"Although it is scattered, it seems that the communication can still be discussed. Brothers in Jiantang must cheer up and find the treasure in front of the Rashomon Hall and the Temple Domain. It is necessary to have a strong hand first!" Tianya jianhai’s forceful command quickly got everyone’s response.

If they are in the same area, the guild will have their own unique communication management office, which can communicate with all the people. Although it is close to reality, it still retains most of the game elements.
"Sword master, be careful!" However, at the end of Tianya Jianhai’s words, a die-hard friend suddenly pushed him away, and a shocking scene happened, and the awe-inspiring shock wave took away half of the die-hard, which made dozens of people on the scene face big changes.
"Bastard!" Tianya Jianhai suddenly flew into a rage when he saw his companion protect himself and died. The sword suddenly flushed with a four-volume firm but gentle white mountain, and it was unambiguous to stop Tianya Jianhai from being firm but gentle.
However, the furious Tianya Jianhai came with a whole body of Shaqi crazy volume, and the terrible shock wave swept away and soon the sneak attacker was executed on the spot.
It was only after the anger subsided that people saw that the dead swordsman looked impressively like a cave man.
Just when they were shocked by the strange creatures, the dense green eyes around them stared at them intensely, which was creepy.
"Come on! ! !” It seems that he hasn’t vented his addiction to Tianya Jianhai. He actually took the initiative to launch an attack. The sharp sword cut made the cave people scream again and again. The so-called Theory Sword Hall is naturally a master of swords, and Tianya Jianhai is a great swordsman! !
Strength to soul realm peak top distance that day people realm is also half a step away.
The other tunnel owners, Senluo and Baishengtang, also suffered from the same situation in the Sword Hall, and the battle was fierce. However, in front of the two presidents, the cave people also mourned for their lives.
"Everyone beware of cavemen. Their heads are the only weakness, and the rest are as hard as iron." Bai Shengtang seems to have special skills to see the monster’s weakness. His white eyes look a bit weird and penetrating.
The whole guild members of Senluo Master are evil, and Senluo Master’s occupation also belongs to ghost duty, but Senluo Magic War is also half a step away from the peak of soul realm that day.
If these three people are equal in strength, if they really want to talk about Tianya Jianhai fencing, Bai Shengtang has a mysterious pupil force, which is the strangest one.
Although they were attacked by cave people in the cave, it was not a small setback for them. It was not long before they began to go deeper into the ground.
But when they wandered around the tunnel, they seemed to realize a problem, that is, the city was much bigger than they thought.
And I have to say, lost.
However, after several twists and turns, the leaders of the three forces were caught in a wandering, but this was only the beginning. When they realized that they were lost, a more terrible crisis was still waiting for them.
When hundreds of cave people stopped in front of them, even the owner of Sen Luo of Tianya Jianhai Baishengtang was aware of this huge crisis.
Countless cave people surrounded their department and gestured to catch turtles in a dream.
"This can be troublesome."
"President, what should we do if we are surrounded by cave people?" There’s the guild channel. It’s panicked and yelling. I can see that everyone is panicked.
"Don’t go out and find a way to get together" in such a complicated structure, and you want to get together again unless you are proficient in the whole city structure or have a map here
But obviously, they don’t have either of them, and they don’t have talented people like Forget Dust.
At the same time
"Boss, it looks like we’re surrounded." Everyone in the third prison has gone deep into the cave. Even they don’t know where they are, but the light in front of them is getting brighter and brighter, and it’s purple.
The ghost king of the third prison intuitively believes that the place they are looking for is ahead.
"The number is really amazing. I didn’t expect there to be such a race in the desert underground." The ghost king of the third prison also realized that they are not as simple as monsters. This should be a race that has been perfunctory here for generations, and now they are like invaders and naturally resisted.
"No matter what you are carrying, we also have our own mission. I said get out of the way once." The ghost king of the underworld, who has always been cold-blooded and murderous, actually said such a thing and released a murderous look of terror at the same time.
Even cave people feel a little scared. Yes, this man exudes a murderous look that makes them afraid.
"It’s almost snowdrop, let’s hurry up and finally help those guys." At this time, it’s hard to escape. Snowdrop and Lutianyou also arrived at the same route
When they saw the light in front of them, they suddenly felt full of hope and excitement, but when they rushed past, they were inexplicably shocked.
Looking back, the awe-inspiring look seems to have been separated for centuries.
"black prison"
"How is it possible! ! Damn it, what? They’ll be here. What the hell is going on? What should we do? They’ll be killed! !” There was despair in Lu Tianyou’s mind in an instant, and it was hard to please so many cave people, but I didn’t expect to meet a monster more terrible than the enemy here!
If he had a choice, he would rather go back to face those cave people than face the black prison, and even the ghost king was among them. This is no joke.
Shit, it’s snowing! !
Lu Tianyou realized that he was in front of the snow and put on alert at the first time. The death knight stood in front of them.
"Oh players? Incredibly can come here "absolute line of people showed a surprised expression, absolute ghost king is directly open cold words to make way for the day trip and creepy death desert said that the characters are in front of them! !
"Ha ha ha ha, I’m not so afraid. Now it seems that I don’t have time to talk to you if you are immortal." When the ghost king of the third prison spoke, the cave man suddenly jumped in front of him and suddenly came to his eyes. Just before he raised his fist at the ghost king, a sudden evil wind blew over his head and disappeared.
Yes, it disappeared. The bloody body has no head.
In this scene, the snow fell and screamed. Although there was a lot of fighting all the way, it was not so shocking because the head fell on her side less than ten meters.
"How to shoot didn’t see what happened." Lu Tianyou was dumbfounded. He didn’t see how the other party attacked and died inexplicably
However, the death of their companions completely stimulated the cave people. They roared wildly as if calling their companions. Suddenly, the whole underground came to a sudden change and thundered like thunder. It wasn’t long before the ground collapsed and broke. Before and after them, there were scary cave people, and the number was still increasing! ! !
It’s so dark that people are scared.
"Damn it, it’s hard to get to this point. How can you be here?" Lu Tianyou suddenly turned to face the cave man behind him with a face of embarrassment, so if you go, you will die.
"bss is in trouble. Do you want me to get rid of their department?" The worm said coldly.
The absolute ghost king grinned. "Isn’t it a pity that I haven’t had such a boiling passion for a long time?" In the face of such exaggeration, the absolute ghost king of the cave man legion had no fear but also showed a bloodthirsty smile.
For this kind of idea in B’s mind, Lu Tianyou doesn’t want to guess, and now he wants to escape from here.
Just when the war was about to break out between the two sides, the night suddenly turned into day, which should not be said to be rendered into the whole purple world, and these purple rays actually penetrated the desert, penetrated the wall, and directly irradiated the whole cave underground! !
Yes, when the purple light came, the caveman screamed.
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Where the moonlight shines
If this is not a desert of death, then this scenery has a special feeling.
But the undercurrent of this desert is invisible and dangerous.

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