How can Lazio fail?

As soon as Chang Sheng finished speaking, Lazio players rushed out of the dressing room and rushed to the stadium.
Everyone has a sense that "we are creating history and wonders"
This is the driving force that pushes them forward.
Houdusse is in trouble …
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six One hundred and seventy
Houdusse is also well aware of what this game means to Lazio.
Although they don’t want to be part of Lazio.
They don’t want to be the one to set off the red flowers and green leaves.
However, the huge strength gap still makes Houdusse capable.
After the game, Houdusse resisted for more than twenty minutes and then surrendered.
Rocchi team’s first record
Then before the end of the half-game, Gill made a header to expand the score to 2.
The game also lost its suspense.
What remains for Lazio is whether they can catch up with AC Milan and set a record of 170 goals in the 1951-1951 season.
Now Lazio has scored 140 goals, three goals away from the AC Milan record.
Now the gap of three goals is not too difficult for Lazio.
It depends on whether Lazio wants to do this.
Cazorla scored another goal just after half-time to help Lazio lead Houdusse 3 at home.
"One hundred and fifty balls! This is Lazio’s 115th league goal of the season! They are two goals short of AC Milan! We are watching a novel birth! " Commentator Caressa said excitedly.
When AC Milan set this record 59 years ago, many people thought it was impossible for anyone to break it again.
After all, modern football is paying more and more attention to defense, and it is becoming more and more difficult to score goals.
Look at the Serie A scorer list.
It’s been half a century since Tony was the top scorer, and he hasn’t scored more than thirty goals.
I didn’t expect to win Lazio this season and even hope to break this record!
One hundred and seventy goals a season …
In the five major leagues in Europe, there is no team to do it except AC Milan!
Looking at it now, winning Lazio is the first in the arsenal.
When Guardiola Barcelona won the league title and struggled with Real Madrid, they always beat Lazio and broke all kinds of records. They were not at the same level.
No wonder Changsheng scorns the Catalan media. Barcelona really can’t compare with this Lazio.
This has nothing to do with the competitiveness of the league. Even if Serie A goes down again, Lazio will stand out from the crowd. They are a strong team in Europe, and not anyone can despise them.
To despise the specific field, please refer to Barcelona …
"There are still two goals left!" When cazorla scored, assistant coach dimatteo shouted with his fist clenched beside Changsheng.
Winning white his one eye "promise! It is still three goals short! "
"Three goals short?" Dimatteo didn’t react at the moment.
"Yes, we need three goals to set a new record for Lazio, leaving AC Milan completely behind! Who wants to keep pace with them! "
Dimatteo also react he patted his forehead excitedly "this good! This is very good! "
Rudy Gonzalez has gone to the sidelines to give the players the latest instructions from the coaching staff.
"Continue to attack! Strive to score more goals! "
The unbeaten season has become unimportant, because Lazio is definitely unbeaten.
And even if Lazio is unbeaten in the season, it is not the only one, which will make this result seem less brilliant
Now everyone, from players to commentators, is concerned about whether we can break the AC Milan record.
Even rival Houdusse realized it.
So they also made adjustments.
They have beaten Lazio in France, and Lazio is definitely unbeaten this season, but they can still fight to prevent Lazio from completing another new record in their head.
They are all dead. Houdusse can at least choose to die with dignity.

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