"This is …" Early summer eyebrows are still high and then pointed.

Nan Yichen took her to Bann Kwan Khiang Dao in the rain.
Nangong Chengzheng was startled when he came. He wanted to go out but dared not call an "empress" anxiously.
"The rain is not dangerous," the knife added, "Don’t be so careful."
Nangong Chengyi rushed out. "Is the virus gone?"
"The virus in the clouds was brought by the rain." In early summer, I bent down to observe the ground, "but the sequelae were also great."
The nangongshan into look at the sky "astronomical phenomena is really wrong but what is the sequela? Is the weather bad? "
"What is the so-called but cultivated land when the virus is quickly brought to the streets?" I breathed a sigh of relief in early summer. "Not surprisingly, this year’s harvest was destroyed, and the incubation period of this virus is still limited. If it is not handled, it may be harvested for several years in a row."
Everyone around us gasped. Grain is the root. If the cultivated land is destroyed, it will be equivalent to destroying the root. Although there is a place near the capital, the area is not small. What about farming the river by land law? Will drinking water be polluted?
"Send someone around to collect soil samples and water samples first, and I’ll check them first." Look at the smaller raindrops in early summer and you can find a way to deal with them.
Soon, the people received an order from the court again that the black snow stopped, but the rain was not poisonous, but it was likely to infect water and soil, so we should be careful to store water first and then make arrangements after inspection
Because many disobedient people died before, everyone dared not ignore the court order this time, and all the pots were caught in the rain.
And the little turtle got the order in early summer, and it rained for a while before it collected its own water and fell back to the ground.
Sampling people came back one after another. The first one came back. The soil samples and water samples around the city gate all contained toxins in early summer. Although they were diluted by rain, people and animals would still be poisoned once they drank them. Although they would not die as soon as the black snow, they would also have symptoms, and their health would get worse and worse, and they would also die early.
Then further away, soil samples and water samples also contain toxins, but the content decreases again.
It is normal that there are no toxins in the soil until the soil samples and water samples come ten miles away, but there are still toxins in the water. After all, the water is flowing and the surrounding water is also connected.
But it also allowed the early summer to determine the coverage area of that cloud, and then it was like removing these toxins
Rosefinch bird poison Xuanwu turtle blood is the most abundant, but the blood is too little, so the root can’t do this.
"Xia Xia, where is my blood?" Nan Yichen stretched out his arm. "I am the emperor. God, my blood is good for ghosts and viruses. Maybe there are also."
"Even if there is, I can’t."
"Xia Xia must find a way to otherwise …"
"Empress" at this time, Xia Jinghan sounded outside. "I found something."
Nan Yichen and early summer looked at each other and hurried out to meet them. "What did you find?"
"The water is poisonous, but I accidentally dropped a pill into it, and then the poison in the water disappeared." Xia Jinghan ran to them panting with a pitcher in his hand and was dragged into the imperial room by them without saluting.
In the early summer, the pitcher was quickly taken over and checked. Sure enough, there was no toxin in the water, and the water quality became better. "Master, what pills have this ability?"
Chapter six hundred and sixty-seven Found a solution
"Empress, you give the old minister qi pills." Xia Jinghan looked at the early summer with joy. "I was exhausted and wanted to eat one. As a result, my hand shook and I didn’t hold the pill and fell into the pitcher."
When my eyes lit up in early summer, "Great!" I took out a small bottle, poured out a pill and threw it into another pitcher.
The water in it turned clear to the naked eye.
In the early summer, I took a teacup and prepared to take a sip, but I was robbed by Nan Yichen.
"The emperor’s slave …" Fu wanted to grab the result. Nanyi had poured the water in the teacup into his mouth.
Everyone was shocked and turned white. This is no small matter.
"It tastes good." Nan Yichen smashed it. "It’s like a mountain spring."
Xia Jinghan took a sip of his pitcher when he picked it up. "Well, it’s really good." Before that, he came to water the daffodils in the house, and the daffodils were in bud.
In early summer, I made my own other pills, and I tried them once to eliminate the virus in the water, but others didn’t.
"Is there a common ingredient in your pills?" South escape minister woke up.
In early summer, my eyes suddenly lit up. I turned around and held Nan Yichen’s face and kissed him. "It’s great that you woke me up." All the pills were added with spring water, which could clean up the toxins.
Everyone quickly covered their eyes. Empress is too bold. There are still so many of them here.
In the early summer, I realized that I seemed to be too excited, but my face was very pale. I was just engaged. Just see it when you see it.
Nan Yichen hooked his mouth. "Does Xia Xia have a plan?"
"Yes," she nodded in early summer. "The virus will be cleaned up soon." Now the key is to see how many times diluted water is effective. She is not willing to give up.
This process is much simpler.
Finally, in the early summer, the diluted water was handed over to the little turtle for the little turtle to further scour the ground through precipitation.
After three days of continuous washing, the soil on the ground and the water in the well in the river are completely clear.
They also finally breathed a sigh of relief.
However, before the black snow caused a lot of losses, after all, Shenquan water can clean up the virus, but it can restore the infected animals and plants to normal, and it can also bring the dead animals and plants back to life.
Vegetables and grain bases in the field have been scrapped, and flowers and trees in the wild have also died.
"Xia Xia has been very good." Nan Yichen was afraid of remorse in early summer and quickly comforted her. "Which natural and man-made disasters didn’t kill many people? But this time, more than 50 people died in dozens of villages around the city, and these people still didn’t listen to the advice. It’s really amazing. "And I’ve already paid taxes to the affected villages and sent them food to keep them till spring ploughing next year."
Nodding in the early summer, "I know I’m thinking about weaning my three cubs." The children have been adding complementary food for nine months, and their appetite has increased a lot. Their milk is not enough for the three cubs, so it’s better to break it.
She’s really not thinking about what’s going on outside. She’s doing her best to listen to her destiny. She’s working hard for the result, so leave it to heaven. Anyway, just feel guilty.
However, she can feel the continuous strength of merit and say that everyone still appreciates her.
"It’s long overdue." Nan Yichen nodded quickly. Every time he looked at his daughter-in-law and fed the three cubs, he had a very wonderful sense of jealousy. If it wasn’t for them, they all wanted to push the door open for them. His daughter-in-law was him.
I haven’t raised a child before early summer, but I’ve seen many people raise a child and specialize in naming the child. But at that time, she was too young to be believed by anyone. After telling fortune, she simply helped to name the name. Many people will bargain and often get chased around by urban management …
Back in front of her eyes, she is currently considering whether it is necessary for mothers to abstain from breastfeeding before midnight. For example, put some Chili sauce on yourself, coptis chinensis or ash from the bottom of the pot … When the time comes, the cubs may not eat it when they see something wrong, even if it tastes wrong, they will not be weaned after a long time.
Nan Yichen is in favor of any decision in early summer. Anyway, it’s good to be weaned, so the cubs won’t depend on their daughter-in-law all the time.
In the early summer, I put a little ash on the bottom of the pot. After all, if I put pepper on it, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. As a result, the iron turned away from eating the silver at first sight, but I kept struggling to eat it. But what should I do if the food color was wrong? After a long struggle, I finally turned my head away from eating and turned to drink milk and rice soup.
If you have a golden mouth, eat the root and don’t look at the color.
In early summer, I was startled. The ash at the bottom of the pot was not delicious.
I can wash it off and replace it with Chili peppers, but it turns out that it’s stupid to take a sip and it’s spicy to cry. After crying, I will eat it and then cry …

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