Before Xia Jiang arrived, these people had already arrived at Geshu Nettle, and the guards had been replaced by others, who also found his trail.

The woman dressed in black and black gauze can’t hide her face, but she walks with her hips and slim waist and leans against the stalwart men and women in black.
"The sovereign should be treated like this!"
Ge Shu nettle saw Xia Jiang lying on the ground. He had seen this person beside Ge Shu Heng. "He is an old four. It seems that the old four is suspicious that this person can never be let go."
The woman raised her neck and coquetry. "Since she can’t stay, she might as well leave it to Yao Jia to practice."
Ge Shu’s evil eyes only look at her "how come it’s not enough to have Wang’s love, but also to play with other men’s ideas"
It is foolish for a man who can blow up his father and brother regardless of his mother’s life to expect him to be sincere to a woman.
"Your report, this person can lurk in our eyelids unnoticed. The martial arts must not be weak. It’s a pity that it is better to suck his strength."
"Are you a woman king or don’t hit on other men?"
"Someone will seal his acupuncture points and tie people to the high platform darkroom. Since he is so loyal, let him be buried with him!"
Before dawn, I got up and had a beautiful day. Four women waited on Muwanshang, bathed and changed clothes, and put on a simple style in front of her.
Such as black moss, simply roll up soft hair and put it on the shoulder strap. Crystal inlaid ruby corolla.
The gorgeous bride of Xifan does not wear a veil and the wedding ceremony of Xipa, and there is not as much etiquette as Dayin.
Ge Shu Heng has changed his clothes, and he is waiting in the building, eagerly looking at the closed door, giving a big gift, bathing and dressing. It is he who is marrying.
The door opened and mu pulled up her skirt and saw Ge Shuheng’s tender eyes holding her slowly toward the building.
Ge Shuheng reached out and bathed in petticoats and saw him reach out and put his hand in his palm.
In the face of him, he is burning like a pulp, and his eyes are getting hotter and hotter.
Qinshui is holding Xiaoqi Xiaoqi in his arms and watching the excitement. "My father said that my mother is so shy!"
Qinshui frowns frequently. Don’t be as romantic as Heng ‘er. Xuanyuan dynasty has a hundred years of prosperity, but he should inherit it. Do you want to take this child to the holy mountain to teach him martial arts?
Qinshui looked at the eyes of two people, Ge Shuheng, and said, "It’s almost time for the gift ceremony. It’s estimated that your father and mother princess have arrived today, but it’s your big day."
Today, it is a double happiness for Brother Shu Huang to announce that he will abdicate the throne to King Heng in front of the officials of the civil and military forces and the people of Xifan.
Ge Shu Heng helped Mu Wan to dress Luanjia, and a group of followers relied on it to go to the imperial city gate.
At this time, Tianyin had a deep sleep, and when he woke up, he saw that it was already dawn outside and Xia Jiang was not around. I wonder where he went. Hurriedly got up on the couch and looked around the yard.
Fei clothes have been packed. See auditions looking around in the courtyard. What seems to be looking for?
Push the door. "Haven’t you packed the auditions yet?"
Tianyin hurried to look anxious. "Do you know where Xia Jiang went?"
Fei Yi saw that their door was closed. After all, it was a boudoir for two people, and they were newlyweds. It was not easy to get in, so they didn’t bother to pack up alone.
Thinking that the time is coming, they will naturally pack up and come out to see the sound of heaven, "Xia Jiang is not here?"
"I didn’t see him when I woke up early."
Tianyin’s heart was faintly uneasy. "Is something wrong or Xia Jiang wouldn’t throw Ayi?"
Fei Yi’s eyes are full of worries. "Don’t worry, Xia Jiang’s brother won’t abandon you. Maybe he went to the gate to watch the ceremony. You know that Big Brother has always been very heart-warming to his master."
Tianyin turned, "I’m going to pack now and let’s go to the gate."
At this time, the city gate was crowded with people watching, and the surrounding people were protected by the guards.
Today, the imperial concubine has arrived, and it’s Wang Daida’s birthday. It’s probably her last time to attend the royal ceremony as an imperial concubine.
After Wang Heng’s wedding, the emperor released his shackles and sent his love to the landscape. She was the only one in the emperor’s heart.
"It’s almost time for the emperor. Why hasn’t he come yet?"
"Don’t worry, they will be fine with Qinshui’s mother-in-law."
On the second floor, Yaojia Wang, a restaurant in the restaurant, saw the distant scenery through the window.
In a short while, the high platform will explode, and at the same time, several gunpowder bags will be thrown at the high platform and flowers will be everywhere. Since my father is unkind, don’t blame her for being unjust.
"Yao Jia’s heart itches when he looks at the National People’s Congress. After today, you are the Emperor Xifan."
Yao Jia means to beg for his birthright and provoke that enchanting face. "You are so loyal that the king will not mistreat you, but this harem has left you a place."
Yao Jia smiled and swayed. "Then Yao Jia wishes the Sovereign Flag victory in World War I."
Tianyin Fei clothes hiding in the crowd have been looking around for a long time without seeing Xia Jiang’s figure.
Fei clothes are also "Xia Jiang would never act alone unless something happened.
"Auditions, don’t worry. You know that King Heng saved the eldest brother’s life. Today is the wedding of King Heng. Maybe the eldest brother will go to King Heng."
"Fei Yi, I have a bad feeling that something will happen to him. Ayin is so afraid of losing him again."
"auditions, don’t think big brother will be fine."
The crowd suddenly became restless, firecrackers rang and gongs and drums roared. "The sound of heaven has reached the king."
At this time, Xia Jiang was tied to the high platform, wrapped in gunpowder, and noisy gongs and firecrackers woke him up. Before he passed out, he vaguely heard a woman and Wang Yin.
He was bound and persuaded to wear a gunpowder bag in the darkroom. He was drenched with tung oil. When the oil lamp leaked in the distance, the candle would be low, and he would be ignited. With the gunpowder bag, the whole platform would be detonated, and everyone would be blown up. King Xun is really vicious.
He wants to blow out the distant oil lamp, which is too far away, and his mouth is blocked by strangulation, so he can find a way to tie himself up and remove the rope, which is very tight for a while to make contact.
Seeing that the oil is about to drip inside, he has no time to hear the face singing in an attempt to break through the body acupuncture points, and even if he dies, he can’t let the gunpowder bag explode.
Ge Shu Heng Mu Wan Shang looked at the number of people in Xifan on the high platform, and the gods witnessed the marriage in the blessings of the people.
Blessing the people, the momentum is high, and through the happy event, Ge Shumiao announced that he would abdicate the throne to the King Heng.
Geshuheng can be described as a spring breeze, once shared by beautiful people.
Ge Shuheng is on the high platform. "You people and I will be diligent and love the people to be a virtuous emperor."
The people are cheering, and Ge Shu-nettle is watching the leaking water. He just wants to send Ge Shu-heng to hell when he is at his best.
Metamorphoses, a strong rushed to Xia Jiang from the high platform, dragging the gunpowder bag in his hand and throwing the herb bag in one direction casually.
At the same time, people in the crowd saw that things were not good and lit gunpowder and threw it at the high platform.
Xia Jiang realized that it was not good to turn around and push Ge Shu Heng "Heng Wang Xiaoxin!"
A few thunder in the body fried Xia Jiang collapsed on the high platform.
Qinshui saw something bad on the high platform, and the force condensed on the high platform to form a shield to block the fierce offensive.

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