It’s a kind of dragon-like Gu Teng adult arm, thick as purple crystal, and it’s coiled around the cliff of the cold pool, and its palm-sized leaves are light purple.

There is a fruit hanging in the square leaf of the cold pool.
If the size of an egg is frozen outside, the crystal is dark purple!
"Nine Yous … Nirvana Fruit?" Ye Fenghua’s eyes burst into light and quickly passed by "Really!"
She couldn’t believe it. I didn’t expect it to be really this thing or that she was wrong.
There is a record in the spectrum of the divine medicine, Nine Deep Nirvana Fruit, also known as Nine Deep Purple Fruit. This is the same as Xinshengzao. It is said that the treasure can easily break through the purple house at the peak level of Lanzun!
If you are already a spiritual master of the Purple Mansion level, you can immediately restore your spiritual strength even if you are seriously injured. It is also said that if you swallow it at the peak of the Purple Mansion, you may touch the realm of the Purple Mansion!
Does everyone know what that state is?
In this way, the treasure of Jiuyou Amethyst Wang Teng has been condensed for thousands of years.
"Then I can’t mention it." Ye Fenghua was stunned by this stuffing cake, but she quickly recovered her composure. First, she picked some precious materials that were easy to pick around and slowly stabilized her mind.
You can’t just move the fruit of Nirvana, but you will be reimbursed directly.
These treasures are rare. Ye Fenghua carefully picked them and kept them in ice boxes.
Fortunately, she is prepared for these things.
The last part was sealed in the magic tower.
Ice flowers, water mist, lotus cold pool, Kyubi no Youko grass … everything is dazzling.
Ye Fenghua’s movement is a hemp slip. The autumn wind swept away the leaves like a bandit. When he crossed the village for a quarter of an hour, he collected all the surrounding areas without leaving any herbs.
After sweeping the surrounding area clean, she clapped her hands and straightened up, only to look at the ripe purple fruit again.
"You can’t touch your hands, once the skin is over, it will be broken and absorbed immediately. I just ate it in Qingjie now. It’s purely a wave." Ye Fenghua touched Ba thoughtfully and murmured, "You can’t lose your efficacy immediately after you touch the ground gas. You can’t touch ordinary things …"
What should I do if I can’t eat or touch it
"It’s really hard to serve." Ye Fenghua was almost frozen into ice. I knew that I couldn’t stay here for a long time. I quickly scanned around and saw that the cold fog enveloped the cold pool, and my empty eyes narrowed slightly.
She walked over and said, "It should be ok."
Carrying the heart-lung chill, I got some ice, crushed it and put some cold pool water around the wooden box in my hand. Only then did I fly to the center of the cold pool and climb a rock wall like a monkey.
This cold pool is about ten feet wide, and the deeper it goes, the darker it is.
Ye Fenghua is very careful to approach and dare not touch nine wisteria. That thing is more fragile than eggs. Find the right position and put the cold pool water box on the purple fruit and reach out.
In the cold pool
The two sides of the huge garden slowly expand like two small lakes printed in the sky. Generally, I don’t know if it is a ripple. Ye Fenghua’s petite figure is reflected more and more obviously, but Ye Fenghua still doesn’t notice the difference.
Chapter 24 Seven-Star BM Cold Pool Evil Dumpling!
Update the latest chapter of the wife of the mad princess and the evil king pet as soon as possible!
She took a deep breath and reached out to shake out a trace of Gangfeng, which was hitting the stem of the purple fruit.
After shaking for a while, the small fruit went straight to the leaves and rejoiced, holding the box to the pin in vain, and the purple fruit was blown out by this sudden wind!
Ye Fenghua was too frightened to fall into the cold pool, and a swooping swoop followed. If it fell into the cold pool, it would be completely ruined.
At the same time, a dragon rhyme was worn!
The surface of the cold pool is like boiling water, and the horrible breath instantly permeates the whole place.
Ye Fenghua heart thumped a andao bad violent Gangfeng wrapped in cold from the side rushed to the waves monstrous Ye Fenghua an unguarded collision in the rear cliff as painful as five zang-organs displacement.
She vomited a mouthful of blood directly!
As soon as the water surface of the cold pool bursts
One second, a huge head was lifted from the cold fog!
The first-born reindeer is like a deep blue reindeer, and its thick body with two horns is like a long snake constantly lifted from the water. It seems that it will never end, and it is wrapped in the same deep blue scales like steel.
There are also two dragon whiskers growing on the nose of the dragon’s antler, and the huge triangular eyes are like two lanterns hanging in the sky, reflecting ferocious and fierce light and tightly locking Ye Fenghua’s position.
The scariest thing is that it is full of purple light!
A living seven-star beastmaster cold pool evil dumpling!
Judging from that purple gas, it belongs to the middle of the seven stars!
"Ang-"A scream from the evil dumpling in the cold pool was sharp and piercing, and the monster beast of Fiona Fang thyme around was kneeling on the ground.
It stirs the cold pool water like water boiling and rolling for a long, sharp roar, and the scales are lifted up layer by layer. The whole faucet is ferocious and doubled, and the eyes are shining with evil light.
How dare you steal its purple fruit!
Ye Fenghua was full of blood and struggled to hold herself up from the ground to watch the purple fruit fall into the cold pool. Of course, it’s not a pity now that the behemoth in front of her is enough to kill her!
No matter when life is the most important thing.
How to run?
The darkness in Ye Fenghua’s eyes was not just that, but she didn’t care much about it. She took an opportunity to flicker out of a gap on the left side of the evil dumpling.
Thirty-six plans to go before the absolute strength!
Simply put, fight if you can, but what are you still doing? Run!
Cold pool evil dumpling triangle eyes danger a narrow sweep took a outrageous directly block Ye Fenghua way malicious crime horns like two giant sword handle aggressive shocking straight towards Ye Fenghua!
Ye Fenghua dodge has come or not to call out the snowflake sword to block his chest, and he was directly shocked by the Gangfeng spray. Before he reacted, he saw a huge shadow covering the top.

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