"Element Stripping Magic Domain?" Ah Kin exclaimed.

The heavenly saints looked puzzled at Akin Chen Sixuan and asked, "What is the realm of elemental stripping?"
Ah Kin said, "This is my father’s magic domain! Even I haven’t been able to accept this magic domain. Is it true that magic domain is also teachable? How to JiJiJiHui … "
As they were talking, Ji Dong’s figure had been flashing continuously, and the fire crows never organized an effective attack again. Although Ji Dong released the elemental stripping magic domain with a diameter of 100 meters, which was far less than the control range of his other two magic domains, the fire crows in the place where the golden light passed fell like wheat cutting, and they all fell to about 100 meters from the ground to barely control their bodies and fly again, but they also escaped from the battle.
That’s right. Ji Dong, by virtue of the elemental stripping of the magic domain, rushed into the fire crow array, and the battle was over at the moment. He was able to kill these fire crows continuously and massively, but of course he couldn’t do that. So this scene appeared in front of the heavenly saints. By virtue of the elemental stripping of the fire crows themselves, the fire elements around them were forcibly stripped by Ji Dong. Without magic support, they, the flying Warcraft, would naturally be extremely unsuitable, and this would be the instant drop situation if Ji Dong wanted to kill them. It can be done if it is more thorough, but of course he will leave his hand, which is just to let the fire crow recover after falling a few hundred meters, which not only defeats them, but also does not hurt them. It is amazing that the control of the magic domain is ingenious.
After thousands of fire crows fell from it one after another, Ji Dong stopped his action and showed his body shape. The silver flash vertebra dreamy silver magic domain was instantly connected to each fire crow, and the fire crows also stopped their escape and attack.
"I won’t continue any more." Ji Dongyin came from it.
The holy saints looked at each other and Frey couldn’t help but say, "Is this still my little brother?" It’s just a monster. One person, three magic realms. Have you ever heard of it? "
He is very nai shook his head and "killed him"
Yao Qian said with a smile, "It’s best that the stronger her movements are, which means the stronger our heavenly saints are, right?"
Ji Dong fell from the sky in front of his friends and watched his body light fade away. In the dim light, the eyes of the saints showed some respect. Of course, Chen Sixuan’s eyes would never show such a look. There was love in her eyes.
Ji Dong’s eyes swept from his friends, and his sun was extremely determined, burning with fierce fighting spirit. "Every magic teacher has his own good ability. It is not suitable for you to fight here, but it is this kind of situation that such bad conditions are the best place to exercise our will in actual combat. Will our enemies give us the most suitable battlefield? No, it’s not. At the moment when each of us is a saint all day, we already have a heavy burden on our shoulders. We have no way out. We can go on along this road. The dark cat is waiting for us. The dark saint is waiting for us with ten artifacts. Every contribution will increase our chances of surviving in the future battlefield. Only by perseverance can we go further. I don’t want to hear people complain again. I will grasp the limits of each of you. The inner world was the last trial ground before we faced the real war. At the beginning, the tragedy of Wan Lei’s escape from prison was unique.
This is the first time that Ji Dong spoke to his companions in an imperative tone. Until this moment, he really admitted his identity as a heavenly saint. Because just now, he realized that a team must have a real leader to convince its companions to be humble, and it is impossible to ban heavenly saints. This is the core of the team. He must do his utmost to make heavenly saints truly unite and say this. At that time, Ji Dong was like a marshal commanding thousands of troops. His appeal and voice made every partner excited.
Yao Qian didn’t say much. He nodded to Ji Dong, and the emerald-green brilliance had already erupted from him.
Frey silently walked back to the ground, practicing meditation and restoring magic in the condensed array, and so did others. There was no slack in their eyes, but they were firm.
Principle of Cohesion Array The line they created outside Armanz Mountain is the same. Ten people led by Ji Dong specially created such a cohesive array brand here. With this property, the cohesive array and heavenly saints can absorb the magic of their respective attributes. After all, it is still the second floor of the inner world. Although the magic of various attributes is thinner than the outside world, it is not without it.
God-dried saints’ trial continues, so does the fire crow clan’s strong fire crow array. When there is never a pause in the sky, God-dried saints each take turns to play four fire crow arrays and take turns to take a rest. Even when Ji Dong’s mental fatigue is extreme, he will take a break and continue his trial. For the time being, the fire crow array will continue to play against God-dried saints.
In this way, the days of continuous cultivation have passed away, and it is a time when the saints have never experienced taking turns to rest and restore their magic before. What they think in their minds is that if they can continue to win in the battle, they will persist for as long as possible under great pressure.
And Ji Dong branded all kinds of tactics in the minds of the fire crows. These four fire crows are the core of the whole fire crows. What he has to do is to train the fire crows into an enemy race, and he is now training to be all commanders of the enemy race in the future.
Another month has passed in an instant, and it has been forty days since the saints came to the inner world.
"Boom-"The rocks splashed on the ground in the violent roar, and the dark red rocks seemed to be alive, surging and stirring like waves.
In the sky, the fire crow array is constantly falling, and the red light of the sun bombards the surging rock ground and seems to be looking for something.
"Well done, the wolf’s providence has improved its control over the earth." Watching the battle, Frey’s eyes showed admiration. At this time, the battle was going on. It was the heavenly dry and earthy saint Wolf’s providence, but he could not be seen on the battlefield for the simple reason that the wolf’s providence hid in the rough rock sea, which was his unique magic domain rock control.
The inner world, especially this place in front of us, is covered with rocks, and he can naturally control these rocks like a duck to water. The wolf God has also broken through the crown and naturally has his own magic field. He tries his best to narrow the scope of the magic field and enhance the magic concentration of the magic field to interfere with Ji Dong’s lock on himself. After more than a month of fighting, the saints have tried their best to fight against Ji Dong’s soul. Almost everyone has a set of their own, and they all know that only by escaping from Ji Dong and locking them can they win.
Ji Dong is still in the distance, with his eyes closed behind his hands, and he can vaguely see a faint silver light around his body
Thousands of flamingos are constantly changing their postures and combining them into various queues, which is the result of painstaking efforts. At the same time, Ji Dong is finally able to control a thousand flamingos at the same time and do it like an armband.
At this time, he is controlling the fire crows to bombard the ground with 101 sets of superimposed magic.
That’s right. Wolves’ providence rocks control the magic domain. He has detected the position of Wolves’ providence, but he can find the approximate activity area in Wolves’ providence rocks. This is enough for Ji Dong. Every round of ten magic bombardments makes the face wolves’ providence tired to cope with this kind of attack. Of course, it can’t hurt him, but he knows very well that once an attack hits Ji Dong and locks his position, it must be ten magic forces to bombard.
At the same time, Ji Dong guided these ravens to evolve constantly, and their brains seemed to be opened by Ji Dong’s soul force, whether it was to absorb magic, export magic or their own magic intensity.
It’s not the same as when the heavenly saints first came here, which can be seen from the evolution of all fire crows to the Lord level of fire crows.

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