1197 Chapter 1197 City of Death (3)

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Long Qingyue’s eyes narrowed. Death City has not been there yet. Maybe you can take a trip. Maybe you can gain something. Huang Fuqing said that she naturally believes that he can’t lie to them without looking at him.
"Qing thank you"
Huangfuqing lip-synching chuckled Gao Hua quietly elegant "have to be so unfamiliar with me? In previous lives, you didn’t make me work so melodramatic. At that time, although he couldn’t walk into that place in her heart, she still had him all over the floor.
I think this man can’t help but have a headache and stroke his forehead.
Long Qingyue slightly one leng past life things she really can’t remember at all, except those star fragments have Yu Ayan.
"Don’t talk to my mother’s past life." Qin Flame stretched out his hand and held Long Qingyue in his arms. His eyes were alert and he looked at the man opposite and coveted his mother for two generations.
After staying at home for a few days, Long Qingyue and Qin Flame went out to the dead city, such as Long Aotian. Ye Lan and Xuanyuan Europe were very reluctant to get together, and soon they were going to divide again, but they thought that Long Qingyue had not lifted the nine Yin spirits, and Qin Flame was sealed and the soul nodded and agreed.
Children have a lot of things to do, but their elders can watch and do nothing but worry and sigh, so they can wait at home.
"Two mothers, don’t worry, Ah Yan and I will be careful. Are you afraid of this little setback after three years of great storms?" Girl Yan Qingli smile like a flower pulls Ye Lan and Xuanyuan Europe hand and says
Qin flame beside Long Qingyue also firm eyes see sample two people said they would be careful.
"Moon’s brother-in-law and I will go with you," Long Qingyu said.
"Brother Moon City is developing well now, but it is difficult for some malicious people to spy on Moon City in the dark and need you to stay. Besides, there are still some things waiting for you to deal with," Long Qingyue said.
"We fall on the strength of the city, the economy is profound, and there are several God kings sitting in it. Besides, there is a father who dares to expect this Jade Emperor? Unless the man is too long, "Long Qingyu crooned." I mainly want to say that Long Qingyue went to the city of death to help them find the soul of Qin flame being sealed.
Long Qingyue, how can you not see that you can’t help laughing? "Dad has his own Tsing Yi gate to take care of, and when can I help you take care of this emerging force?"
See Long Qingyu a dissatisfied Long Qingyue laughed. "If my brother really wants to help us, then hurry up and deal with the things in the city and go to the death city to find us."
Long Qingyu smell speech face just slightly improved. Recently, there are some things to be busy in Moon City.
Aotian Long, Long Li, Ye Jietang, Ye Lan, Xuanyuan Europe and Qinling naturally urged them to leave until Long Qingyue and Qin Flame repeatedly assured them that they were safe.
After packing their bags, the two men set off for death city together.
Long Qingyue didn’t dress up all the way, but wore a light green smoke skirt with a simple but generous bun. Qin flame was still as white as snow, holding Long Qingyue’s hand, and they walked slowly in the direction of Zhongzhou.
119 Chapter 119 City of Death (4)
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Two people walking hand in hand is not like coming out to experience spiritual teachers, but like a honeymoon couple, handsome men and beautiful women, attracting people who can’t do it all the way, and their eyes are very envious.
On the one hand, they are also asking about the distribution of Zhongzhou forces.
Zhongzhou is the most central position in the blood domain, occupying the four channels of east, west, north and south. The fortress was originally the most important place, but now it has become a dead place.
There are hundreds of thousands of miles of mountains in the north of Zhongzhou, and there are countless fierce birds and beasts. There is a foggy swamp in the west, and even the king of gods is afraid of poisonous gas all the year round. There is a golden desert in the east, and a snake family of Warcraft occupies the whole desert. It is very difficult to cross the desert.
Zhongzhou terrain is difficult to defend but difficult to attack. The only normal point is the south.
But the south is also very dangerous, because there are some gray forests in it, and only people who really pass through it know what’s inside.
It is difficult to cross all directions, east, west, north and south, and no one wants to take the risk. After a long time, Zhongzhou will be desolate.
Thousands of years ago, a strong man offended the blood domain, and a big family was hunted down. The man fled everywhere and got into the golden desert leading to Zhongzhou, and chased others into the desert. As a result, he was not killed in the army.
Later, the family sent people in from the northwest, south and south, and all the troops were wiped out. Later, the family lost too much.
The man who escaped into Zhongzhou saw that the land in Zhongzhou was good. Although the terrain was dangerous on all sides, it was easy to defend but difficult to attack the enemy. Even if he came in, he would have suffered heavy losses, so the man lived in Zhongzhou.
With the development of time, Zhongzhou City is no longer as desolate as before, but gradually becomes popular. Besides, there are plenty of aura and medicinal materials here, which are conducive to life and development, and the population is developing faster and faster.
Thousands of years later, all the major families in Zhongzhou City were scattered, but they were not strong. The families in the four domains of east, west, north and south naturally wanted to occupy Zhongzhou City, but there was a strange array in Zhongzhou City that could keep the invaders out. Although all the major forces in Zhongzhou City fought for each other because of the duke, they immediately put aside all grievances and United against foreign enemies when they saw an outsider attacking them.
Secondly, other places in the blood domain have committed murder cases or offended some big families, and vicious people have fled to Zhongzhou, thus making Zhongzhou, a chaotic land, even more chaotic.
After a long time, Zhongzhou City has another name, Death City.
Because killing people here is not restricted by the state, it is common practice. If you speak by strength, you will be killed. People will sigh and deserve it. Who makes you less powerful than others?
Long Qingyue and Qin Flame decided to go from the south, because that road was the nearest and there were many detours on the other three sides.
After a long walk, I saw a gray forest, which seemed to be the end of the world, and it was unconsciously giving birth to a depressing and depressing atmosphere.
"There is something strange in this forest." Qin Flame’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and clenched the girl’s hand around her.
Long Qingyue naturally did not dare to despise even Ah Yan, who felt the danger. Surely it must be dangerous and abnormal.
1199 Chapter 1199 City of Death (5)
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"This young couple will not elope, will they?" At this time, there is a team of nine people on the side of the road. The strength of these nine people is a young man in the Emperor Lingshi, about twenty-seven years old. The rest of them are all looking at Long Qingyue and Qin Flame with such eyes.
This little girl and little watch but dare to break into this gray ghost forest at a young age of ten or twenty?
This also don’t blame others for misunderstanding Long Qingyue looking petite and lovely, while Qin Flame looks a little cold, but it also looks young. It’s not that others look at it, and their eyes fall on a big family brother. Hand in hand seems to confirm the speculation in their hearts.
Among the nine people, there is a woman who looks soft like a weak willow. She looks up and sees the male eyes beside her fall on the opposite girl’s eyes, and there is a flash of displeasure in her eyes. "Cousin, let’s hurry up and go. If we can’t get out of this gray ghost forest before dark, we will be in trouble."

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