Zhang Rui walked slowly to his side. "Then continue to work hard. If you want to experience glory, you must take the lead in experiencing the trough!"

"Zhang refers to me;" Sun Yao turned to say
"What are you trying to say?" Zhang Rui asked
I want to go to Europe! Sun Yao said, "I will make greater progress if I go to Europe. Find a way to let the club go!"
"I know your thoughts are naturally white, and I will talk to you face to face about the gap between the Chinese environment and foreign countries!" Zhang Rui laughed. "You are lucky to be seen by foreign clubs. Do it well!"
Zhang Rui patted Sun Yao and turned away.
Sun Yao wiped the sweat on his forehead. "It’s just an invitational defeat, but I’m in a bad mood. I must win several championships in the future! League Champions League Cup Champions League trophy is the World Cup! I want to work hard for such a lofty goal! "
Chapter 19 The storm is coming
Sun Yao doesn’t know much about Villarreal’s negotiation with Shaanxi Chanba team!
However, the Shaanxi team took the lead in putting Sun Yao in front of him. A renewal contract increased his annual salary to 750,000 RMB, which is already a super-team main contract for a Chinese player. Of course, there is still a big gap with Villarreal’s contract.
In addition, a penalty of RMB 5 million was added to this contract, and Sun Yao was also white. This was to prevent Villarreal from forcibly digging people. After all, it was too careless for Sun Yao to sign that contract before.
Looking at the more formal contract, Sun Yao struggled for a few minutes and signed it. After all, he didn’t want to be the kind of person who defected from the team. He wanted to go to Europe in an aboveboard way!
Moreover, he believes that the Chinese club will not be so pedantic, and sooner or later, it will be impossible for the National People’s Congress to behave strongly.
Sun Yao’s father Sun Dongsheng also came to Shaanxi to help Sun Yao get some ideas.
After all, he was worried about how he could get a foothold in a professional team when he just learned that his goal was to play football, but in the end, he not only got a foothold in the national youth team, but also was selected by foreign teams for his amazing performance!
The annual salary of 20,000 euros is equivalent to the weekly salary of those international superstar players, but it is definitely a lot of wealth for Sun Yao families.
Shaanxi team has reduced the transfer to 320 thousand euros.
But in the end, the two sides couldn’t negotiate the transfer situation. After all, Sun Yao didn’t perform well in the final game, which made Villarreal root unwilling to pay as much as a superstar player. They wanted to just rent it! It’s very generous for them to pay a little extra salary to Sun Yao!
However, the Shaanxi team has a plan to dominate the Super League at this time. The indifference to Qian Gen means that Sun Yao is their super rookie. If they don’t give enough transfer so that they can find an excellent helper in the Super League, it will be hard for them to accept! And they are quietly in contact with the Qingdao team, hoping to sign Qu Bo, but after all, it needs money. Of course, they want to sell Sun Yao in exchange for a warrior who has fought for more than many years. If so, it is really a good deal!
Sun Yao is interested in the business game between the two teams and insists on training every day.
"There’s no hurry about the transfer. Now it’s not the transfer period. Although the European season is near the end, it’s not over after all, and the over-half players didn’t practice hard when they registered!" Zhang Ruidao "Come on!"
Sun Yao nodded to continue training.
After the afternoon training class, Sun Yao went back to the dormitory by himself, and his father was here with him.
"At that time, your mother was worried when she heard that you were going abroad to play football!" Sun Dongsheng slowly way
"Don’t worry, I have grown up!" Sun Yao self-confidence way
"Well, you are no longer a child, but in our eyes, you will always be a child!" Sun Dongsheng suddenly felt very proud to see that her son had made such achievements.
"I’ll move you all to Spain before I settle down there to make more money!" Sun Yao said, "So the family can get together every day!"
"Your mother and I can’t enjoy that retired life. After all, it’s not our home if there are few living conditions in a strange place abroad! Can’t get used to it You can just come back and have a look! " Sun Dongsheng laughed.
Sun Dongsheng then lit a cigarette and asked, "Do you allow smoking here?"
"You just ordered the smoke!" Sun Yao smiled.
"You haven’t learned to smoke at your age?" Sun Dongsheng added
"Ha ha! I don’t want self-discipline if my teammates smoke! " Sun Yao Road
"Line is quite good! But sometimes it’s okay to smoke one when you feel uncomfortable! I don’t understand the rules of your athletes! " Sun Dongsheng took a drag on his nose and exhaled thick smoke.
Sun Yao nodded. "Hehe, the transfer has not been settled yet. We think too far!"

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