It makes Barcelona players feel like they can’t breathe.

When will Barcelona turn to defense and attack these defenders before they can take a breath?
But soon the Lazio offensive came again and faster because this time it was a defensive counterattack!
It was fast enough when Lazio pushed forward as a whole, and now Barcelona finds that they can play defensive counterattacks faster!
The three or four-legged ball is at the front of Barcelona’s restricted area!
"Klose turned … shoot! Oh dear! It’s a pity that the door is missed! "
Although it didn’t make it, it made Barcelona players break out in a cold sweat.
After only thirty minutes of the game, Barcelona players felt a little heavy breathing.
Pique and Puyol looked at each other and saw a look of shock in each other’s eyes.
This is definitely not the normal performance of Barcelona. It is not normal for Barcelona to feel tired before the half-time is over!
Barcelona’s physical fitness is the best in European football, perhaps second only to Lazio.
As a result, I felt tired after 30 minutes against Lazio, and I felt a little out of step with Lazio.
Can they not be surprised?
Guardiola frowned on the sidelines and stared at the stadium.
His players are already tired, and their running speed is slowing down. Lazio is attacking Barcelona and defending most of the time, which is very problematic.
When has Barcelona ever been so embarrassed? !
Even the commentator and the audience noticed this.
Before, I kept praising Barcelona and Catalan commentators, and at this time, I also kept silent.
Before his eyes, Barcelona was very embarrassed and was beaten by Lazio.
After the latest technical statistics, whether it is the number of shots, the number of shots in the doorframe or the number of times the ball control rate scored 30 meters … these Lazio are dominant.
Even Barcelona is not as foul and offside as Lazio!
It’s a complete failure!
Barcelona fans in the stands even looked at each other.
They don’t understand why their team is so unbearable to be beaten by Lazio …
Yes, that is, being beaten under pressure
Open Barcelona is being beaten by Lazio!
Lazio’s advantage is very obvious, even if not fans can understand this scene
Journalists in the media gallery are also whispering about the current competition format.
"It’s amazing that Lazio suppressed Barcelona …"
"This scene alone is worth the fare, right? Barcelona was beaten by Lazio! Although Lazio is very strong, Barcelona is not weak. The two teams are neck and neck … But the actual scene of the game is that Lazio is pressing Barcelona to play? "
"Lazio has been strong to this point? It’s incredible … "
Before the end of the half-game, Barcelona, Lazioli, broke their ball and launched a quick counterattack. Then david silva rode into the penalty area alone in the counterattack!
"david silva! We’re in! He went in! "
In the face of Pique, david silva calmly flashed the football to Pique.
Then he started to shoot, but when he landed, he buckled the football in the opposite direction and flashed another defender, Dani Alves!
David silva, who has detained two defenders in a row, has made Lazio fans get up from their positions and stare at Barcelona’s goal while exclaiming.
Two Barcelona defenders, david silva, were detained and kicked again. This time, it was not a fake move but a direct shot!

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