He said, this bastard looks like a big fool. It can’t be a floating cloud anyway. It should be a heavy tree that hit him all the way to hell! !

The more he thinks about it, the angrier he is. He was ruined by a big fool. His perfect comeback plan made him so embarrassed as soon as he appeared!
"I mean, I admire you very much, and I hope we can have another chance to learn from each other."
"I need your admiration! Why should I argue with a fool like you? You, you are qualified to compete with me once in a while. 56 Chapter 56 Try to be stronger.
Fan Di? Arcei doesn’t know why the man in front of him is so excited. He remembers that Ziyun Ao and Xuan Ou Luo played fiercely just now. In the end, they were still very good. There were weeping nights and flowers falling into the water. He also hoped to make friends with his high rivals, even if he couldn’t be friends, it would be good to say hello occasionally. After all, everyone played together.
But how did he feel as if he had said something wrong?
He’s really harmless, but Liuchuan Sakura doesn’t seem to think so.
He admitted that he was indeed a bit lucky. If it wasn’t for that time, a parrot just flew in front of Liuchuan Sakura, driving it away and exposing its whereabouts, maybe he would have lost at that moment!
They were just one move away, and his weapon was blown to pieces. You know, a person’s weapons were crushed, and that was a loss. If he hadn’t found out who he really was first by luck …
There’s a reason why Shirakawa Sakura is angry. It’s just like a new emperor is about to ascend the throne, but the dragon chair was taken away one step before he ascended the throne.
The root is not the same as the man who pushed him to the throne by himself! How is it possible to bow down!
Rukawa Sakura looks like Fandi? Arcai is definitely here to play cheap, which means he has taken his throne, which is great.
Fan Di? Artsayi was blushed by Rukawa Sakura and almost fell off the field.
Rukawa Sakura suddenly stopped chattering and scolding and said calmly, "I haven’t met anyone who can find my real body in such a short time. It seems that I have to work hard to become stronger."
"hmm? Hmm! " Fan Di? Arcai looked at Liuchuan Sakura inexplicably and suddenly giggled. Does this mean that he reconciled with himself? ? Does he take him as a sign of being a friend?
Fan Di? It’s rare for Arcei to meet someone who is not opposite to himself. It’s more caring to thank the other person for not abandoning himself.
But Rukawa Sakura gouged him out like an idiot and took the name from his list. How can a person become his friend? Bullshit.
He glanced at Fandi? At a glance, Arcei limped off with the puppet who was exactly the same size as him.
This puppet was actually Fandi? Arcei was beaten black and blue. If he is not a puppet master, I’m afraid he is full of holes.
I didn’t expect to look as stupid as a teenager to be so powerful and so alert.
Would he have lost the battle if he hadn’t hidden himself but for the sudden appearance of the parrot?
He doesn’t know.
It seems that the desire to revive the puppet family is still far away.
Although he can’t admit it orally, he obviously feels that he can talk to Fan Di? Arcei’s fight like this made him feel comfortable.
I haven’t played the game so seriously for a long time, so I have to work harder, right?
Otherwise, he won’t have the face to lose the game again!
What does it feel like to rely on the resurrection game to squeeze into the list of days’ blades? It’s also very boring to get into the list after losing.
Can really rely on the resurrection to enter the day blade list should be truly crowned master, because they have to deal with not an opponent but a dozen people who are not in line with their own strength! The difficulty can be imagined 3.
Damn it, I wish I hadn’t been so proud just now and concealed myself a little more seriously.
But there’s no way for him to be born so proud. It’s as simple as counting one plus one to get into the blade list.
But he won’t admit that he lost!
The puppet master of Liuchuan’s family will never lose puppetry, and it is absolutely not allowed to lose 563. Chapter 563 He cares too much, right?

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