He suddenly froze wait for a while couldn’t move.

The master rushed to help Pearl up and glared at him angrily. "It’s nothing for Duke Liang to take revenge on a young girl for something!"
Pearl scream shocked even fangzhou and Cui shaoxi, who came quietly to see who wanted to see Liang Jinwei forcing pearl even fangzhou to bear it, so he ran out.
"You, you’re not dead?" Liang Jin feels that the sun is particularly strong today, which makes people dizzy and even slow down their reactions.
"Yes, still alive!" Even fangzhou had no affection for him and immediately snorted and left his face.
Where does Liang Jin have the heart to care about this with her? I couldn’t help but wave my hand and laughed. "It’s good to be alive! Good to be alive! Just live! "
Cui Shaoxi snorted lightly and spat contemptuously, "Crazy!"
Damn it, are those rumors in Nanhai City true? This demonic Liang Dagong is really interested in Fangzhou-
Cui Shaoxi is furious! The cold face ran over and took a cold look at Liang Jin beside Lian Fangzhou.
Liang Jin’s smile disappeared and he stared at Cui Shaoxi coldly. "Are you the gigolo who is pestering Fangzhou? Why aren’t you dead? "
"You just died!" Cui Shaoxi great anger cold way "Liang Dagong very idle? How did you get here? "
"Not dead? I don’t mind giving you a ride! " Liang Jin’s murderous look suddenly showed that he pulled out his dagger and reflected the sun. The blade was sharp and dazzling.
"Shaoxi is my friend Liang Dagong. If you look at me, you can come at me! Don’t be angry with others! " Even Fang Zhou saw Liang Jin appear, and his arrogance and combativeness increased his disgust.
Is three can’t see the past, can’t help but for their own master uneven interjected, "even the girl others also just you can’t do this to our archduke! I don’t know how sad archduke is to learn of your death! He will appear here to kill Pang Yulong first, then kill Pang Yulong, Haima and Fu Wei to avenge you! How can you be so kind if you don’t appreciate it! "
Lian Fangzhou and Cui Shaoxi are discolored together.
Pearl "ah!" A scream quivered, "madam! Ma’ am Li Furen, please save our wife! "
Even Fang Zhou’s heart cooled when he heard this. He couldn’t help but stare at Liang Jin and let go of the pearl and ran to Shu Er’s house.
Liang Jin followed suit and shouted, "Don’t worry, I haven’t done anything yet!"
Where would Cui Shaoxi let him go alone when he saw it? Also busy with
Pearl opened her mouth and said, madam, how can you two big men go to the bedroom? Just another thought! What’s the point of saying this at this time? Heart worry also hurriedly to …
Even Fang Zhou woke Shu Er up. Facing Shu Er’s sudden alienation and disgust, she guessed inexplicably what must have happened, and it was easy to figure out what was going on. Even Fang Zhou was so angry that her lips trembled and she could not speak.
Before she questioned Cui Shaoxi, she couldn’t help asking Liang Jin with a black face. "What do you mean? How can you ruin Fangzhou’s name so much! You almost killed us! "
Even Fang Zhou is even more frustrated. He almost killed Shu Er. Will Pang Yulong leave it at that time? That’s a real vendetta!
Liang Jin also nu pointed to Shu Er didn’t good the spirit way "who told this woman to whine also don’t say clearly! If she had said you were here and we met, nothing would have happened! "
"…" Shu son moved his lips and said nothing.
It’s her fault?
Cui Shaoxi still boasted to Liang Jin in front of outsiders that even Fang Zhou was his woman-he never dared to say that. Why do men like bandits look at each other in Chapter 135?
Cui Shaoxi sneered, "You don’t care about him. How can you say that about Fangzhou in front of people? If you go out, you won’t kill Fangzhou! What are you up to? "
Liang Jin saw him with Fang Zhou, and his heart was uncomfortable, annoyed and extremely forbearing. He only resisted the impulse to crush him to death. Seeing that he still dared to teach himself that he just didn’t point his nose and scolded him, he couldn’t help but stare at him with great anger and said coldly, "What are you doing? Hehe, it’s not your turn to question! That is, Li Fu’s goods are always old in front of the old people, or that sentence, Fangzhou, I have to decide sooner or later! Don’t always fail to see what’s on your mind. You have a wicked heart and no thief’s guts. I’ll kill you now! "
Three refused to look at his archduke who suffered and said, "Is my archduke so unworthy?" He wouldn’t have said that if the girl wasn’t dead! Why talk about "killing" when even the girl is dead? Cui Gong, don’t talk nonsense! "
Liang Jin deeply rushed Cui Shaoxi and sneered at Cui Shaoxi, which made Cui Shaoxi angry.
Shu Er sighed secretly and laughed secretly. She couldn’t help but sympathize with Fang Zhou. She knew that she had misunderstood at the moment. She was in a good mood and was choked by Liang Jin. Although she was a little annoyed, she didn’t take it to heart.
Even Fang Zhou saw that the two men were going to quarrel, and they felt even more embarrassed and embarrassed in front of Shu Er. "That’s all!" Stop talking about the past! It’s good that the total misunderstanding is solved! Grand Duke Liang, why are you here? "
Liang Jinyuan wanted to drive Cui Shaoxi away immediately, and then tried to kill him when he left the order. When he heard that Fang Zhou asked, he looked sad and started with the news of her disappearance-
Even fangzhou heard a sigh and thought that one of her husband was in a hurry and the other was so sad and crying that he couldn’t control the pain.
Liang Jin noticed that his heart was big and he hated it and didn’t sneer slightly.
Cui Shaoxi also noticed that she was sad and couldn’t help but gently advised, "Don’t worry too much. General Li is not an innocent person and the chief executive of Nanhai County. I think he will find out about you sooner or later!"
Lian Fangzhou smiled at him reluctantly and whispered, "Thank you!"
The more Liang Jin looks at Cui Shaoxi, the more he is not pleasing to the eye. He secretly scolds the cunning and insidious little white face!
The development of things has been completely different from that of Liang Jin. Besides, after this, he doesn’t want to even think of a way to provoke Sanwu to help Wei again. It’s the same for Sanwu to help Wei. He won’t give up so easily. Pang Yulong, who is mindless and has been coaxed around by him, is clear-headed and sometimes indecisive. Sooner or later, he will be bored by the Sanguan.
Let them fight by themselves!
He couldn’t help secretly glancing at Shu ‘er. If he kidnapped Mrs. Pang and left the island without her, Pang Yulong would be persuaded by the three masters …
Of course, we have to keep this from Fangzhou for the time being. What’s done is done. If she wants to oppose it, come!
Then again, hum, if it weren’t for her saving Fang Zhou’s life, where would she get into so much trouble? Kill her with a knife and throw her body into the sea cleanly!
Liang Jin’s mind has been set and he said to Lian Fangzhou, "Although there are arrangements for a huge husband, the sooner you leave here, the better!" Helping Wei is not so easy. Who knows if there are any changes? My boat is hidden on the cliff. I don’t think it’s too late. Let’s leave tomorrow! "
Even Fangzhou was worried about her husband, who was tempted by Liang Jin’s words but didn’t dare to believe him.
Liang Jin detect her meaning slightly sneer at a way "what? Don’t believe me? If I save you, you owe me two lives at most. If you go to Quanzhou, you will go to the government and report your identity. I won’t stop you! "
He can’t wait for people to kill themselves on this side of rejuvenation island and then tamper with Li Fu from the dark! When the time comes, what face does he have to keep her around?
Although Cui Shaoxi hates Liang Jin very much, he also knows that his words are reasonable. Pang Yulong, who doesn’t trust the government too much, has to consider the hippocampus and other brothers, and has helped Wei to provoke God knows what will happen?
Staying in this place is like sitting in a crater. No one can predict when the volcano will erupt.
"Are you reliable? This is a sea area, not a small river! " Cuishaoxi avenue

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