It seems that nothing is appropriate.

"What now?" She didn’t have an idea, can look at Qiye and ask.
Qiye is also the first time to meet such a thing. "Otherwise, I’ll let people wait here to see if it’s your great uncle. Let’s go back to the office first and then I’ll find someone to find out about this hospital. This is a residential building. If the other party is not your great uncle, we can’t help it if he doesn’t admit it."
Hearing this, Tao Zhuo made sense. "Well, let’s go back first. When we get back to the house, I’ll see if my uncle is in the house."
It’s a date. Qiye sent a new moon here to wait for the others to return to the original street and ride a horse and carriage to Chengning Bofu.
Lu Taozhuo is still thinking about today’s matter.
If that man is really a big uncle, he must have something to hide.
She doesn’t know whether she wants that person to be a big uncle or not.
There is a feeling that if it is true, it will be a big brother’s world, and there must be a feeling that the dust has settled.
If not, then we have to check that this person has a job in Chengningbo Mansion. After all, there are people who look similar in the world, but it is rare to imagine so.
At the very least, it’s not a coincidence that no one can even grow a beard exactly the same length and shape.
And it’s a coincidence that she saw the man say it today, and she still has some untrue feelings.
Cai He also indecisively sat opposite and hesitated for a long time before saying, "Girl, it’s best not to tell anyone else in the house until this matter is clarified."
"Well, you say so." Tao Zhuo thought it was a pity that he saw the man with himself at that time, or he could ask Cai He and Cuizhu what they thought.
When she came back late today, Feng naturally asked, "How did you come back at this time?" It’s time to turn on the lights.
"Mom, are you anxious?" Tao Zhuo first went to Feng’s body and rubbed it intimately before saying, "I watched it for a while when I saw a variety show, but it was too late. The variety show put such a long sword into my stomach, but I think it must be fake or it wouldn’t have punctured my stomach."
Feng said with a smile, "You know, you still watch it so hard and don’t go home so late." When she was a child, she was shocked to see juggling. Later, she learned from her father that it was just a trick.
"Know to know can see a rare?" Tao Zhuo paused or didn’t tell Feng what happened in the street. It’s not too late to find out. "Mom, I’m hungry. Have a little heart? I’ll eat a piece. "
"What snacks to eat?" Feng disagreed. Look at her face. "Eat less snacks. Everything is ready for dinner. I also asked the maid to stew lily porridge in the kitchen. You went out this spring and drank some water to moisten yourself."
"I knew that my mother loved me the most." Tao Zhuo smiled sweetly.
"By the way, there’s a letter from your third brother. I didn’t take it to your yard when I knew you were coming back." Feng said, taking out a piece of paper and a small box from behind, "Your third brother brought you some gadgets back, all of which were inside."
Tao Zhuo read the letter first. "Have you read it all?"
Look at this paper and send it at home. She casually said that she opened it and looked inside, but she didn’t write anything. That is to say, when she saw some gadgets, she bought it and sent it to make her obedient and clever. Don’t be naughty. "Third brother said this to me, who is naughty?"
"Your third brother is joking with you." Feng naturally knows that this child loves to tease his sister.
"I don’t know what the third brother got sunburned. When he went out for a circle last year, he was rough and black." Tao Zhuo felt that this time he was afraid it would be black charcoal.
Feng’s thought of blackening the bottom of the pot is like a puff of a child’s mouth, but he still maintained his dignity as a brother in front of his daughter. "Black spots are more masculine."
"The third brother is tougher and blacker than the second brother. It’s not masculinity, but it’s older than the second brother."
Anyway, the third brother is not here, and Tao Zhuo can hurt him. "I have to send some whitening ointment to the third brother later. Tell him when you reply, or I’m afraid he won’t have a girl when he comes back."
"You can save snacks." Feng tapped her when she listened to the girl’s words. The two brothers and sisters just like to bury each other. If they really meet something, they are tighter than anyone else. "It’s not that time when others said that you were black and you quarreled with others."
Tao Zhuo plausibly said, "That’s not the same. How can I say that my brother can’t be someone else?" Who hasn’t double-marked himself as a relative?
"Well, just don’t yell for hunger. I got dinner. Wash your hands and get ready to eat. Don’t wait for your father and second brother." Feng patted her hand. "It is estimated that the two men forgot Cui Yun in the room again. Go and urge Sir Zhong."
Because Tao Boyuan plans to try Tao Yulang in the annual field, he will check his schoolwork when he comes back.
Tao Zhuo said, "Is dad staring at my second brother too closely? I think my second brother has lost weight recently. My mother has made a good meal for my second brother. This study can be brain-nourishing. Get more brain-nourishing foods, such as walnuts, sesame seeds and peanuts. These nuts are ground into powder and fried. It is also cheap to give my second brother water to drink."
Feng naturally believes that the girl’s words feel good to her. "Let people be your father when you go back, and you won’t be tired of your second brother."
"That’s not necessarily true. My father must also hope that Jackie Chan will expect his second brother to be as strict with his second brother as he is with his big brother, but he is also very good at reading."
"Burning, you should call your father so utilitarian."
Tao Yulang came in with a clear voice and a deep scarlet robe from outside, smiling. He was checking his schoolwork because of his value, and he would have to change clothes in the future.
Feng’s busy way: "Sir Zhong will change first, and it’s never too late to eat later."
"Good" Tao Yulang first smiled at him, and the little girl didn’t go to the room to change clothes until it was empty.
Tao Boyuan cleaned his hands in the maid and went to sit next to his sister. "I’m worried that Dad is pointing out that my studies are not strict. Why don’t you go to the palace today?"
"It’s fine. Today, I had lunch with Sheng Yi." Tao Zhuo just said that she naturally knew that Dad had expectations for his second brother but would not be harsh, so she talked about having dinner with Emperor Jinglong at noon. "I also had a big table of food for Sheng Yi, but it was not very exaggerated."
She also said in detail that there are those dishes. "The whole table is less than 30 dishes with Empress Taihe Ye and others. However," she really wants to vomit. "The imperial meal is not as delicious as the Empress’s small kitchen. I tasted a piece of hibiscus chicken. The taste of chicken slices is not good at all."
Tao Yulang couldn’t help laughing. "When the holy meal is not regular, all the royal kitchens should put the meals in a small oven. After a long time, the natural taste will be discounted, but the royal chef’s craftsmanship is still incomparable to that of ordinary chefs, and it is the practice of royal meals for generations."
Anyway, after seeing the imperial cuisine, Tao Zhuo thinks that although the dishes are diverse and rich, the materials are precious enough, but the taste is really a little rough. No wonder Brother Ye said that his brother often rubs rice at the Empress because the Empress has a small kitchen.
Of course, other concubines in the harem have also set up small kitchens, but it’s better to go to the Qifeng Temple to make the palace decent.
After supper, Pinger came in and told her that "Miss Boye didn’t go back to the house" until she returned to her yard from the main courtyard.
Back to Bofu, Tao Zhuo asked Pinger to find out if Tao Guangqi was in the house, and asked Pinger to keep an eye on it after learning that he hadn’t returned yet.
It’s almost time to see the missing moment.
"Okay, I know. Don’t let it go."
"It’s a girl’s maid who won’t talk nonsense." Pinger, although she is very inquisitive, is a girl who knows the weight and dares not talk nonsense about her own girl.
"Girl rest assured Pinger’s mouth is quite sealed." Cai He saw Tao burning and looked at Pinger’s back and said, "The girl told her to ask about things, and all the maids couldn’t ask it out."
Tao burning during the "oh, I know I didn’t trust Pinger". She was just thinking that the man was really a big uncle, or it was a coincidence that the big uncle had not been in the house until so late.
Before, she might have a dinner party outside her uncle, but today she wondered if she had gone to that house before returning to the house.
But this is all her own guess. We have to wait for news from the King of Jin.
When I went to the king of Jin to ask if I didn’t want to go to bed soon, Cuizhu came in from the outside and saw that her eyes were making Tao Zhuo’s bed. Cai He walked over to Tao Zhuo and whispered, "The girl has something to tell you."
Tao Zhuo walked to the window, and Cuizhu followed the past and leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Just now, I heard from the temple that the man is Uncle. The temple said that I would like to meet you at the food and treasure building in detail."
When I heard that it was Tao Guangqi and Tao Zhuo, there was a feeling that something was about to settle. Although I didn’t know that he was disguised and secretly went to his house for something, it was always shameful.
However, she just asked curiously, "Cuizhu, how did you receive the news?"
"It’s just a way to protect each other." Cuizhu didn’t elaborate, because she felt that the girl wouldn’t understand.
But Tao Zhuo didn’t ask, but thought it was quite good. "After that, if I want to contact Brother Ye, I can let you talk, right?"
Cuizhu nodded
Tao Zhuo couldn’t help clapping her hands happily, so she didn’t expect Cui Zhu to be around and have this convenience.
"Girl, don’t think too much. The Temple of Heaven will tell you." Cuizhu wanted to think that it should be worried that the girl would always read this matter and said two more words.
Tao burning almond eyes smiled and bent out his hand and patted Cuizhu on the shoulder. "Okay, I know. Thank you, Cuizhu."

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