"I’m full." Buhala spoke hard. The first round of the game was even more difficult. It was decided in the eyes of the threat of love. Hey ~ Menqi, I’m sorry for you, but as the saying goes, if you are in trouble, you should be considerate! "Winner 51" and Love Micro is the 51st.

At this time, there were no students who were dissatisfied with Love Micro. Everyone could see that Buhala’s appetite was still very strong before eating Love Micro-roasted pig. After eating her roast pig, she said that she was full. This problem was obviously that she was angry with Love Micro-roasted. They rationally forgot about Love Micro and were afraid of attacking her.
"Love Sister Wei!" "Love micro …"
Before Xiaojie’s call was over, the candidates all fell down. Everyone had a deep wound and a long moan, which sounded like a scream echoing in hell and sending out chills.
It’s terrible that so many people have been made in a short time. They didn’t even see her clearly. The people who can make friends with Momo must not be weak!
"Remember that being weak is your sin, and those who are weak want to challenge the strong, which is an added crime!"
Cold language, indifference, eyes that can’t melt ice make them tremble. In those eyes that have no feelings, they see their own smallness. It is a tragedy of humbling the "51" flag like a worm.
"Hey, hey, the second half of the second test begins!" Menqi’s words made the candidates escape during the period, and they looked at Menqi quickly and listened attentively to Menqi’s words.
"I won’t like the first game I review but will be very strict! In the second half of the second scene, my menu is sushi! "
Menqi’s voice just fell, which aroused the puzzled discussion of the candidates.
"Say …"
"What’s that?"
"What exactly is sushi? Do you know? "
"I wonder …"
"What should I do? Can’t grasp the direction. "
"I don’t even know what to do?"
"Hum ~ ~ You look confused, but it’s no wonder that you don’t know it because it’s a national cuisine of a small island. Let me show you a good one first. Let’s have a look inside!"
Menqi’s words made candidates who didn’t have a clue rush into the entrance like they seized hope. They looked in and saw that there was a washstand, a pot of white rice, a cutting board and several sharp kitchen knives in front of everyone.
"You have at least tools and materials in front of you to make sushi, and I have prepared white rice for you. There is also a biggest hint that sushi is a success! Ok, I’m ready to start. When I feel full, the exam will be announced. Before that, you can make as many sushi as you like! "
Even if Menqi said so, the candidates still can’t figure out the tools in front of them. What is this to show? Aren’t these things necessary for ordinary cooking? Look at these things, who will know what sushi is!
They have never seen sushi before, and they don’t have a clue. They don’t worry about it at all. Xiaojie asks Lianwei hopefully, "Does Sister Lianwei know sushi?"
Hey, hey, Jacko, you shouldn’t ask anyone about love! Have you forgotten the roast pig that makes everyone smell "pig"? You can tell by looking at it that Lian Wei is an idiot in cooking, right? How can she know about sushi, a food that we have never heard of?
"I know!"
When they were condescending in Kulapika, they were surprised by the unexpected answer. Do you really know? True or false? The candidates who heard them talking next to them also looked suspicious.
"hmm? Are you doubting my words? " Really? Does she know that sushi is so strange? Even momo and Xiao Yi showed surprise. Isn’t it just that the food she cooked tasted a little strange? It’s really that these people’s acceptance ability is too poor
"Really? Sister Lian Wei is really amazing! "
Looking at Xiaojie, others have completely different attitudes and are satisfied with it. Well, it’s better for Xiaojie!
"Sushi is a small food that can be eaten in one bite with rice, raw fish and vinegar."
"Fresh fish? This is in the forest! " When Lian Wei just finished holding sushi, Lei Ouli shouted.
"Bang-"Kulapika threw his lunch spoon at Lei Ouli’s head with a black cross on his head. "You say it’s too big. Isn’t there a stream to catch fish in the forest?"
_ |||| Cool Lapika, your voice is louder!
Obviously, Kulapika himself realized that all the candidates around him were staring at them quietly and then rushed out to catch fish …
Love Wei didn’t rush out with them. First, she didn’t even think about making sushi. After all, she knew that her own things could be made successfully, but the taste was a little worse. The most important thing was that she was not interested in catching fish with a large crowd. Anyway, she didn’t care much about hunters.
Hmm … She really doesn’t care if she can become a hunter! Can you take back all these strange fish? Jacko, stop it. Even Momo and Yi helped her catch one, which led to her looking at those deformed fish eyes.
Looking up and seeing Xiaojie, they all looked forward to looking at her, which gave her a bad feeling.
"You won’t be waiting for me to do it first!"
Uh-huh. Xiaojie, Qiya, Kulapika and Lei Ouli nodded in unison, and even Xiaoyi "clicked" to join in the fun.
"Didn’t I just make it clear?"
"But I’m still not very white." Xiaojie said with a frown, whether it’s imagination or physical reference by words alone.
"Well …" Love micro-Nai cleanly cut open the fish, washed it and sliced it, and kneaded it into a small rice ball and pressed it on the sliced fish.
Gently knead and shape until the rice fillets are tight. Turn the sushi upside down from your fingers and press it into a semicircle to form a typical pillow shape.
"Wow … how beautiful!" Fresh fish pink thin fish noodles coated with a little green mustard and white rice are full. The whole looks small, lovely and attractive!
Everyone else was surprised to see that Lian Wei made sushi. I didn’t expect it to be cooked!
"Well, it looks good!" I don’t know when Menqi came here to see her, and she was very satisfied with her love.
"Well, can I have a taste of Sister Lian Wei?" Xiaojie looked at love micro and looked forward to it.
"Of course, but you can also have a taste! Menqi examiner also has a taste! " Smiling at their invitation.
Kulapika, they looked at the attractive and beautiful sushi and forgot the previous tragic situation of Buhala and the food hunter Menqi must have provoked a meal with Xiaojie.
Uh … what? What? What is it? I didn’t see anything strange put by Sister Lian Wei (Lian Wei). What’s the terrible taste? After all the ups and downs, there is still a subtle taste that can’t be removed, which makes their taste dull in an instant. The whole person stands there as if he had seen brilliant fireworks.

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