuanxuan picked up the mobile phone and looked at the instant nai "I won’t sleep after 20 minutes."
"You haven’t slept well these days, have you?" Yiqiqi glanced at her and continued to play with her mobile phone. "Everyone guessed in the group that the big boss was too fierce to toss you like this."
"Nonsense!" Ma Jiang Xuanxuan raised her hand and denied that her face was serious. "I woke up twice at two o’clock and five o’clock with my children at night! Too tortured … "
"The boss doesn’t hire a nanny. If I have a nanny, I won’t run back and forth at night." She slumped on the back of the sofa and stuck a cushion with her eyes staring. "Alas, I don’t know if the boss is cured …"
When the big boss recovers, she will entrust the child to the big boss in a refreshing way. That is a great relief!
Jiang Xuanxuan is looking forward to it
"We don’t need to worry about the boss’s injury. Isn’t he taken care of by a private doctor? You are such a poor thing …" Ai Qiqi touched Jiang Xuanxuan’s forehead and felt sorry. "You just died of overwork. It is estimated that no one cares."
Voice fell Jiang Xuanxuan a supercilious look to small mouth du high.
"Don’t look at me like that, but I’m telling the truth." Yiqiqi patted her on the head again and said the truth in a sophisticated tone. "You see the boss is so rich that he has to have dozens of servants around his house, but he doesn’t even ask a nanny and wants you to take care of him! Look at him. He’s probably treating you like a slave. "
Ai Qiqi said this with a loud voice, just like her predecessors, she edified Jiang Xuanxuan’s thoughts …
Her voice can be heard by colleagues around her, including Gu Chen, who stepped into tea.
Tea atmosphere aggregates subtle fluctuations. Gu Chen steps closer and closer. All tea colleagues remain silent and quiet. Only Jiang Xuanxuan and Ai Qiqi are still immersed in the topic of two people.
"The big boss looks down on me. Anyway, I have no dignity and become a habit." With a small mouth, Jiang Xuanxuan played with a black screen mobile phone
"When you marry the boss, I can imagine that life will be like this after you." Ai Qiqi should be decisive and naturally face a change around everyone.
At that moment, the tea was too quiet, and the trance variation was detected by Yiqiqi.
Ai Qiqi quickly reacted with a sharp turn of tone. "But … it’s really a good thing to marry the boss. How many people can’t marry if they want to, right?"
"Then let someone else marry me. Anyway, I’m not myself anymore. I don’t have my own life. I don’t have my own time. And …" The follow-up words failed to be exported. Yiqiqi elbowed her secretly.
"What’s the matter?" In hindsight, Jiang Xuanxuan turned his head and opened his mouth.
At that time, Gu Chen had stopped at the edge of her seat, and his face was full of momentum and evil, like Yamaraja scaring everyone.
This is a very funny picture for colleagues watching tea.
This is also a terrible picture for Jiang Xuanxuan and Ai Qiqi.
They are like two insidious little people who speak ill of others behind their backs and are severely caught! Lose face to the Huangpu River!
Everyone suspects that Jiang Xuanxuan must die miserably!
Say in front of the big boss that she doesn’t want to marry him. It is estimated that she will soon hear the news that her one-night stand lover was liberated by the revolution.
However …
Gu Chen didn’t get angry, but only lightly opened his lips and said, "Jiang Xuanxuan will go to the office with me."

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