On that plate of novelty fruit, several emperors and princesses were not assigned to the partial yuhua county Lord, who was treated like Princess Tai Fuan and King Jin.

Some people can’t help but feel that the owner of Yuhua County is really honored to see the Empress. This energy is simply to love the owner of Yuhua County like Princess Fuan.
A lady thinks that although the third room of Chengning Bofu has released a warning, she will not be allowed to stay in Yuhua County for two more years, but who can’t be tempted to marry home is not her own?
Of course, some people suspect that Princess Jin has not yet decided whether it is true or not. Will Yuhua County Master grow up?
After eating strawberries, several other teams also came back one after another. In the end, it was really too late. This team won and got a sculpture of Jinglong Emperor Caitou and Hetian jade horse. Although this jade horse is precious, Tao Zhuo Qi felt that it should be given to Tai.
Too didn’t refuse.
Emperor Long in the background asked everyone to have fun by themselves after lunch, and then they could wait for the lunch barbecue dinner. At that time, the imperial court attendant went to pick up the prey and prepare the ingredients.
After lunch break, it’s still early, so Qi Ye plans to take Tao Zhuo for a stroll. "When I was a child, Tai Lai and I used to go fishing in a place where there is a small waterfall. I’ll show you there."
Tao Zhuo looked around and there were people talking and walking in twos and threes from time to time. "Will it be bad if we just go out and be seen?"
"Nothing" Qiye didn’t tell her that in fact, the engaged men and women went out to date privately this time. Although he and Shao Shao have not been made public, the imperial edict is in hand. It is only natural that he should give her a date and romance as his fiance.
Although Qi Ye didn’t say anything, Tao Zhuo also knew that they were dating in this way and couldn’t help smiling. "Then walk!"
Because it was a date, Tao Zhuo brought a bamboo near the camp. Needless to say, the dark guard around the king of Jin would not be absent
Ann is secure and walks with her lover in the mountains where birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. Tao burning her eyes and smiling, wearing a light riding suit, walking in people’s places and jumping briskly.
Yes, Qi Yepan did a good job. When we got to the small waterfall, we saw someone beat us to it.
Too with his future wife, he is fishing in a pool not far from the waterfall, surrounded by accompanying maids, maids and others who have seen too Xie Lingqiu talking and laughing. Qiye can’t help but feel that the marriage is also good.
Look at the ceremonial ceremony of the two people. Most people will come and bother, of course, maybe.
"Brother Ye, let’s not go there." Tao Zhuo felt that if he went there again, he would disturb the couple. "Otherwise, let’s just walk around here. The scenery here is also good."
"Well, it seems that lunch can be added. There are still a lot of fish here and the fishing skills are superb."
Tao Zhuo joked, "Tell them to take the place and pay for it with fish."
Qiye smiled. "There is another place where the scenery is also good. I’ll take you there."
"Good" Tao Zhuo actually called where to go, so it would be good to walk with him and enjoy the scenery. It was only after a short walk that he saw Wang Hui with two maids looking this way.
Tao Zhuo didn’t know how to say hello. He listened to Qiye beside him and said, "Thank you very much, Miss Wang, if you are in front, you will go around."
It’s rare for a n experienced person to see Wang Hui Qiye here, so he can’t help but recognize that she is chasing Taitai as a warning.
Wang Hui naturally knew that it was too ceremonial to come here with the servant girl.
She’s not so fond of herself, so she’s not angry with herself. What’s more, she can’t see that she’d rather be busy with business than refuse to let herself be a toffee.
Although it is too private to refuse, Wang Hui can naturally find out too much attitude if she has a heart, especially if the queen mother comes out of the palace to "meet" Xie Lingqiu if she has a heart.
Since Xie Lingqiu was appointed as a toffee, she has rested her mind and never thought that it would be unwilling to enter the East Palace.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Jin Wang Leng warned, "But it is extremely inappropriate to follow the sneaky behavior of women and disrespect people."
When Liu Wugong saw this, he gave a busy bow. "Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t disrespect the county master. I was the reckless yuhua county master. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you."
The King of Jin Temple really cared for the Lord of Yuhua County as Beijing did. It was he who offended the Lord of Yuhua County, and he should have been ordered by his parents as King of Jin said.
With that, he was going to leave, but when he looked at Wang Yuhua, the king of Jin, and the girl couldn’t help but wake up. "Although the temple county owner is a brother and sister, it’s good to avoid suspicion."
Qi Ye looked at the young man in front of him and dared to persuade him. But when he got impatient, he planned to leave with Tao Zhuo. At this time, he became more interested, looked at him a few times and asked, "Are you on duty now?"
Liu Wu scratched his head embarrassedly and smiled. "I haven’t got a serious job yet."
Tao Zhuo listened at the back and couldn’t help smoking. Is this a counterparts?
Since you love yourself, you don’t show yourself well. Instead, you tell them that it’s everything now, and this emotional intelligence is enough.
"Wang Guan, you are extremely stable, but you have practiced kung fu?" Look at this, it’s not like a good reading. Although Qi Ye doesn’t like that he likes Tao Zhuo and wants to get close to her, he doesn’t care too much.
Liu Wu nodded, "I love to dance swords and play sticks when I am not good at reading." I don’t know how many beats he got when Shaoqing’s father in Guanglu Temple, but he just couldn’t read it.
Tao Zhuo felt that both men and women were talented, such as her elder brother, uncle, and others, like her second brother, Wen Chengwu failed, and third brother Wu Chengwen failed, so she didn’t feel that Liu Wu was so bad that it was good to have a strong point.
When Qi Ye saw it, he said, "Does it make sense for men to have a career and idle around all day? After returning to Beijing, your elders said that it’s not too late to report to the South Camp and consider the wedding after training. "
Tao burning almost couldn’t resist laughing and secretly choked Qiye’s back.
Just now, he said that Liu Wu would tell his elders to go to Bofu, and now he’s turning around and letting him make achievements first and then become a family thief!
Qiye might as well start work in the back with Tao Burning, but his expression is almost untenable. It’s okay that Liu Wu is a clown. At this time, he still feels that the king of Jin is very grateful for his consideration. "My father will definitely agree with this statement." It was originally that he also wanted to go to the barracks, but his father was a literati and civil servant, and he couldn’t see the military attache. Naturally, he didn’t answer.
Now, when the time comes, he will say that he was ordered by the king of Jin to go to the military camp to see his father, so how can he stop himself!
Liu Wuyi was so excited that he couldn’t take care of his own heart, and then he hurriedly turned around and went back.
Tao Zhuo turned out from behind Qi Ye and looked up at him with a smile. "Brother Ye, you are dishonest!" In the form, I solved a rival in love for myself, but for his own sake, I helped myself … Great!
Look at her smiling face, I still feel delicious in my heart. Qi Ye reached out and gently scraped her nose. "Naughty!"
It’s said that he dared to pinch his waist just now, but he didn’t "okay, let’s keep walking". Don’t let anyone bother him again, whether it’s the girl or the king of Jin!
Qiye took her to the west for about a mile, and then she came to a valley. Looking at it, it was actually a large maple forest. "It’s not right to come here at this time. If you come hunting in autumn, it’s very beautiful here."
No, Qi Ye said that Tao Zhuo looked at this large maple forest and could already imagine, "Is this specially planted?"
Qiye doesn’t know. After all, this Xishan Royal Hunting Ground has been around for hundreds of years, pointing to the right front. "There is also a stream where I caught fish when I was too young."
"I like fishing since I was a child, but fishing requires patience. This patience is quite good."
Qiye nodded. "He was gentle and quieter than me when I was a child." He was often told by his brother that naughty things were too common when he was a child, and he followed him as a younger brother.
He said, he couldn’t help laughing at Tao Zhuo. "Why don’t you try fishing another day? Can you sit still? "
"I can’t sit still," Tao felt his nose. "If I like something, it’s okay, such as making jewelry and fishing."
"Well, it’s enough to go out and play with too many people fishing. Let’s not rob him."
The two men smiled at each other.
Qi Ye took her hand and quietly looked at the beautiful scenery in front of her. After a while, the scenery here is better than that of Tao Zhuoyi. "Why don’t we come to see the sunrise tomorrow?"
The sunset is so beautiful, it can’t be bad, can it
"Yes, come if the weather is fine."
The romantic atmosphere didn’t take long for the mountain to suddenly get windy and cool, and Tao Zhuo couldn’t help sneezing.
I can’t think of any beautiful scenery. Go back quickly.
"I should have brought you a cloak when I was negligent," said Qiye, unbuttoning my robe. "Find a shelter first, and so on. I’ll let Jinger hurry back and get you a cloak."
The dark warbler stayed at the tent and didn’t come. Scene 2 came and went quickly.
"All right" was wrapped in his arms. Tao Zhuo felt much warmer. If she went back like this, she might catch cold. Who knew that the mountain breeze came so fast and it was so cold in mid-March?
Chapter, chapter
Tao burning exclaimed, "empress hurt? I’ll go and have a look. "
Said hastily rushed JingLong emperor line a gift and rushed out of the royal camp.

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