Chang Shengcai doesn’t care how the reporters are entangled. He is telling his ambitions to the players in the bus: "This season, we have already relegated, but this is only a starting point! Do you want to repeat what you did this season next season? I don’t want to anyway! So in the new season, I want to make the team’s strength by going up one flight of stairs! Getafe will no longer be a relegation team, we have to pursue higher goals! "
Players who are in a good mood also have the courage to joke with this young head coach who is usually very dignified and has no mercy in picking up people.
"Higher goal, coach? You’re not going to lead us to upgrade, are you? ! Ha! " Popovich asked loudly.
The players around us also laughed.
Kui Popovich dares to say it!
If getafe wants to upgrade, it will be more difficult than relegation!
So upgrading is definitely impossible. Come on …
They think that the team may be in the middle of the league next season, and there is no need to worry about relegation. This is the best thing.
Even the coaches laughed.
But in this laughter, Changsheng smiled and said: "It is an upgrade!"
Laughter continued to ring for a few seconds under the action of inertia, and then stopped abruptly after a few seconds.
Everyone stared at Chang Sheng at the front, looking at him with the eyes of monsters or aliens.
However, compared with before, no one looked at him with the eyes of mental illness.
Even Popovich, who was joking with Changsheng, froze, his mouth open and he couldn’t say a word for a long time.
"You don’t have to be so surprised?" Changsheng spread out his hand.
"Chang, are you kidding …" Manuel Garcia pulled Chang Sheng’s arm in surprise.
Rudy Gonzalez looked at Changsheng with pondering eyes.
He understood why Changsheng told him that getafe’s goal for next season is no longer relegation. It turned out that his ambition was so great!
This bastard … How dare you think!
But when he was completely inexperienced, didn’t he dare to think of anything to lead such a group of lost dogs to avoid relegation?
At that time, the way people looked at him was probably similar to the way people looked at him today, or was it just the same?
But he did it.
So next season, can he do it?
Rudy Gonzalez was suddenly interested and looking forward to the start of the new season.
No matter what the final result is, he feels that winning constantly will bring him an unforgettable season …
Chapter 58 My great goal
"No kidding, guys, I’m not kidding." Changsheng said to a surprised person in the bus.
"I tell you, from the end of this season, I will start to work hard for this goal. I’m here to tell you this because I don’t want to hide my ambition from you. You should know how difficult it is to upgrade, so my requirements for you will only be higher and stricter than now. I need people who can accomplish my ambitions. In fact, it is very difficult, and you will also pay more sweat and sacrifice. But I think just as you feel that relegation is so wonderful that you are still smiling, the upgrade is just as wonderful … No, it is even more wonderful. Many of you may have tasted the taste of upgrading from B to B, but upgrading from B to A is definitely a hundred times better than that! "
"I will work hard to pursue this feeling, and I hope you will work hard as well. I need you stronger in the new season, so I will bring in more players and you will compete with him. I won’t give you any special treatment just because of your performance in these ten rounds of league matches. When the new season comes, everything starts all over again, so if you still want to get the main position, you have to fight hard. "
"I’m not alarmist. I’m telling you this very seriously. I don’t want you to be caught off guard by me after a comfortable holiday. You have contributed a lot to the team’s relegation, so I will inform you in advance. I would rather you have a less comfortable holiday, but I also hope that you can pay attention to controlling your weight during the holiday, and then let’s work together for this crazy goal in the new season! "
"Of course, think I am a person in daydreaming, can ignore. But I will fight to the last minute with those who are willing to go crazy with me. Just like what I did with you in the last ten rounds of the season! You all saw the result of my madness, right? I know that at this time, when everyone is very happy, it is a bit disappointing to choose to say this, but I have to say it. Because I didn’t think it was a great thing to avoid relegation from the beginning! My goal is very ambitious! "
Ever-victorious thought of his spit on the Real Madrid team emblem and what Don Quixote said to himself.
Challenge those seemingly powerful and invincible windmills! Even if the strength is very different, you must have the courage to charge!
How can such a lofty goal be trapped in the second-level league such as the Spanish League?
In fact, he had already thought it over, either he would lead getafe to La Liga, or if he failed in the end, he would leave this team in getafe regardless of his achievements, and look for other opportunities with his accumulated experience and fame in this team.
Therefore, when Moscow deliberately renewed its contract for only one year, he did not raise any objection.
Because he knew that if he didn’t succeed, he would only stay in getafe for one season.
Say that finish, ever-victorious sat back, completely ignoring how much impact his remarks had brought to everyone.
In the bus that was still laughing before, it suddenly fell into silence.
Manuel Garcia complained softly that Changsheng shouldn’t throw cold water on everyone.
"A season of hard work, finally relegation, they haven’t been happy for long, you say so, I think a lot of people are not in the mood to celebrate. They will worry about whether they can get your importance next season … "
Changsheng shrugged: "I know it is not good to throw cold water at this time, but we are pressed for time, Manuel." If we start working hard next season, it will be too late. I want the players to be mentally prepared from now on. Acceptable to work with me, unacceptable, we have a good reunion, I thank them for all their efforts in the team’s relegation, I will not embarrass them … "
"I think I often do the right thing."
Rudy Gonzalez suddenly cut in and surprised Manuel Garcia.
He looked at Rudy Gonzalez in surprise, wondering how this famous coach, who always wins and doesn’t deal with it, suddenly agreed with him.
It doesn’t seem surprising to look at the constant victory.
He wondered if something had happened between the two men …
"Everything should be prepared early so as not to be in a hurry." Rudy went on to say, "If we don’t make it clear to them until next season’s preparations begin, we will waste the holiday time. If Hertafe really wants to be upgraded, then even holidays can’t be wasted for us. But then again, are you really going to lead this team to upgrade? "
Changsheng nodded: "I said, the goal of the team in the new season is not to avoid relegation."
"It’s very difficult."
"That’s why I need your help and Manuel’s help."
Rudy Gonzalez smiled: "Interesting! Then I will accompany you crazy! "
Manuel Garcia was listening to the conversation between the two of them, scratching his hair in a hurry.
"This upgrade is what you said!" He asked.
"Avoidance is not what I said, but it’s better to have a goal than no goal. Or to put it more romantically, Manuel. Think of this as my dream in the new season. If people have no dreams, what is the difference between them and dried salted fish? "
Manuel Garcia looked at the winner and didn’t know what to say.
It seems that his words scared poor honest Garcia enough, so Chang Sheng patted Manuel Garcia on the shoulder and comforted him: "All right, Manuel. Don’t think so much now. In short, let’s work together for the upgrade. Even if we don’t do it in the end, it will be much better than now, won’t it? "
Manuel reluctantly accepted this setting.

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