On seeing people die if you live!

No one came back, and a group of people silently led the water city to move quickly.
Soon, Water Dream City took all the people to the enchantment and saw that it was no stranger to the cloister. Shen Menglu couldn’t help but sigh and cast a glance back along the way. Yan Yi never appeared. Shen Menglu was not worried that Yan Yi was trapped in the devil forest and couldn’t walk out.
"Come out!" Water City took the lead in setting foot in Wuling Fort Courtyard and coldly shouted at Shen Menglu and others.
Zhu Yinzhen and others did not neglect and quickly stepped into Wuling Castle. After everyone came out, the Water Dream City waved its sleeves at the entrance of Devil’s Forest, and the enchantment was once again taken by her. The original lush forest instantly returned to the previous flat white wall.
"Strengthening the enchantment and strengthening the defense must always cheer me up. If there are any changes or suspicious intruders in it, they will all be killed!" Water city in front of Zhu Yinzhen a line of people to keep the door for guards to account.
"It’s the owner of the valley!" The guards should be a loud.
Shen Menglu’s eyebrows locked, Zhu Yinzhen and Chu Daian looked at each other, but there was no strange expression.
"Yingxia, this is the great emperor. He wants us to be guests at Wulingburg for a few days. You will be responsible for entertaining him when I am not. Don’t neglect it!" After telling the guards, Water City called Ying Xia to return the guard Zhu Yinzhen to her hands.
"Yes!" Yingxia looked anxiously at Water Fantasy City without even looking at Zhu Yinzhen. "Valley Master, where are you going when you just got back?"
In a few days, it will be the closing time of Water Fantasy City. It is very important for Water Fantasy City to close. Normally, it will stay in the castle for a rest half a month before it closes. But these days, due to the overwhelming notice of hunting for royal aquarium people and the sudden intrusion of big soldiers into Water Fantasy City, it is often out to reflect in the summer, and I am a little worried about her.
"I’m going to big princess, the Palace of Fanzu. I’ll leave everything in the castle and the valley to you first these days. You must take good care of it, you know?" It is rare for Water Fantasy City to explain its destination to Yingxia.
Ying Xia suddenly changed his face when he heard this. "But the Valley Master, you should not …" You should not use magic to drive the method! These days, when the full moon is the most fragile part of the water fantasy city, isn’t it her own death to help Zhu Runyue solve the ghost method?
"Don’t say more, I have my own plans. You just have to watch Wuling Castle and the Great Emperor." Ying Xia interrupted her coldly before saying a word. "This time, you can watch carefully and I won’t spare you if anything goes wrong!"
Ying Xia consciously turned to cast a glance, and Shen Menglu vowed to give a guarantee that "the owner of the valley can rest assured that he will definitely watch the prison this time."
Reflected in the summer know water fantasy city this is to blame yourself for not keeping an eye on Shen Menglu and letting her run into the devil’s forest. However, with the precedent of Shen Menglu, reflected in the summer will definitely learn a lesson and firmly control Zhu Yinzhen.
The dialogue between Water City and Ying Xia didn’t avoid Zhu Yinzhen and others Shen Menglu. It turned out that Ying Xia was not an ordinary maid who served people.
"Well," Water Fantasy City proudly turned around and walked out. "Go!"
Without a head or a tail, Zhang Er’s monk was puzzled. Zhu Yinzhen frowned slightly and did not move. "Where is Shuigu going?"
Where are you going? Water City stopped and looked at Zhu Yinzhen sarcastically. "Great Emperor, you can forget things more! Aren’t you urging me to exorcise your daughter? Where do you think we should go? How about drinking tea? "
Water City is in a bad mood at the moment, and there is nothing to talk about. It’s full of ridicule and regret. It completely disrupts the water city’s condensed heart lake and makes her a little calm. At this moment, Water City wants to get Zhu Runyue done quickly and catch Yan Qingtang quickly. She is full of anger and needs to vent to Yan Qingtang.
Zhu Yinzhen held Shen Menglu’s hand tightly, then silently loosened it and gave her a gentle push. "Mom, you can go home with peace of mind!"
Shen Menglu bit her lip and looked at Zhu Yinzhen’s beautiful eyes brightly, which was worrying.
"Shiro, you … be careful" Shen Menglu anxiously told her that although she didn’t know what plans Zhu Yinzhen had, it was obviously risky! Water Fantasy City is so unpredictable and has a bad temper.
"Don’t worry, it’s okay." Zhu Yinzhen was reluctant to bow his head and Shen Menglu printed a kiss.
The picture of two people hugging each other is too unsightly, and the fantasy city is another cold hum. "So * Do you want me to prepare a room for you, and you can go to Wushan together after sex, and then save your daughter when you are cool and thorough?"
"Go ahead!" Zhu Yinzhen let go of Shen Menglu, motioned for her to hurry and shouted at Chu Dai ‘an, "Chu Dai ‘an protects the empress well!"
"Yes," Chu Daian walked to Shen Menglu’s side. "Let’s go, Empress, go back early."
Shen Menglu nodded silently and took a deep breath. Then he strode with the footsteps of Water Dream City without looking back. "Let’s go!"
Water Fantasy City gave Zhu Yinzhen a cold sneer, pulled up Shen Menglu’s hands and toes a little, and took Shen Menglu to leap out. "If you want to go, go faster and wait for no one!"
Before Zhu Yinzhen came, they became angry, and they disappeared. In the field of vision, they left the water in the fantasy city and laughed wildly. Oh, no, she deliberately left Chu and Dai ‘an! Zhu Yinzhen was surprised.
Chu Dai-an also noticed the idea of water fantasy city and chased it out quickly.
Water Dream City is determined to get rid of Chu Dai ‘an, but it is still forced to stop by Shen Menglu’s intimidation and wait for Chu Dai ‘an to chase himself.
Water Dream City didn’t go far with Shen Menglu, but she was held against the acupuncture points by Shen Menglu.
"Water Fantasy City, let me go!" Different from the previous polite to Water Dream City, Shen Menglu sounded very cold this time.
"Yo yo, when your man appears, you are full of confidence!" Water Dream City didn’t put the hairpin in Shen Menglu’s hand in the eye or loosen it. She still took her flying over the cliff.
"I repeat, let me go!" Shen Menglu’s voice grew colder and colder, pushing the hairpin forward by an inch. "Water Fantasy City, if you don’t want to be paraplegic, just let me go!"
Water City’s face changed. She could feel that there was a strange limp and numb feeling in the position where she was stabbed by Shen Menglu. She was slowly attacking the limbs. "What did you do to me? 57 Nv Jiao E is a man."
"Acupuncture massage! But if you don’t let me go, it is not necessarily a massage. "Shen Menglu threatened to push the hairpin forward again.
The eyes of Water Fantasy City sank, the original floating face was mottled, and the smile disappeared instantly. Did you take acupuncture? Stupid also know that Shen Menglu is mocking.
Shen Menglu’s position is not a dead hole, but the deepening sense of numbness makes the water fantasy city white. Shen Menglu’s choice of place is also a key point
"I can’t see that you have two brushes!" Water fantasy city gas hum a heavy with Shen Menglu slowly fall to the ground and reluctantly let her go, she kept a little distance.
"People always have special skills." Shen Menglu calmly replied, "You obviously didn’t investigate me enough."
Shen Menglu’s skill in acupuncture and moxibustion is superb, but most people can’t catch up with her. She knows a lot about human acupoints. Silver needles can save people and kill people! If Shen Menglu is willing to kill a person at any time without anyone knowing it, she should not know this if she has carefully investigated it.

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