When she slowly opened her eyes, she saw that his hands were shaking and his fingers were white. He suddenly asked her, "It’s always night in Fengfu, isn’t it?"

The sound has never been hoarse, just like sawing wood
She tried to trick him into saying no, but she dared not.
The fact is that he was crazy in front of the Phoenix House that night, and the relative person was her, so the people inside the Phoenix House naturally left her sister at night.
And that night happened to be phoenix shadow ink and night spirit wedding candle.
How can he be so wise that he just wants her to confirm it himself?
So she didn’t say anything
Nothing is equal to default.
She heard a "clank". First, the long sword in his hand slumped and the tip of the sword hit the ground of white marble. Before she could react, she heard him suddenly growl for a moment. With a wave of his arm, she felt that the cold light flashed in front of her eyes, and he raised his long sword again and split it at her.
Frightened, she closed her eyes again.
The pain was muffled, the porcelain was smashed to the ground, the smell of blood filled the air, and hot blood splashed on her face.
She knew it wasn’t her.
Because she felt no pain.
When she opened her eyes by mistake, she saw Mo Qianyu holding a sword with scarlet eyes, and the sword in his hand went straight into a man’s chest, entered from his chest and came out from his back, and blood gurgled and dripped.
It’s a maid-in-waiting, a maid-in-waiting who came to deliver hot water.
I don’t know whether it’s hot water pouring out or hot blood flowing out.
The picture is extremely tragic.
She was stunned.
Then devoted to thousands of feathers and mercilessly pulled out a sword and turned to look at her.
At that moment, she seemed to see from his red and dripping eyes that many emotions were aroused at the same time, including sadness, disappointment, disappointment, tolerance and forbearance …
Always a lot.
She suddenly felt that he actually wanted to kill her, but he couldn’t kill her. He vented his anger in a bitter place and the maid-in-waiting suffered.
Cann’t kill?
Can’t bear it? Reluctant?
No, it’s not. He looks after her sister.
So she once again affirmed the original guess.
He likes her sister, not generally.
It is the two of them who have come to this day. She is not the client. She doesn’t know.
And what does it mean to put her in the darkroom of Longyin Palace now?
What the hell is he going to do?
Is upset to entertain foolish ideas with a sudden "hua" a wall moving sound.
As soon as she looked up, she saw a tall yellow figure standing at the opening of the secret room.
Mo Qianyu
Neon spirit pupil a folding to the bed inside the suo suo.
A pair of water eyes looked at him warily and watched him step in.
"The emperor …"
Look at his cold face, dark eyes, thin lips, no radian, neon spirit, a heart panic and fear
Fortunately, the man stopped before coming in, and the darkroom door slammed again behind him.
Neon spirit think that dull sound is like hitting in my heart, which makes people feel palpitation.
The man was there, not far away, not far away, looking at her eyes, and time went by.
Neon spirit shivered all over, afraid to look him in the eye and don’t know what he wants? A heart is like a sleeve tightly clenched in her hand.
Just as she was thinking about how to break the terrible atmosphere of the two people in panic, Huo An sounded outside the darkroom.
"The Emperor’s Ministry of Punishment is still an adult who asks for an audience and says he has something important to leave."
For the first time, neon felt that Hoana’s spindly sissy was as beautiful as the sounds of nature.
The man will slowly fall on the side of her face and look back. He will sink his head to the secret door and say, "Got it."
Finally, I looked back at her and stretched out my hand to start the secret door machine.
"Hua" a secret door opened the man quickly went out.
Neon spirit body slumped against the head of a bed and greatly heaved a sigh of relief.
Deep in the night
Probably really angry. Phoenix Shadow Ink never appeared again.
Xiao er brought dinner, hot water and charcoal stove.
The whole wing is warm as spring.

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