Hearing Shen Yan’s words, Xiao Jing seemed to remember to move his posture a little. He straightened his body and looked at the woman’s face in bed and asked, "How is she?"

I haven’t spoken for a long time, and my voice is extremely hoarse and vague.
Shen Yan hung his fingers on his side for a second, and the punch still fell on his face quickly.
Suddenly Xiao Jing was caught off guard and Rao was so tall that he stumbled two steps and hit single person sofa in front of the French window.
He slowly got up and raised his hand and wiped one corner of his mouth. He glanced at the person lying in bed and said to Shen Yandao, "You should say before we go outside that I will let you hit you, which will disturb her."
Shen Yan is a man who doesn’t get angry easily, but he can’t help it at this moment, but there is no doubt that he is no different from hitting cotton with such a punch
"Xiaoyan what will be here? What will have a fever? "
Xiao Jing looked deep and "drenched in cold water"
At that moment, Shen Yan looked at his wet body and punched him immediately. This time, he was still prepared, but he still didn’t strike back and took a step back.
The original low head because of his fist Xiao Jing slowly lifted his eyelids and looked at his deep eyes and coughed with blame. "… you are disturbing her."
Shen Yan sneered coldly for a step or two. He came over and grabbed his messy robe. His tone was narrow and indifferent. "What are you packing? She won’t wake up even if it thunders now. You told me this would disturb her? "
Section 34
Xiao Jing looked down and grabbed his hand. The fog in his eyes was heavy and the body was sending out air conditioning. His hair was already half dry and would not drip again.
It is the emotion in those eyes that is many times colder than Shen Yan’s.
Shen Yan staring at this face finger force again "did you force her? Did you torture her? "
Otherwise, how could a good person suddenly become like this?
Shen Yan naturally didn’t ignore the clothes belonging to women that he threw at the foot of the bed, but obviously Xiao Jinglian didn’t care much about this.
After a stalemate for about ten seconds, Xiao Jing slowly raised his hand and grabbed Shen Yan’s hand to rescue his clothes from his hand. Because he was a little taller than Shen Yan, Xiao’s prosperity looked much stronger than him.
The man’s lip corner is hooked, and Shen Yan can’t understand the emotion. "I respect you because of her brother. I don’t fight back, but it’s not your turn to take care of Dr. Shen."
He bit the last three words very hard
Shen Yan cold eyes turn "not? Since it’s not your turn to let me come over tonight? "
Xiao Jing didn’t respond lightly. "I can’t find another doctor."
Who believes this nonsense? He is Xiao Jing. Do you want anything?
"In this case, what do you want your assistant to do in front of my wife? As we all know, you divorced your ex-wife for several years, and now your fiancee has broken off her engagement soon after you got engaged. Where are you from? "
The man lifted his eyes and looked at Shen Yan’s slightly messy short hair. His eyes were unusually deep and his expression was somewhat obscure. "Did Dr. Shen think I was intentional?"
"Didn’t you bring my wife here on purpose? You know what she said. What do you think she would think if she knew that you now have a fiancee and let her live here?"
Paused Shen Yan suddenly smiled. "Xiao Jing, you really haven’t changed a bit. No one can compare with you."
This kind of praise and derogatory tone made Xiao Jing pick his eyebrows slightly and pressed his lip line, saying that he was going to the bed and slowly bent over to take her away.
In the end, the tone became sincere. "Dr. Shen, I’m not going to quarrel with you tonight. You’re right. I need your wife’s help to reassure her …"
It seems that the man doesn’t want to touch this problem. His fingers hang on his side and tremble slightly for a few seconds before he goes on, "Her mental condition is a little bad. She is too depressed and has a lot of things on her mind. I hope your wife can contact her more."
Anyway, it seems that people who can talk to Ann for a few seasons now are a good choice.
Shen Yan’s cold scoffs and a sneer appeared on his face. "Although I’m not a psychologist, I know that heart disease needs a heart medicine doctor and a small speech. The state is not as bad as you say-"
"I think she must be alive and kicking now if Xiao can always stop torturing her and letting her get cold water."
This let Xiao Jing have a moment to stare blankly and think about the word alive … Then smiled. How is it possible to say it now?
Shen Yan looked at his wrist watch, picked up a few medicines from the medicine cabinet and put them in the cabinet to Xiao Jing. "There are measures on the surface. When she loses the liquid, call her up. Don’t let her fall asleep. In addition, you can directly give her ginger soup and let her sleep."
This means that Shen Yan is ready to leave.
Xiao Jing stood in front of him and smiled, "Dr. Shen, it’s so late. I think you and your wife can live here. It doesn’t matter if you leave again."
Shen Yan suddenly became angry, and his fingers clung to the medicine box bag. "Do you want to threaten me again?"
He didn’t even change the radian of his mouth. He looked at him. "Dr. Shen, I invited you here politely and politely wanted you to stay here for one night. After all, isn’t your wife pregnant at this late hour?"
Language "Shen Yan in the mind a shock Xiao Jinglian knew this in a short time.
Ji Jing was pregnant for only two months, but they didn’t even say anything to their colleagues and parents, but Xiao Jing said it was so cool.
At that moment, a little bit of fear spread from Shen Yan’s body. He glared at Xiao Jing angrily. "You have been sending people to investigate me?"
Xiao Jing turned his head to look at the bed person gently. "You really know this is wrong. I am afraid that she will assume that one day she will come back and everyone will see me but me."
So he put eyeliner around all the people she knew and had contact with, if they were a little close, just her.
For the first time, Shen Yan felt that this man was pitiful and terrible.
Before Shen Yan could speak, Xiao Jing said slowly again, "Dr. Shen, you have got the love you want, so you shouldn’t stop me now. She and I are going to pester each other until the end of our lives."
"I think you’ve tasted the pain of waiting, but at least Ji Jiing is always by your side. Even if someone in her heart can die, how can anyone compete with the living? Don’t you still wait until this day?"
Shen Yan’s heart is full of mixed feelings, which is the most unpleasant thing in people’s hearts.
But brother, he doesn’t want Anyan to have anything to do with Xiao Jing again. It is best to stay away from him forever, but it is obvious that it is too late.
He doesn’t even know whether she is dead or alive, let alone when she came back.
After a long time, Shen Yan said to Xiao Jing quite seriously, "Even so, look at her present state. What the fuck have you done?"
The bedroom door was hit from the inside.

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