"There is such a thing!" Li Sheng said indignantly, "No wonder our Wang often said that the emperor is a bunch of idiots!"

"A wise man like Han Tuozhou was killed by Shi Miyuan. Of course, there are only idiots left in your Manchu dynasty!" Ouyang Ke smile and said.
Ouyang Ke is not a humble Beowulf Sha Tongtian and others, but they are different from each other. They also know something about the current situation. Ling Feiyang also started to worry when he heard Ouyang Ke’s words.
"Many protagonists in time-travel novels can be familiar with historical advantages to change the destiny of the country. Ling Feiyang is also a time-travel person. Don’t follow the example of these time-travel pioneers and do something earth-shattering!" Ling Feiyang thought of here in the heart secretly determined.
"Even if the emperor is fatuous, we Da Songmin should do our best!" Li Sheng said, "According to the latest news from the Beggars’ Sect, some Mongolian experts have infiltrated the territory of Dasong but don’t know what the plot is! If they move, we should immediately respond properly! "
"Exactly!" Beggars’ gangs have said.
Then Ling Feiyang asked Huang Rong to solve the acupuncture points for Ouyang Ke and the white maid. Ouyang Ke suddenly asked Huang Rong, "Is this girl the daughter of the Peach Blossom Island Lord Huang?"
"You guess is quite accurate! You can recognize that I must be because of the soft armor! " Huang Rong said, "Your uncle is as famous as my dad. In fact, we have some origins."
"In that case, don’t we make friends?" Ouyang Ke said.
"That’s not necessary. I can call you uncle in terms of age …" Huang Rong said
Ouyang Ke wanted to continue to strike up a conversation with Huang Rong, but Huang Rong ignored Ouyang Ke and glanced at Huang Rong for several times before leaving the ancestral temple with her female entourage.
As soon as Ouyang Kegang left, Yang Kang immediately asked Ling Feiyang with a straight face, "Brother, Ouyang Ke wants to call you Brother. Did you have some friendship before?"
"It’s not a friendship …" Ling Feiyang told everyone about his time in Chang ‘an for a pretence that Ouyang Ke had made friends to rescue those bitter women. Of course, Ling Feiyang kept silent about visiting brothels and spelling these things.
Huang Rong and Li Shenglai are also very confused about this matter. When they hear Ling Feiyang’s narrative, they no longer care about everyone, so they return to the Cheng Family Courtyard and tell Cheng Yaojia what happened.
Cheng Yaojia thanked everyone, but Huang Rong hurried into the boudoir and put the beggar back.
"Sister Huang, how beautiful you were just now. Why do you always like to wear this dress?" Yang kang asked.
"When I first escaped from Peach Blossom Island, I just wore beautiful clothes, only to meet some unscrupulous disciples, Sister Yang. You don’t know that some people are a hundred times worse than this Ouyang Ke!" Huang Rong said.
"Sister Huang will be afraid of these apprentices!" Cheng Yaojia said with a smile.
"I’m not afraid of them. If they bully me, I’ll cut off their ears, but after cutting off so many ears, someone still bullies me. I’m really bored, so I found a body to put on my clothes, and sure enough, no one bothers me anymore!" Huang Rong said.
"This little girl really has a father, Huang Yaoshi style. She looks naive and tough to deal with bad guys!" Ling Feiyang thought to himself, "The difficulty of knocking down this younger sister is definitely the highest value of shooting sculptures. I must take a long-term view. If I don’t pay attention to it, Ling Feiyang will not push my sister, but she will cut her ear …"
"Didn’t you follow Huang’s predecessors back to Peach Blossom Island? How did you get into the Beggars’ Sect again? " Yang Kang asked Huang Rong again.
"If you want me to cry and make my dad take me and give me ten days to watch the tournament before going home …" Huang Rong smiled and said, "In order to get to Jiaxing, I also went to Suzhou and saw that the city is very prosperous, so I thought that if I begged here, I would definitely get a lot of money, so I found a broken bowl and squatted on the side of the road …"
"She has so much money at home and still squats on the ground begging all day. This little sister is really chatting …" Yang Kang and Cheng Yaojia thought to themselves.
"If I knew you were the daughter of Huangdao, how dare I let you join the Beggars’ Sect!" Li Sheng said with a smile
We chatted for another night and then said goodbye to each other. Li Sheng took the beggar’s brother Ling Feiyang and Yang Kang to say goodbye to Cheng Yaojia. Cheng Yaojia thanked them all the time and sent them out of Suzhou City. Looking at the back of the three people, they were still reluctant to part.
"Brother Ling, it seems that Miss Cheng has been watching you from behind!" Huang Rong did a good deed and felt in a good mood, skipping along and saying.
"Miss Cheng must like her brother!" Yang Kang walked over and said
"It’s not me who saved her from the jaws of death. She likes it must be Huang Xiandi!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"If I had known she liked me, I wouldn’t have changed my clothes and made her a man!" Huang Rong Road
"If you are a man, I must pursue you and snatch you from Miss Cheng!" Yang Kang also played a joke on Huang Rong.
"What shall I do if you pursue Huang Xiandi!" Ling Feiyang said, however, after saying his word, two powder punches hit him at the same time.
The three of them felt very upset when they were fighting. Yang Kang took Huang Rong’s hand and said, "Anyway, you have to go to Jiaxing to see me compete. Let’s go all the way!"
"Good!" Huang Rong happily agreed to come and immediately said, "But I don’t think you can beat my brother Guo in martial arts!"
Huang Rong’s words also speak to Ling Feiyang’s heart. Although Yang Kang and Hong Qigong have studied marksmanship for three days, they are all tricky moves. If they are compared with the work, they are still far from Guo Jing.
"How about this!" Huang Rong said, "If you wear my soft hedgehog armor on your body during the tournament, you will stab him through several holes if you hit the palm of Guo Jing’s fist!"
"Huang Rong really didn’t like Guo Jing at all. He not only lied to him about silver, mink and BMW, but also wanted to stab him in a few holes. This is simply bite the hand that feeds him …" Ling Feiyang thought, "Huang Rong must be jealous of Guo Jing and wanted to touch her hand when they first met …"
"That can’t be done …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about Yang Kang but said, "Brother Guo is our friend after all. How can I hurt him?"
"There will be a way! I’ll teach you a few tricks to keep the Peach Blossom Island martial arts, and you will definitely win Guo Jing! " Huang Rong suddenly pulled Yang Kang into the distance and whispered a few words in her ear.
"I don’t know what Huang Rong is talking about, but don’t let me hear you. How can Huang Rong be better than Master Hong?" Ling Feiyang’s heart is strange, but Huang Rong and Yang Kang have come back.
"In the last few days, I will learn some martial arts from Sister Huang!" Yang Kang said to ling Feiyang.
Chapter 4 Practice the Nine-Yin True Sutra
Huang Rong brought her little red horse Ling Feiyang from the city to Guo Jing to go hand in hand with Yang Kang. On the third day, she arrived at the south lake of Jiaxing City.
Jiaxing Nanhu Jiangnan three famous lakes-Hangzhou West Lake and Nanjing Xuanwu Lake are equally famous. At this moment, it is Yangchun March Lake, and the green Ruyan Liu Lake is rippling. The most fascinating thing is that the two famous buildings, Yanyu Building and Zuixian Building, are located on an island in the middle of the lake, and the two tall buildings are located by the lake. The reflections reflect each other and form a unique landscape in the lake.
There are still seven days before the tournament of Zuixianlou. Three people stay in an inn near Nanhu Lake. Huang Rong and Yang Kang live in the same room. Both of them stay in the house every day mysteriously. They don’t know what martial arts they are practicing. Ling Feiyang is also inconvenient to ask more questions. Finally, sometimes they meditate and think about things afterwards.

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