Yang Xiu was in a hurry to escape underground, but he couldn’t help but lament why he only came to chase himself instead of the monk who chased the magic way. He didn’t know that this was because of the Bai Zhi’s income from dry Kun’s hand.

Because of the critical situation just now, Yang Xiu directly put Bai Zhi’s soul into the hands of Gan Kun, and there was no hiding. At this moment, I can’t help but regret it. If the secret of Gankun’s hand space is known by others, I am afraid there will be no peace in the future. So make up your mind, no matter what, this person inside can’t let him leave Gankun’s hands alive.
At this moment, Yang Xiu didn’t make track for him when he saw the man, and his heart was finally relaxed. While hiding, he separated a little mind into the hands of Gan Kun. One is to see if Bai Zhi’s soul has made any unusual moves in the hands of Gan Kun, and the other is, of course, because he just heard Bai Zhi say that he knows the passage to get out of here, so Yang Xiu should of course know whether it is true or not, otherwise there will be pursuers, and he can’t always escape. If he doesn’t catch up, he will be exhausted.
Yang Xiu mind into dry hand, at a glance to detect Bai Zhi.
See Bai Zhi a face of surprise at the moment, with a somewhat uneasy, with a somewhat curious, and an unidentified expression, looking at the space in the hands of this dry Kun.
Now there are more than 200 square meters of dry Kun hands, and during this period of time, many monks have been sacrificed in Yang Xiu. Although the aura content inside is still not high, it is not as thin as it was at first. Several unknown grasses have also grown sparsely on the ground.
The most striking fear in the space is the hill-like lingshi, which makes the whole space shine brightly. At that time, Yang Xiu was in a hurry, and he didn’t think of hiding in space, and was caught by Bai Zhi.
When Bai Zhi saw this pile of LingShi, he couldn’t help but be tongue-tied, especially when he thought that Yang Xiu only had the base period, and then combined it with this strange space, which made him secretly guess Yang Xiu’s identity.
Jiman is lying on the ground in a coma, of course. There is also a hunchback monk named Qiu, who is being swallowed up by the cloud-control spirit beast, who has lost less than half a circle. But Bai Zhi can’t see these two people now, because when Yang Xiu put them in Bai Zhi early, he separated Jiman from the fog-controlled spirit beast by law and hid them, otherwise, if Bai Zhi had any evil intentions, it would be a big loss.
The situation of the Ghost King is not good now. Originally, after Yang Xiu burned the soul with a purple jade gourd in a cold swamp, his vitality never fully recovered. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so troublesome to deal with those monks in the foundation period in water curtain cave.
Now, the ghost king’s solid body has been completely smashed by the sky, and the two horns on his head are broken, leaving only the fire of the soul in his head intact, which may not be restored in a few years or more.
And the skull above its ear, it didn’t have time to recover it at that time. There is also the ghost sickle, which has long been restored to its original state and scattered into countless ghosts and spectres, pervading the body of the ghost king. If you want to condense again, I don’t know how long it will take.
In a word, the Ghost King has many problems now, and in a short time, he can’t help Yang Xiu to fight. This not only made Yang Xiu feel heartbroken, but sighed that this time it was a big loss. Not only did the goal not be achieved, but it also made the ghost king lose his fighting capacity. Therefore, even looking at Bai Zhi’s eyes is not good.
Yang Xiu didn’t expect Bai Zhi’s soul to leave the body, and after the pursuit of heaven, he is still so energetic.
Mind micro, Yang Xiu no matter how Bai Zhi felt when he saw this space, he controlled the law in Gankun’s hand and settled the space around Bai Zhi within one meter, so that he couldn’t get out of this range.
Yang Xiu has no difficulty in doing all this. As long as Gankun’s hand doesn’t collapse, he is the absolute master of this space.
Bai Zhi was looking around, but suddenly he felt that his body was like hitting a transparent wall, but he couldn’t get through it. And he changed to another direction, but the result was still the same.
This Bai Zhi can’t help but feel flustered. He thought that he had met with a ban and didn’t dare to touch.
But immediately, he felt a horrible breath that made him feel palpitations from the depths of his soul spread out in front of him. Looking up, I don’t know when a pale flame the size of a fly appeared in front of him. Although the flame was small, Bai Zhi saw that his soul could not help but shudder. He is convinced that with such a little spark, as long as he touches it, his soul will be burned to the dregs.
This flame is, of course, a little chaotic fire that Yang Xiu secretly leads to. Of course, its power now is far less than one billionth of the real chaotic fire, and it can’t reach the realm of refining everything for nothing, but it has been refined as many as hundreds of monks before, which is a little chaotic breath that is faintly scattered, and it is not what Bai Zhi, a state of soul that has just left, can bear.
Seeing that Bai Zhi had been shocked, Yang Xiu did not delay any longer. As soon as his voice was correct, he immediately asked Bai Zhi, "Do you really know how to leave this witch tomb?"
Bai Zhi immediately recognized the voice of the monk, and was surprised at first. After hearing Yang Xiu’s question, I relaxed again. Reminiscent of this posture now, it is imprisonment and flame. After all, it is a long-term Johnson. I still don’t understand why, so I said in a hurry:
"Really know. As long as Daoyou promises to help me recover my body in the future and kill the man who bullied my teacher and destroyed my ancestors, I will not only inform Daoyou of another way to get out of here safely, but also look to Daoyou for help in the future! "
If before, for Yang Xiu this level of cultivation, Bai Zhi that is completely ignored. But now his situation is not optimistic. When the ghost king was ravaged by heaven, because he also stayed on the ghost king, he was also affected, which was not as good as what Yang Xiu saw now. If Yang Xiuqi is evil now, it is a piece of cake to refine its soul. Therefore, we have to stabilize Yang Xiu first.
Considering that the pursuer behind is coming soon, Yang Xiu has no time to travel with him, making no secret of his murder, cold way:
"Hum, destroy the universe is my business, now is the time when you can make a condition? Tell me the way out of here quickly, or what’s the use of me leaving you? If I lose patience, I will refine you immediately! "
Yang Xiu say that finish, immediately command that a little fire of chaos closer to Bai Zhi. Let Bai Zhi vaguely feel the burning pain of the fire of chaos on his soul, but it won’t hurt his roots.
However, Yang Xiu still looked down upon Bai Zhi. Although the fire of chaos made him afraid to move and burned his soul, he didn’t compromise, and his mouth was tough:
"Since I said later you can’t guarantee my life, then why should I say? Anyway, it’s all death. Why should I help you? Also, I have tasted the taste of poison, and this pain is nothing! If you still use other means, you can do it all. See if I can’t stand it! "
Yang Xiu saw that he was threatening himself, and his voice was even colder. He couldn’t help but harsh voice: "Do you really think I dare not? Tell me where the export is, or I’ll feed you to my ghost servant right away. It’s just that it’s badly hurt now and needs soul tonic. "
But Bai Zhi is still a dead duck mouth shut, seems to really don’t care about life and death, it doesn’t matter:
"How to choose in you, my condition is as simple as that, and it doesn’t do you any harm. I think I am a humble person. There are many secrets I have learned over the years. Although it is different from your practice, it will certainly help you. And I am like this now. Are you afraid of what I can do to you? "

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