"Ji Dong, I want you to know that no matter what your final decision is, I will support you conditionally. No matter what you do, I will be your staunchest supporter, even if I die, but I have a request. I hope that when you make a final decision and put it into practice, let me be with you, okay? I have this small request. "

Ji Dong frowned slightly and looked at Chen Sixuan and hesitated. After all, he shook his head. He didn’t want to find Flames when there was Chen Sixuan Field, not because he didn’t want Flames to see that he was involved with Chen Sixuan. At the same time, he also felt that it was unfair to Chen Sixuan. Even if he didn’t want to admit that Chen Sixuan was second only to Flames in his heart, he didn’t want to find Flames himself. When he saw Chen Sixuan sad, he owed her too much.
But when Ji Dong just shook his head, he never imagined that something had happened, and he was always so gentle to him. Chen Sixuan’s face turned fierce, and he took a step back to pull himself away from Ji Dong, and at the same time cut off the soul link between them. So he shouted at Ji Dong with his hands akimbo, "I love you so much, and you love me for a while!" Are you unwilling to agree to such a small request from me? "
A sudden explosion in Chen Sixuan shocked all the saints. They didn’t hear what Chen Sixuan handed to Ji Dong through the soul. Ji Dong didn’t say anything, but Chen Sixuan suddenly broke out like a volcano. Suddenly, needles fell in the forest and everyone’s eyes were straight.
On that day, when people came back from the dark temple, Ji Dong broke out once, but compared with this time, it was much gentler at that time. They had never seen her before, which was like lion roars. Although she was still so perfect in this situation, the strong contrast with the former tenderness still made everyone feel a little at a loss.
Layers of eternal armor are like leaves, and a leaf has covered Chen Sixuan’s perfect charming body in a blink of an eye. She just looked at Ji Dong coldly. "I am asking you to make a decision when you are around. If you don’t agree to this request, I will die and show you now. You should know that if I repair my soul, you will not do it at all."
"I’m dizzy what are you doing! Xuan Si has something to say, "said Yao Qian, the first to react quickly.
Ah Kin and Mimiao also wanted the former Chen Sixuan from both sides and shouted coldly, "Don’t come here. This is my business and his."
With Chen Sixuan’s persistent eyes, Ji Dong finally softened and sighed, "If you want to follow me, just promise you."
After hearing what Ji Dong said, Chen Sixuan was greatly relieved. She finally came up with a wonderful idea. If Ji Dong went to "find" the flame while she was not paying attention, she would really have no place to cry.
A moment ago, I was still cold and furious, but my face was already frosty and my eyes became soft. I took Ji Dong’s hand in the previous step. "I’m sorry I was too impulsive just now, but I really don’t want to suddenly lose sight of you one day. Even if you really choose something, I hope I can watch you choose in vain, okay?"
Ji Dong nodded silently, and the saints couldn’t help shaking their heads when they looked at Chen Sixuan’s great emotional changes before and after. They were sincerely sympathetic to Chen Sixuan. Don’t say that Chen Sixuan yelled at Ji Dong. Even if it was more intense, they could bear it. In their eyes, Chen Sixuan was simply a perfect woman, which definitely meant that Ji Dong was so good to Ji Dong. The saints couldn’t help but feel anxious about his private light, but they just said something to Ji Dong. After all, this was Ji Dong’s obsession with flames. They could not persuade him to move on.
Got a positive answer Chen Sixuan meet smiled caper, "what are you waiting for not to let this dark army also taste the ultimate killer? Then we’ll "
As she spoke, she had taken the initiative to go behind Ji Dong and set up Ji Dong’s shoulder with one hand. Chapter six hundred and twenty-five The five elements are in harmony with the creation of Liuhe.
Feeling Chen Sixuan’s gentle hand on his shoulder, she couldn’t help rippling a little waves and quickly collecting her mind. "Let’s release all our Warcraft partners and let us protect them around them. Once there is a patrol of the dark legion, we can quickly solve it." As he said, he also released his anger and spread his wings, flying and falling on the generous back of Dayan Flame Dragon.
Heavenly saints have released their partners in Warcraft, and even the cat was temporarily summoned by Ji Dong from the Suzaku bracelet and summoned his first ten-order diamond dragon before returning to the Suzaku bracelet. From the look of the cat, it can be seen that Moer is obviously no problem over there.
In addition to thinking and floating away from Chen Sixuan’s feet, his powerful Warcraft players are scattered around and quietly hiding in the Woods. With so many powerful Warcraft guards, it is not easy to cross this barrier unless a large number of dark magic troops arrive or dark saints make moves.
After finishing all this, Ji Dong took a deep breath and glanced at the dark night, and finally motioned for his friends.
Five-element phase-by-phase circulation array Tiangan saints have practiced extremely skillfully, and almost immediately they have formed ten attributes, and the magic power is instantaneous. The circulation process is more than the huge magic power. Ji Dong’s soul force and Chen Sixuan’s soul force are perfectly integrated together, and the whole five-element phase-by-phase circulation array control center is composed of them. After all, the five-element phase-by-phase circulation array is composed of five-element phase-by-phase saints, and the magic that can be generated in the process of continuous magic generation is too huge. If it is not controlled, it is very likely that there will be partners who can’t bear such a huge magic. Therefore, Ji Dong must feel the physical condition of his partners through the soul force. Once everyone’s physical endurance reaches the limit, he must slow down the speed of the symbiotic cycle or export the magic. This is why Ji Dong has been trying to help his partners to raise their magic to the crown as much as possible, and their physical endurance can also be greatly enhanced, which means that they can operate, control and release the magic when they display the five-element symbiotic cycle array.
But in a few minutes, the magic power of the huge cycle of mutual growth has reached its limit. With Ji Dong’s earth soul force, the saints of light don’t need to worry about anything and don’t care about what they need. All they have to do is urge the magic power.
"Xuan Si" told Chen Sixuan that it was time to output when Ji’s sense of movement was close to the limit by magic.
Chen Sixuan exudes a strange magic, and the faint white light emerges on the surface of eternal armor, and the strange array also appears at the same time. Behind her is the Ebony Assimilation Array.
There is no doubt that the white light is chaotic. Her slender palms, like lush green, flash to the front and shoot dozens of pieces of bright green brilliance. She floats in front of her, especially the bright green is mixed with white. These magic powers float and sweep up, and then condense together to form a white totem with blue and white flowers.
Compared with the previous creation, now she has to inject too many light-dried saints into her through the symbiotic cycle to continuously enhance the magic department, so there is no need to worry about the exhaustion of magic as before, and the situation is even worse. The light-dried saints have chaotic power, which can not increase her ultimate ebony magic, and even her chaotic wood can greatly increase it. Chen Sixuan’s understanding of the magic of various attributes has long predicted this, and she is even more free to talk about the experience and ability of magic control. She must not forget that she still has that subtle but superior knowledge of the dark cat.
At this time, Chen Sixuan, with its own magic and singular control and chaotic wood breath, will perfectly imitate it. As soon as this flower appears, all the wood attribute elements suddenly converge towards it like all rivers run into sea.
Yao Qian’s feeling is the most profound. Although he is not the magic of Ebony, it is also the wood property. The creation has gradually taken shape, and it also devours the magic of his wood property. Among all the plants in this forest, the life breath of wood property is also rising wildly, and Chen Sixuan’s creation is not simply to imitate, but to really create a totem of Ebony! This creative body is even more powerful for summoning wood attribute elements, and even Ji Dong can’t do this feat, let alone the saints. Until now, they don’t understand what Chen Sixuan can do.
Chen Sixuan summoned this flower, which can’t be finished. The flame body is geocentric red-violet which can also be regarded as a plant in a sense. Of course, she can’t be classified into the category of Warcraft. At this time, her ability is to form chaotic wood with extreme ethyl wood magic condensed into a chaotic flower according to her own life. The root of instability that Ji Dong is worried about is that when it is not condensed, Chen Sixuan is a little bit of divine ability, not to mention that it needs to rely on itself to absorb wood elements. Even a real ultimate killer skill, this little divine knowledge will be enough to subdue, but now Chen Sixuan root can’t be so powerful.
On the surface, this is true, but in fact, even the holy strong can’t do it. The skill belongs to the level of God, which is what God left her experience.
After this strange flower was created, it was out of Chen Sixuan’s control. Although she had previous experience, after all, she had no divine strength. When she created this flower, she stopped absorbing the attribute elements of wood in the air. Once this flower grew to a certain extent, it would become the most horrible force. But this time, although it was still impossible for Chen Sixuan to control this root, it was created by divine experience, but she had great magic that she did not have when she released the creation.
That’s why Ji Dong said that creation plus five elements generating circular array is the truth. He will rely on the five elements generating circular array to increase this flower and give it huge nutrients by constantly circulating ten attributes of magic to transform the magic of ten people into the magic of Ebony to support Chen Sixuan.
If there is no Ji Dong, a double-attribute wonder among the saints, it will help Chen Sixuan to have their five elements of yin attribute, but it will be different if there is Ji Dong. He can not only help the yin attribute to coexist here, but also get his magic from the yang attribute partners, and transform his chaotic fire into the ultimate yin fire and then generate a cycle here, which is equivalent to ten people’s magic can be input to Chen Sixuan.
The magic power of the saints is the ultimate magic crown, and there are two nine-crown levels plus the symbiotic cycle. Their respective artifacts assist the overall magic strength, even if they are not supported by the dark cat, at least two top super-nirvana skills are no problem. With such a huge magic support, it is enough to raise the creation to the top super-nirvana skills, even beyond some levels of the top super-nirvana skills. Once the creation skills break out, it will be a range type. The more magic is injected, the larger the scope will be when it is released. The purpose of moving is to make this creation reach the level that the saints dare not touch it easily through the magic injection of all people in a short time, and then they can walk away. This creation is bound to always absorb the surrounding wood attribute elements, and the stronger it is, the stronger the suction will be. When the dark magic army finds that the abnormal situation here is coming, the magic of all wood attribute magicians will also become its nutrients. Of course, they find that the later the creation grows, the more terrible it will be. When the creation network appears, the saints will be dry. It can also maintain that the magic can be absorbed by it only through the symbiotic cycle, but as the magic of creation itself becomes stronger and stronger, the beautiful volume gradually increases, and each petal becomes more white and tender, and its greedy absorption of magic becomes stronger.
Gradually, it is no longer necessary for the saints to export their magic through the phase-by-phase cycle. Their overall magic has weakened. At this time, Ji Dong made the most correct choice. He asked his partners to mobilize their magic in the continuous array to supplement themselves, and finally let them keep the five-element phase-by-phase cycle array in the most peak running state.
Because of this situation, more magic will be aroused through the symbiotic cycle, that is to say, in addition to their own magic, the more extra magic will be gained, and the degree of creation absorption will naturally be stronger.

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