The reason why Ye Guchen’s face changes here is not because Ba Hu said that he would destroy himself. He doesn’t care or be afraid. He cares that Ba Hu said that "seventy-two overseas islands are going to fight with this middle-earth fix-true world". Although even if they want to fight, they dare not take evil extreme cases, but they are bound to be affected. The fix-true war is definitely not as simple and powerful as mortal wars. It is very likely that the whole fix-true world will be affected by it. Ye Guchen has to make more plans and can’t guarantee that the other party will not involve himself and evil extreme cases if it is true.

"You this inverse give me to shut up! Don’t apologize to Ye’s predecessors! " Ba Yun said angrily that he was deeply touched by a wave of his hand, and this Ba Hu slapped him and vomited an one mouthful blood and fell to the ground. Although he didn’t want to do this, he was also very distressed, but there was no way. This was a bitter pill. If he didn’t do this, it would be difficult for Yuzryha to be satisfied with Gu Chen. After all, Ba Hu did something small this time. It can be said that he had sinned against Ye Gu Chen carelessly, but it would have passed. But if he was bigger, it would be to despise the evil emperor Xiang Yu and insult the evil extreme Sect. This matter is absolutely immortal and the evil Sect will
Ba Hu was slapped by this Ba Yun every other day and suddenly fell to the ground. He felt a stir in his insides, and then looked at Ba Yun with a face of fear. He never touched his finger since he was a child. His father would feel more about his heart because of an outsider. He didn’t want to shout, "Father, you did this to me?" You did this to me when you met an outsider? This little thing is precious. If you kill him, it will be over! "
"You ~" Ba Yun Tian was so angry by his own son that he didn’t know what to say about himself. Don’t you know that I did it? It’s you after this, but Ba Yun Tian here doesn’t know what to say. No, he really doesn’t know what to say. It’s because Ye Guchen here is still sitting here at this moment. He can stare if he wants to say it, but he’s a fool, but he doesn’t know what he means.
Thought of here, Ba Yun’s heart is dim, and his heart is quite sad. Because of himself, his roots are not white. It is because of his daily neglect of teaching that this little thing will become like this.
At that time, Ba Yun Tian didn’t know what to say, but he didn’t say anything on the other side, Ye Gu Chen, but he didn’t sneer at it in silence. He took a look at Ba Yun Tian and said with a mocking look, "Ba Yun Tian Island Master, you said so. Come on, I also want to sell you a face, but it seems that your son is not very ungrateful." Kill me? Well, I’m an out-of-body expert, and it’s not a problem for you to kill me in the middle, but you should know one thing: I’m extremely evil, and my master has forbidden me. If there is an accident, my master will naturally know the situation, and it will be difficult then. "
Your identity will not do this. Although your identity is high and scary, your strength is not enough to be seen by the other side in the eyes of the fix true boundary. This place is second in the final analysis. If you only press people by seniority, then people will not look at it in their eyes. Ye Guchen will say this and move out his master, the evil emperor Xiang Yu.
Sure enough, when Ba Yun Tian heard this, his face became more ugly and ugly, rain or shine. After taking a look at Ye Gu Chen, Ba Yun Tian was cruel and punched him. He smashed the bones of Ba Hu with a hard punch and fell to the ground several meters away. He vomited an mouthful of blood and almost fainted before kneeling on the ground again. Ye Gu Chen said with great respect, "Please forgive me, elder. I have just taught you this little lesson. Let’s stop here. The younger generation must be grateful."
Hurt his own son and then apologize to Ye Guchen. Ba Yuntian, the island owner, can be said to be very depressed. He doesn’t want to do such a thing, but he has no choice but to hope that this will calm Ye Guchen’s anger.
But it’s a pity that Ba Yun Tian has made great concessions to injure himself and the island owner knelt in front of Ye Guchen in his own hands. According to the truth, this matter has passed, but Ye Guchen is not going to let it go like this. After all, this Ba Hu offended himself. It’s absolutely not so easy to forgive. What’s more, at this time, Ba Hu didn’t faint, but vomited an one mouthful blood. He looked at Ye Guchen angrily and said, "You let my father do this to me. I want Ba Hu not to die. I must cut you to pieces."
This words don’t say it’s okay, but this sentence of Ba Hu comes out, but Yuzryha Gu Chen and Ba Yun Tian’s face suddenly change one by one, which is even more ugly than Ye Gu Chen’s sneer. After taking a mocking look at Ye Gu Chen, he immediately said coldly, "The Lord of Ba Yun Tian Island is not that I don’t give you face, but that you also saw that you want me to die here. If he doesn’t die, I’m afraid I will be restless, so I can ask my master to come out and uphold justice."
This sentence suspected that Ba Yun was cornered. wait for a while knelt there for a while and didn’t know what to say. After that, the whole face became weird and could not change rain or shine.
Chapter two hundred and one Monty Saint Wan Zihong
Chapter two hundred and one Monty Saint Wan Zihong
If you really let Ye Guchen invite the evil emperor Xiang Yutian out to uphold justice, then the result will be as natural as not saying much about him. If you think about it, you all know that if the evil emperor really runs out to uphold justice as Ye Guchen said, the result will be as evil as the evil emperor Xiang Yutian, but the old guy is famous for justifying a fault and wants to kill his apprentice himself. Remember the evil emperor Xiang Yu Tian according to his master’s classics. If that guy really comes out, he will never reason with himself. It is not to uphold justice at all, but to find trouble for himself. Even if he dares to destroy the whole island of hexagrams with one hand, after all, this virtue is all learned from him now. Others can imagine it, otherwise there would be no evil emperor’s name.
Ye Guchen said this is obviously pushing this Ba Yun to a dead end. He knows that if he doesn’t give Ye Guchen a satisfactory account today, then this matter will even not end well. Nai wry smile gnashes his teeth one by one, and Ba Yun will look fierce at his son Ba Hu. You can’t blame him for being ruthless and not eating. What’s more, is he Ba Yun? It’s that Bahu’s ego is too disappointing, so it’s no wonder that he is!
One skill, Ba Yun Tian, gave this Ba Hu a hard punch by holding it up. This time, however, Ba Hu was really moved. He was hit by this punch, and suddenly he felt pieces of broken body. The whole person was full of wounds and screamed and flew out. The whole person was as soft as a pool of mud. After struggling for a few times, he fell to the ground and couldn’t climb up for a moment. After that, Ba Hu Yuan Ying flew out and looked at Ba Yun Tian with disbelief. "Father, how can you do this to me!" I am your son! I’m your only son, and you let an outsider do this to me! I hate you! ! Hate you! !”
Facing his own son, Yuan Ying, Ba Yuntian didn’t say much about trapping Ba Hu to fix it, so Ba Hu was not high. Now he has become a pure Yuan Ying, and even less powerful. Ba Yuntian simply trapped this Ba Hu with one skill and then respectfully said to Ye Guchen, "I don’t know if Ye’s predecessors are still satisfied?"
"Ha ha" Ye Guchen chuckled and patted his side. Little white head and small white suddenly jumped out of an instant and went straight to this distant Bahu, then swallowed it with an instant mouth, and then chewed it with interest. In the bellow of Bahu, this Bahu Yuanying was abruptly swallowed up.
You!’ Ba Yuntian whooshed up and looked at Xiao Bai with anger, and he was ready to make moves. This is his son. His only son, his own son, was forced to destroy Ba Hu’s body, which has made him heartbroken. But now Xiao Bai, together with Ba Hu’s baby, has swallowed it, which makes Ba Yuntian endure a face of anger and look at Xiao Bai as if to give Xiao Bai ten thousand pieces.
But sitting there, Ye Guchen said noncommittally, "Lord Bayuntian Island knows that your son is very hostile to me. If I don’t solve him, I can’t sleep well. In my opinion, this is just the daylights out. I don’t know what you think. But are you dissatisfied? If it is, just say it. I can ask my master to be your boss. "
After listening to Ye Guchen’s words, Ba Yuntian’s heart was so angry that he almost burst into murder. However, in the end, he is a master of fitness repair. He still has this control. He knows that he can’t show his anger now, even if he has it, he can’t admit it. Otherwise, it’s really hard to say that if Yuzryha Guchen wants to get the evil emperor Xiang Yutian back, then the overseas fix-up plan will be shattered. I am afraid that Gua Island will suffer, not only becoming an evil enemy, but also being abandoned by 72 overseas islands.
"That’s what he deserved. The senior spirit beast shot just right." Ba Yun gritted his teeth and whispered. When he said this, he couldn’t wait to give Ye Guchen to pieces.
Ba Yun Tian thought Ye Guchen knew it, but he didn’t discover it. Sitting there with a smile on his face, he didn’t stimulate the other party to force Ba Yun to kill him. If you stimulate him again, it will be difficult for this guy who is full of anger not to go crazy and suddenly kill himself. It will not be worth the loss. It’s a fake thing to trick Ba Yun. If people really fight hard with themselves, they will even account for their more than 100 kilograms here today.
"Hee hee didn’t expect that Ba Yun Tian, the owner of Gua Island, a vertical and horizontal overseas fix true boundary, turned out to be a coward who forced people to kill their own children in front of you but didn’t dare to say more? I’ve really learned a lot. I didn’t expect your famous Gua Island to be so much ~ I really took you as characters and even sent me to personally explore it, but now it seems that Gua Zong is so much. By the way, you silly son just seemed to say that you want to fight with me in the middle of the earth. Hee hee, but in my opinion, if you come to the 72 overseas islands, it’s really not enough to be afraid. "Suddenly, a smile rang out in the distance on this day, and a black shadow appeared not far away. A beautiful woman in a black gauze fell there with a smile and looked at it with a slight mockery
At this moment, Ba Yun Tian can be said to be on the verge of an outbreak, but he dare not touch Ye Gu Chen, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can provoke him! The female words in black angered Ba Yun in an instant. Although the other side is beautiful and a little rare, it is worthy of the word "America laguna" in terms of figure and appearance. But at the moment, Ba Yun looks at the female eyes like a crazy lion, and it seems that the other side may be hissed into pieces at any time.
"Hee hee, Lord Bayuntian Island, we fought in the sea three hundred years ago. How did we forget it so quickly? The somebody else is really sad? "The woman said softly when she spoke, she glanced at Ba Yuntian with delicate and touching eyes, and felt a little sad. There was no doubt that this expression, combined with her beautiful appearance, made everyone present feel heartbroken. Ye Guchen had no doubt that most men were afraid that it would be difficult to refuse such a woman. It was so fascinating to move a word.
There are dozens of people present, but almost all of them are obsessed with looking at the woman. Even Ye Guchen is unconsciously intoxicated, but fortunately, Ye Guchen’s soul strength is extraordinary, and his willpower is firm and terrible.
"What a terrible woman! What a terrible charm!" Unconsciously, Ye Guchen took a look at this woman and couldn’t help thinking of it. At the same time, he couldn’t help but guess the identity of the other party. Listening to the other party should belong to the middle-earth fix-up world. I just don’t know what it looks like. On the one hand, the overseas fix-up world has not been idle. I don’t know if this woman really wants to do it, but she didn’t find her just now. It’s not surprising that since she is here to probe the news.
Look at each other’s bare luo feet showing white tender legs, which makes people imagine that the body has a face comparable to that of an angel. Every movement and expression are so beautiful, which makes people obsessed. 3,000 moss is placed behind the head, perpendicular to the waist, forehead, and the center of the eyebrows. Yin Heng adds a little more charm. Ye Guchen is really hard to guess who this woman is at the moment, but a little Ye Guchen can definitely practice flattery and have such accomplishments. This woman is definitely not simple and she is definitely not a noble and decent master.
"Wan Zihong! It is you! I haven’t seen you for 300 years, and you, the heavenly saint, have reached the middle stage of integration, but are you my opponent? You’re a divinatory island. You can come and leave whenever you want. Hum! Since you’re here, you can’t leave! " Ba yun said with a cold hum that he pointed out the identity of the other party, and the white light in the hand of the magic door saint Wan Zihong flew out and went straight to this Wan Zihong.
In this regard, the black veil in Wan Zihong’s hand spins up and flies out of the baizhang long, directly winding up the hexagrams and jade, and the two constantly confront each other. Ba Yuntian has also been busy and fought with this Wan Zihong in the sky.
After listening to this name, Ye Guchen’s heart is more shocked than Wan Zihong, who is famous for practicing kung fu in the middle-earth repair world, but he is famous for his supernatural skill of Monty Sect. It is said that if he is cultivated to an advanced level, he can confuse all living beings, even the immortals in the world will be confused into his skirt minister, and this Wan Zihong is the saint of Monty Sect. There are several young talents in this repair world who reincarnate him as a fairy, even some noble and decent masters will fantasize and be willing to become his skirt minister. Monty Sect is the top figure of this Monty Sect, except the most famous patriarch.
Even Ye Guchen knows something about Wan Zihong. This woman can be said to be a peerless stunner. Many people are fascinated by her, but no one can get her. The most famous is that two hundred years ago, a master of floating clouds was sentenced to floating clouds because of Wan Zihong. That time, Wan Zihong was completely famous and humiliated. Although the master of fitting was killed by floating clouds in the end, the first floating clouds in the right way actually had a master of fitting to indulge in Wan Zihong pomegranate skirt, and he still let the floating clouds lose face.
Ye Guchen is not white, but Wan Zihong will appear here. According to her position in Monty Sect, it should not be her turn to detect intelligence guys. Does she have some other purpose? Ye Guchen unconsciously guessed it.
Ye Guchen’s brow tightened here, and Wan Zihong had already fought with this Ba Yun Tian in the sky. It was in full swing, and Ba Yun Tian’s hands went straight to Wan Zihong with an extra flying sword. After a tilting twist, Wan Zihong escaped the attack of Ba Yun Tian and then looked at Ba Yun Tian with a sad face and said softly, "You are really ruthless. People have said two words, and it is good and sad that you are going to kill someone."
In a word, many people are more sympathetic to Wan Zihong than Ye Guchen, that is, the brothers next to those hexagrams can’t help but show their indignation eyes. Of course, this eye is not aimed at Wan Zihong, but at Ba Yuntian. In their view, their leader is simply too much, and it is simply too much for a weak woman to be so cruel.
"Hum! Wan Zihong, don’t do this in front of me. Put away your flattery or I’ll let you die! " Ba yun’s eyes flashed a trace of confusion, but then he quickly reacted, and a face of cold hum stared at Wan Zihong suddenly.
See ba yun see through their purple don’t angry with soft jiao laughs "hee hee I ba yun island master how to say my daughter is your junior, how dare you do this to me? I know I’m no match for you. Now that I’ve achieved my goal, I won’t tell you more. But it’s really interesting to hear things today. It won’t be long before the whole fix-up world will know that you, Ba Yuntian, were forced to death in front of life, and you dare not say more, just like a little puss-head. "
Talking Wan Zihong’s hand waving black gauze blocked Ba Yun’s attack. When he turned in this, he cut long and went to Ba Yun. Although he wanted to stop it, he didn’t stop Wan Zihong’s anger in the sky. Then he slowly fell but looked at Ye Guchen’s eyes. There was already a difference in death.
At this time, I saw Ba Yun’s eyes and Ye Gu’s heart was suddenly startled. There was an ominous premonition in my heart that the andao was not good. At this time, he suddenly became a little white. This purple flower ran out at this time, and it was not to stimulate Ba Yun, but to be impeded and want to borrow Ba Yun’s hand to kill himself.
Look at Ba Yun’s appearance. Ye Guchen can see that obviously Wan Zihong didn’t say it, but he has been stimulated by this Wan Zihong. Maybe he will scold him in his own hand. This Yuzryha solitary Chen can’t help but scold him in his heart. What is it that Wan Zihong wants to do to himself? It seems that she has no enmity with her. She should be so rude to herself.
However, as soon as Ye Guchen’s brain turned, according to the words of the former Wan Zihong Ba Hu, it suddenly became a little white. This Wan Zihong will appear at this time to constantly stimulate Ba Yun Tian. It’s not that Biegen doesn’t want to be enemies with himself. It’s not that he wants to be impeded. But the goal is not himself. At this time, Ba Yun Tian is on the verge of madness because of his own skill stimulation. If he is stimulated by Wan Zihong, he will definitely do crazy things. If he kills himself or hurts himself, then the result can be imagined. Evil extreme cases will definitely not let it go.
The evil extreme Sect, the largest sect of heresy in the Millennium, never participates in the fight of the fix-up world, and its master, the evil extreme Sect, the ancestor Xiang Yu, just came back one day, which makes the position of the evil extreme Sect in the fix-up world impregnable. If it weren’t for fools, they wouldn’t be involved, even if it were overseas fix-up world and this middle-earth fix-up war, then they wouldn’t be involved, but if they were attacked by the seventy-two islands and one hexagram Sect, they would be injured or killed. It is conceivable that according to the habit of evil extreme Sect going to the wind, it will definitely not hesitate to destroy this hexagram island. If you have an accident, evil extreme Sect and hexagram island are overseas, and 72 islands are immortal, which is exactly what Monty Sect and other sects in China want.
Thought of here, Ye Guchen gave a wry smile to Bai Wan’s purple heart. Just now, I took advantage of myself to force Ba Yun to push him to this point and killed his son in front of him. This matter has deeply stimulated Ba Yun, but Ba Yun is still able to restrain himself rationally. But now after such a stimulus, it’s hard to say that Ye Guchen’s heart is better than regret. If I had known this, Ye Guchen would never do such a thing. Even if I want to do it, I must have a master to protect him. Although it is cool, it is too dangerous to threaten each other alone.
"Ye’s elder just now, you also saw that Monty Munro came here. She sneaked into Gua Island, even up to no good. I came to invite Ye’s elder to be a guest in my Gua Island, but I didn’t expect that the magic saint Wan Zihong came to sneak up on me and killed Ye’s elder. My Gua Island was really heartbroken. After an hour, I will report this matter to Lingling, the chief island owner of Seventy-two Islands, and his Monty Munro Sect will take revenge on Ye’s elder from now on." Ba Yun turned his head and looked gloomy in front of him. Ye Guchen snee
Chapter two hundred and two GuaZhu fairy array
Chapter two hundred and two GuaZhu fairy array
Ba Yun’s words: Yuzryha’s lonely heart chills and secretly summons this "moon, moon and day essence wheel". This moon, moon and day essence wheel keeps turning around Ye Gu’s body, and Xiaobai is slowly approaching Ye Gu’s body. She is ready to fight Ba Yun’s words at any time. It’s obvious that the guy who wants to kill Ye Gu’s mind is full of purple.
"Ba Yuntian, if you want it, you have to start work on me, but my master will know that you will not be able to stop my master and this evil Sect!" Ye Guchen said coldly that when he said this, he had turned around and made full preparations for the war. Although he didn’t feel that he had a chance of winning in the face of such a fit master as Ba Yun Tian, now he had no choice. If he resisted, he could still win a chance, but if he kept silent, he would die!
Ba Yun sneered at this and immediately disdained to say, "Ye Gu Chen’s bow didn’t turn back. Now that I have decided to start work, I can’t regret it. I killed you. You may not have a chance to inform the evil emperor Xiang Yu and the evil emperor. If you really let me go back, Ba Yun’s genius will die. No way. Who let you push me to this point? I just ruined his body, but you let the spirit beast devour my son! Ye Guchen, I’ll let you bury your son today, thanks to Wan Zihong, a witch. I really can’t imagine how to deal with you if she doesn’t come. "
"Ba Yuntian, you can think about it. I have my master Yu Fu. If you want to talk to me, my master will know at once!" Ye Gu Chen Gao warned that there was something imaginary, but he didn’t have that thing.
"Hum, then I won’t kill you and seal you for ten thousand years!" Ba Yun sneer at one and immediately said that when he said this, the jade in his hand immediately flew out of the moment and enveloped this leaf solitary Chen. Before the leaf solitary Chen reacted, it would include this leaf solitary Chen and Xiaobai.
"Damn it, Xiao Bai is in my ring!" Ye Guchen couldn’t help cursing when he saw this scene, and then let Xiaobai enter his dry Kun ring. This dry Kun ring is a fairy that can bear living things. Although there are certain restrictions, it is now the best opportunity to protect Xiaobai. If Xiaobai stays here, it will be difficult to meet danger with himself.

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