Leng Qingtong snorted coldly. Today, it’s really a lot of goods. Today, Qin Kai wants her to check the actual situation of Chu’s birthday party. I didn’t expect to meet these two people halfway.

"Just like you" Su Shiyuan laughed and exported.
Hearing his words, LengQingtong was puzzled, and admitted the reins in his hand and stared at her.
"Like me?" The woman in black asked in surprise.
"Like you, I think he is beautiful and elegant!" Su Shiyuan found that when the woman in black spoke, her eyes were always sticky. Even when she was talking to herself, her eyes could not bear to leave Su Shiyuan’s half-joke. Chu Lin frowned and looked at that smelly girl.
"You you don’t want nonsense! You’re not a Qin person anymore. Don’t I’ll be afraid of you. "This sentence directly hit the nail on her head. Leng Qingtong was very embarrassed and blushed at Su Shiyuan and shouted.
Chu Lin was just about to get angry when Su Shiyuan stopped him.
The woman in black means that you are not regarded as the queen of Qin, and I don’t care about you.
"Good dogs don’t get in the way, don’t make such a hullabaloo about!" Just then, Su Shiyuan has waved the whip and sweated blood. BMW seems to have understood her words and roared before she jumped up.
Chu Lin followed Su Shiyuan’s footsteps. When the two men walked almost side by side, the black woman suddenly pulled out her waist sword and whipped the horse to try to chase them.
Su Shiyuan Yu Guangzhong caught a glimpse of the woman in black who was chasing after her. If she hadn’t worn women’s clothes today, she wouldn’t have let her go!
Leng Qingtong spelled a life to chase the forest path behind her, and suddenly a layer of dust was raised. Seeing that the distance between the two people in front of her was getting farther and farther, Leng Qingtong became more and more ruthless, waving his whip and whipping his horse.
Chu Lin hasn’t let up. He’s almost through this forest, and he’s almost in Beijing through this forest. Just now, he has seen that the woman is a go-getter. Even if she dumps her now, she will try her best to find out where he and Yuan Er are going.
I was thinking that Chu Lin suddenly took out a folding fan from the waist, and with a wave of his hand, there were several steel needles leaping straight from the fan.
Go straight out and shoot at the woman behind.
Su Shiyuan heard a tragic neigh of horses, followed by a stuffy hum and the sound of heavy objects landing.
Su Shiyuan looked back and saw that the black woman and horses couldn’t afford to fall on the ground.
Leng Qingtong struggled for half a day to see that a man and a woman in front had gone further and further, and could no longer hear horseshoes in her ears.
The woman is very angry to find that she can’t move at the moment!
"You don’t care at all if people are after you!" In a blink of an eye, the two men have already arrived in Beijing, and they have just bought several strings of Sugar-Coated Berry for their daughter-in-law with cold feelings.
Su Shiyuan holds a string of Sugar-Coated Berry fragrance in one hand, like a breeze across his face, like a string of red agate, the sun shines with attractive luster, and a sweet and sour taste fills his mouth, which seems to be longer.
"Who said I don’t care about my passion?" Chu Lin said close to her ear. Su Shiyuan held Sugar-Coated Berry’s festive red in his hand, reflecting the slap face, which seemed more charming.
"Let’s go," Su Shiyuan sipped his lips and turned around and still couldn’t help secretly laughing.
"good!" Chu Lin replied that the two men then jumped off their horses and ran straight to the Prime Minister’s Office.
Soon they arrived at the gate of Xiangfu, and Su Shiyuan will come back today, but there was no carriage in front of the gate.
Su Shiyuan two people walked in front of the entourage and moved the carriage things box by box, then followed them.
"ah! Is the princess back? Is the princess back! " Just as they entered the door, the two men commanded people to clean the courtyard at the housekeeper’s door and exclaimed that they had not come to say hello before they ran to Xiangfu.
Although Prime Minister Su didn’t know the situation at that time, he later got the news from the palace that Qin Kai married the princess on the second day of his wedding. It was unexpected that things were not what he thought. It was a good thing that the sedan chair was lifted wrong and Zhi Mo went into the palace, but I didn’t expect that the next day was not so optimistic.
Prime Minister Su has been walking around the palace too little recently, and he goes to see Zhi Mo’s eyelids in the house every day, even if it is unsatisfactory, but at least he can know, but Prime Minister Shiyuan Su was thinking about the time when shouting outside the room suddenly disturbed his thoughts.
"What did you say? Say it again? " Su Li couldn’t believe his ears and eyes suddenly widened and stared at the housekeeper who suddenly broke in.
You know, Prime Minister Su’s room is not allowed to come in on weekdays, otherwise the housekeeper will be severely punished. It’s too pleasant to forget this crop.
"I said the princess is back!" The housekeeper is excited, breathless and breathless.
"Which princess?" Su Zhimo was also given the title of monarch before she got married. Now it’s a bit silly for him to say that.
Before the housekeeper could speak, Su Shiyuan had reached the door.
"Dad!" Su Shiyuan plopped down on his knees and two lines of tears have flowed out of his cheeks.
Su Li was so excited that warm liquid appeared in her eyes. Chu stepped forward and lifted her robe. Su Shiyuan knelt side by side.
Su Li waved his hand and motioned for the housekeeper to go out first. The housekeeper looked at Chu Lin a few times and then hurried out of the room.
Why do you think that man just now is so familiar? As the housekeeper walked out of the room, she muttered something in her heart. When she happened to pass the steps, she almost bumped into the oncoming person.
The housekeeper looked intently and turned out to be the second lady!
"Second lady, where are you going?" Butler hurriedly asked exports.
"shall I go to the master’s room?" The second lady knew that he was in a bad mood recently and specially cooked some anshen decoction for him. She just communicated with him a lot when there were few people in the house.
Su Zhimo’s things are also very unexpected. She never imagined that her daughter would suddenly become an empress. That ugly girl has always gained momentum. I didn’t expect that she would not have that life after all.
Now that it’s difficult for an imperial woman to have a harem of three thousand beauties, she’s very fond of being a mother now
"Master" housekeeper was nervous at the moment and said that she was a bit hesitant. The second lady was a wily old fox and naturally found a clue.
Draw some thick eyebrows and get closer. "What happened?"
"Nothing is that the master has been worried about too many things recently, and he is a little tired. When the slave just went to deliver something to the master, the master told the slave not to let anyone disturb him. He was watching." The housekeeper directly sealed his mouth and body and didn’t see a trace of unnecessary emotion

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