Yang Tie still won’t give up. These days, he does not hesitate to expend his physical and mental strength to dredge Yang Muyu’s meridians every day, hoping to ease his mind. The secret of extinction is not cultivated so fast, but he never dreamed that the arrival of Yang Chen would lead Yang Muyu to change his blood and stimulate him with poison. Now Yang Muyu has reached about spiritual strength three …

It’s only been a few days. His painstaking efforts are not counted, which also leads to that he doesn’t have much time to find the other half of the world.
Mo Qing frowned in his heart and asked, "What did you want to give those children the pulse in the morning?"
The pulse is going against the sky, which is contrary to human relations and heaven. It is definitely not something that a doctor should do. He is not white-why should Yang Chen do this?
Yang Chen frowned. "They gave five hundred and two thousand gold-I told you before the operation that the chances of success were not very high. As a result, twenty-one children died on the spot, and nine of them were girls … you and I are willing? If I remember correctly, Niangniang should be the only girl alive. Well, she has a deep red birthmark on her thigh. "
"So what happened to the other twelve children?" Mo Qing asked again
"Of course, Tianyi Master took it away!" Yang Chen rubbed his head and felt a dull pain in his head as if something was wrong. If all his twelve children had cultivated to the point of eleven Niang today, who was the man with the bronze mask? Tianyimen spends so much money to train people, you won’t come to give him a try, will you?
"You are evil!" Mo Qing was more than I could bear, pointing to his nose and scolding him.
"If I don’t start work, none of these children will live." Yang Chen frowned without taking Mo Qing’s words to heart. "Don’t interrupt, let me think … Maybe they also adopted the method of both of us?"
"What method?" Yang Muyu and Yang Tie asked at the same time.
"Drug introduction!" Yang Chen whispered, "Drugs are used to raise spiritual strength, so the realm is far behind-I was attracted by drugs at the beginning, and then you saw everything."
"It turns out that you are poisonous and you did it yourself?" Yang Muyu was dumbfounded. No wonder he moved Yang Chen’s body toxin to his body spirit force by changing blood, but it doubled the original poison quality to stimulate the spirit force.
Mo Qing wry smile Mohist ancestors know that if they know that later generations of Mohist school actually star medical skills to do such a thing, they may have to be alive.
"I gave a winner’s door the same formula for raising spiritual strength." Yang Chen frowned. He is a little white now. It is bound to be that winner’s door, in addition to cultivating those children who have been pulse-ridden by him, also found another group of younger brothers to test the poison formula. As a result, winner’s door now has a lot of spiritual practitioners.
Similarly, these practitioners who rely on poison to stimulate spiritual cultivation are far from strong enough. For example, if she really has nine spiritual cultivation, Yang Muyu will not easily stop what she says.
"Poison stimulation words have to be reduced twice." Mo Qing also frowned at Tianyi Gate. What he cares about is-what about Yang Muyu? How can he know the secrets of extinction?
Naturally, he couldn’t help but think of the winner’s gate. Is it that those people deliberately gave Yang Muyu the secret of immortality?
Chapter 15 Real Nine Repairing Fighters Competition
Hu Zhengming shouldn’t have known that Yang Muyu and Qing Yaocheng couldn’t have given him the secret of extinction. Mo Qing was lost in thought at the moment.
Of course, even if Mo Qinghe Yang Chen wanted to break his head, he would never have thought that Yang Muyu was transferred by some weirdo, instilling many secrets of martial arts in his knowledge, and he chose a overbearing and bizarre practice of extinction.
Similarly, Mo Qing and Yang Chen only know the name of extinction, but they don’t understand the worry of extinction, so there is nothing they can do.
"Look at the winner’s door clearly. It’s true that we are bullied." Yang Chen sneered. "A drug stimulates nine and wants to hold me hostage? She doesn’t even know what the state is … "
"What is the realm?" Yang Muyu suddenly asked
"You will soon know," Mo Qing suddenly said coldly, "I haven’t done it for a long time. Let me do it this time-"
Mo Qing’s words haven’t come yet. Yang Chen’s red light suddenly and violently has flown out from the door. The whole person is like a dazzling red light hanging high in the middle. "You take care of Mu Yu and I will kill and quit."
"A good hidden slope is afraid of suffering." Yang Tieyu took Yang Muyu and slowly flew to China with a translucent cover to cover the two.
"What is this?" Yang Muyu puzzled and asked, at the same time, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and poke the transparent cover that even the naked eye can see.
"This is the realm," Yang Tie explained lightly. "What makes the world worship and respect the Nine Masters like immortals is because the Nine Masters can realize the realm of immortality. Although the eleven Niang’s spiritual power seems to reach the realm of nine strength, she is far from qualified to realize the immortality, and if she is practicing, she will have excessive spiritual power and die violently, and her spiritual strength will never be wrong with her physical realm."
"To prove the immortal way, you have to combine the realm and spiritual power perfectly." The ink sounds slowly next to it.
Yang Muyu seems to have been directly inked and gently outside the mask. The mask broke like a soap bubble, and then he slowly drifted to Yang Muyu and others. The mask was like a flashing light.
"Mr. Mo’s good practice" Yang Chen was shocked by this look, but his body and spirit world came out mainly to prevent Yang Chenren from fighting with each other and hurting Yang Muyu’s spirit force, but Mo Qing broke his spirit world so lightly.
"The pavilion is just as fast!" Mo Qing smiled indifferently with his hands floating in the air. "Our brothers didn’t take the right path, but now the pavilion is really nine."
Yang Tie knew that he was very suspicious of his origin, but even he didn’t know his own origin. He smiled and turned to Yang Muyu. "Just now, people’s mind should also be annoyed by the master of the Nine Realms."
"The nine masters are worthless these days?" Yang Muyu asked, puzzled, not to say that the nine masters are all like immortals. How come there are three people around him now?
"It’s two people-"Mo Qing whispered, "It should be the double ghost elders of Tianyimen. It’s only nine when they practice differently from ordinary people." Then he paused and explained to Yang Muyu, "Once the nine practitioners really start work, the momentum is quite huge. I was in the sea, but I didn’t dare to benefit the spirit world. The nine practitioners have unwritten rules that they can’t visit each other with their minds, otherwise it’s provocation. And these two people not only replied with their minds, but they ignored the club’s anger in the morning …
The consequences of Yang Chen’s anger are very worrying. Eleven Niang is just a drug that rises to nine. In his eyes, it is not enough to see it, but equally, the opponent is so naked and provocative that everyone can’t accept it
"Come out!" Yang Chen spirit force has locked in two corners of the mouth float a sarcastic smile.
There seems to be a water mark flashing in the middle, but the appearance of two gray-haired old men is exactly the same. At the same time, both of them are hung in the middle with a golden flashing gold ring on their arms. It seems that they should be weapons.
"Did you two bully me and wait for the people in Qingyaocheng? First, let the younger generation test it, and then the old one did it?" Yang Chen sneered, "Let’s go to the sea and get tired."
Opposite two people at the same time blame laughed "morning ye when also incorporated into the fine yao city? Ha ha … "
"That’s our own thing" Yang Chen sneer turned and flew towards the sea.
"Go-"Suddenly, the two old men attacked Yang Chen vest with a glittering halo in their hands at the same time.
Mo Qing sighed and whispered, "These two people dare to sneak attack when they want to die?"
You know, Yang Chen was attacked by him once recently, and he was full of anger, so he couldn’t find anyone.
Indeed as expected, Mo Qing’s outstanding word Yang Chen has already added a glittering sword with firm but gentle like a rainbow to the sky, and the red firm but gentle seems to be a meteor streaking across the bright moon star, which is particularly eye-catching in the blue sea.
"Pa" a ring of red firm but gentle in the explosion number to firm but gentle to the meteor shower a gorgeous eye, but this every firm but gentle with awe-inspiring murderous look.
The two old men are not provincial oil lamps, and the gold rings are swinging like water waves in front of them.
Yang Chen was firm but gentle, and when he touched the golden ring, clouds of fireballs fell from the sky, like clouds of the sun falling into the ground, and soon houses caught fire, with people crying faintly in the firelight.
Mo Qing and Yang Tie frown at the same time-although Jinsha Bay has always been a mess, it is more common for people to die, but it is too much to do so.
"Mr Mo-"cried Yang Muyu in a low voice.
"After I went to save lives, that’s why your father didn’t want to fight in the spirit world on the hidden slope. Although he was not a good man, he was not a luxury murderer. The two old men made a lot of mistakes." Mo Qing was faintly angry with the two twin old men
Yang Chen has said to go to the sea and do it. They just want to fight in Shuiyuepo.
Yang Tie knew what Yang Muyu was thinking and explained, "Nine masters made everything around the spiritual world be brought into the spiritual world. Mr. Mo and Dongfang Xu started work because Dongfang Xu Xiu Yuan was not as good as Mr. Mo, and it was also a tentative psychic visiting place-Mr. Mo’s spiritual world controlled not to let the psychic force leak and hurt people. Now Master Chen and those two are moving, but they are recklessly …" Here he suddenly stopped.
Mo Qing nods, "These two people have a lot of problems."

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