Although I don’t know why he knows so much, I’m sure this man is definitely not the real emperor! Absolutely not!

Aoer is in a desperate situation again. She is lost in thought with Xuan Bingjian. On one side is me and on the other side is her beloved. Who should she trust?
Who will she trust?
It is a comfort to me that she is willing to hesitate.
I always have weight in her heart, not a passerby.
"Ryutsuki, what did I ask you? You don’t wear black."
"Because someone said that black clothes look like pangolins."
"How about this-"Ziyun’s proud hands are getting tighter and tighter. "Do you remember what I said to you before I entered the Fairy Ghost Valley?"
"Of course I remember"
"What did I say?"
"You said let me wait for you."
Ziyun’s proud eyes flashed, "Yes, I did say so."
Fake Huang Junyi’s lip corner passed with a smile of "proud son"
I heard Aoer say this and closed her eyes with a wry smile. Since she finally chose’ Huang Junyi’, let me disappear!
"So from today on, we will be ungrateful." Ziyun proudly said that Xuan Bing’s sword was raised above his head and cut at me with overwhelming power.
I didn’t move. I kept flashing past pictures in my mind
The taste of not being liked is like this. 157 Chapter 157 Demon’s thousand charms are strange. 46
Even if you give her everything, you can’t get her a hundred cents.
It’s sad
Forget it. Let’s call it a day.
Maybe there’s nothing wrong with ending like this. We can meet again during this period, but her guardian may have done all my luck.
But no one thought that before her sword was finished, the sleeve arrow had suddenly fired from the cuff and shot at the fake emperor Junyi.
He dodged quickly, but he still crooned bitterly.
"You really are a red spirit!" Ziyun proud eyes reveal a cold light.
That’s really an impostor. Proud son is impulsive. If he’s a fake, what’s the matter? ?
"I will tell Huang Junyi that he and Ryutsuki chose the latter. He is a complete loser. He has been eliminated. His roots in your heart are not as good as Ryutsuki’s," said the red chaotic spirit.
"Shut your mouth!" Ziyun proudly shouted at him coldly.
He raised his eyebrows like a provocation. "Am I wrong? You’d rather believe Ryutsuki than him-"
My proud son used the magic flute and the royal dragon guqin to subdue the red spirit, but I saw that Aoergan couldn’t calm down for fear that she might be possessed, so I cut off her red spirit and ran away.
I don’t know what he said to Aoer, but she was so surprised that she took a step towards him.
He laughed wildly and disappeared.
Her body seemed to be frozen, and the guqin in her hand slammed to the ground.
I was sit alone in that corner when Aoer came to her senses.
We must first find the person who wrote the book of life and death and let him rewrite the book of life and death. Those evil spirits will be re-recorded, and with the restraint, their lives will end and they will no longer be immortal. Besides, we have no other way.
Aoer came up to me and found that I was injured. I handed her the pills and fed them to her.
Her throat choked with a "demon charm, are you finally willing to admit it?"
"I think you will trust him more." I said that I would no longer deny that I am a demon. Taking off my mask is not as bad as I thought. She still believes me.
She asked me why I didn’t wear red clothes. I said I had explained it. She must not believe it because she said something like pangolin.
I hope that I am not replaced by people in her heart, and it is absolutely beautiful, not that strange and disgusting.
How can an open demon god be willing to be a pangolin in others’ hearts? Let’s know! It’s only because she said that what others think is like in their hearts.
She asked me again why I changed my name.
I said that’s my name, too.
She asked again, why has her temperament changed?
Yeah, what?
"Because of the demon thousand incarnations, Ryutsuki can’t easily bow his head and ruin the fire."
Ryutsuki, who has a fire, can stay with her like this indifferently. It doesn’t matter who is in her heart!
I converge, my edges and corners are no longer arrogant, and I am not conceited, as plain as water and as casual as six kings, but you still don’t like me, but you can’t learn to love without a demon, but Ryutsuki can learn to burn fire
I think I understand that you once told me about love. Chapter 158: Demons are a thousand charms.

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