Suddenly, a silver lightning cut across the sky, and the lower end of the lightning accurately hit Chu Yifeng, who was standing under the street lamp. Chu Yifeng was immediately blasted into the street by lightning, and he was still braving the smoke and a burnt smell filled the air.

Chu Yifeng lost all consciousness only when he heard a bang.
I don’t know how long it took Chu Yifeng to feel a little coolness on his back, but all over his body he felt deep burning pain. When he opened his eyes slightly, he could only feel the rain dripping on him.
"I’m not dead yet?" For high flyers of Medical University, Chu Yifeng certainly knew what would happen after being struck by lightning, so he knew that he was not dead through his feelings.
"Let me live alone in the world, and now let lightning strike me. Why don’t you let me die? Are you kidding me?"
Although not dead, the body paralyzed by electric shock made Chu Yifeng unable to say a word, but his eyes were full of resentment against God, as if he were venting his anger to God with his eyes.
However, Chu Yifeng didn’t hear a question suddenly coming out over nine days: "Why didn’t you die?"
It seems that I feel Chu Yifeng’s unyielding and resentful voice in the sky and say, "Try again."
Chu Yifeng just felt that he had recovered a little control over his body, but suddenly there was a flash of red light in the sky, followed by a violent bang in his ear. "Click!"
It was thundered again!
Chu Yifeng was turned over by lightning and plunged into the mud, but he couldn’t feel any pain anymore because Chu Yifeng was paralyzed all over as if his body had disappeared, but his unyielding heart was even worse.
"Good thief! God, you really want to play with me. I hate it!" Although speechless, Chu Yifeng’s heart is still constantly cursing, but this time Chu Yifeng is wrong.
And the voice in the sky rang again: "Hey, I’m still alive. Maybe the person I’ve been looking for will fall this time."
After another pause, he said something that would make even God angry: "Try again."
So an orange light once again cut through the sky, accompanied by rain, and once again found Chu Yifeng, who had been paralyzed all over.
Chu Yifeng, who was lying on the ground, didn’t know what had fallen. There was a thunderbolt in his ear for the third time, but after the sound, he couldn’t hear anything because his eardrum had been burned out.
The smell of burning behind him turned over several times in a row and entered Chu Yifeng’s only nose that can still function together with a kind of fishy smell and stench. But even so, Chu Yifeng can still clearly know that he is not dead. Because the paralyzed body regained consciousness after being hit by lightning for the third time, but the terrible pain immediately spread.
Even with consciousness, Chu Yifeng still couldn’t move. He just subconsciously opened his mouth and wanted to shout out his pain and grievances, but only exhaled a foul breath.
The pain soon disappeared again, but Chu Yifeng had no strength to scold God any more, and his consciousness had begun to blur. This time, he really felt the passing of life.
"Death is finally played by God, and finally I am no longer lonely …" seems to be Chu Yifeng’s last thought.
At the last moment, Chu Yifeng seems to see that the distance between heaven and himself is getting closer and closer, and the whole person flies, but his eyes are always shining with a white light, which seems to be the color of heaven.
In a daze, Chu Yifeng suddenly felt a refreshing breath coming, and the whole person was like a warm and soft spring soaking in a hot spring to nourish his injured body. The pain had already disappeared, and even the body burned by lightning slowly regained consciousness and was no longer numb.
Chu Yifeng couldn’t help but groan comfortably. "Hmm … Hum ……" It seems that he is quiet and carefree when he returns to his childhood mother’s arms. At this time, he just wants to sleep quietly. It seems that only in his sleep can such a scene make people feel so relaxed.
However, a sudden utterance disturbed Chu Yifeng’s dream. Chu Yifeng’s burnt diaphragm has been cured.
"You’re not dead yet. Get up quickly!"

002 amethyst jade gourd
Chu Yifeng suddenly opened his eyes and saw a man about thirty years old standing in front of him. On his face as cold as a stone statue, a pair of slender eyes and corners of his eyes were like a blade inserted to both sides. Two heavy eyebrows twisted into the sky and scattered with faint blue. What’s even more surprising is that this person’s long, black head has a faint blue color behind his head.
Even so, Chu Yifeng still felt a sense of oppression from this person, just like being depressed in the face of a deep dark cloud.
"Who are you?" Chu Yifeng immediately stood up and didn’t even have himself. Now he has no injuries at all.
"My name is Lan Chen." The brisk replied.
"Morning?" Chu Yifeng tried hard to remember that he knew someone and soon determined that he really didn’t know this person. "I don’t know you."
"I didn’t know it before, but now I know it." There is a trace of joy in Lan Chen’s eyes. She looks at Chu Yifeng like an archaeologist has discovered a priceless antique.
"What do you want?" Chu Yifeng is in a bad mood now. He still hasn’t forgotten what he just gave birth to.
"I know how you feel now. Your relatives have left you and your friends have betrayed you. I just want to help you."
Chu Yifeng didn’t want to be alone all the time. He looked at Lan Chen in confusion and asked, "Help me? How to help? "
"Take you away from this sad place and go to a broader world."
"Where is a broader world? Where do you want to take me? " Chu Yifeng doesn’t know who is in front of him. He thinks Lan Chen just wants to take him on a trip.
"Leave this planet." Lan Chen said with a smile.
Chu Yifeng didn’t react at that time. Some wait for a while people looked at Lan Chen and burst out laughing: "Ha … leave the earth? You’re from Shenjing Hospital, aren’t you? Nonsense. "
But Lan Chen didn’t speak, but still smiled and touched Chu Yifeng’s feet with his fingers.
Chu Yifeng suddenly opened his eyes wide and his body almost sat in the air.
Sitting in the air? Nice. Just sitting in the air.
Because at this time, Chu Yifeng is standing high in the sky, and there are still rolling clouds under his feet.
"This …" Chu Yifeng looked up at Lan Chen incredulously, lowered his head and looked at the clouds and the earth, repeating these two movements, and then jumped twice in the air. Now it’s like standing on the ground, but suddenly he said, "So I’m really dead."
This time it was Lan Chen’s turn to laugh: "Oh, I have just said that you are not dead."
"Not dead? Then how did I get to heaven? " ChuYifeng didn’t good the spirit of the said suddenly thought of the problem of eyes looked at the aperture in the morning. "Are you a fairy?"
Lan Chen shook his head and said, "It’s not a fairy, it’s a person who fixes the truth."
"Fix true? Is there really a person who fixes the truth? Aren’t those online novels written by catching shadows and nonsense? " Chu Yifeng is still mumbling in shock.
Lan Chen looked at Chu Yifeng in shock and explained, "I don’t know what online novels are, but I want to tell you that there are people who fix the truth, and there are many people outside this planet, and here is just a corner forgotten by the fix the truth."
As a young man with modern consciousness, Chu Yifeng’s acceptance ability is quite strong, and he quickly got rid of the shock.
It was quite unexpected to see Chu Yifeng calm down. I didn’t expect Chu Yifeng to accept the fix-up in such a short time.
"Then do you want to come with me?" Lan Chen asked directly. He was afraid that Chu Yifeng wouldn’t promise because he had no time to find another descendant. If Chu Yifeng didn’t promise him, the pulse might end with him. And his original apprentice can’t count on it if he thinks about it. "If I take you away, I will naturally teach you to fix the truth. How about you standing at this height of 10,000 meters and overlooking the earth by yourself?"
Chu Yifeng looked at the vast land under his feet, where he had lived for twenty years, but now there was no one of his relatives. Everyone seemed to be strangers, and there seemed to be no intersection between himself and others, and Chu Yifeng didn’t want to endure it any more.
After only thinking for a short time, Chu Yifeng suddenly burst out laughing as if to cut off all his troubles and said firmly, "OK, I’ll go with you." But a tear quietly condensed from the corner of my eye.
"good." Lan Chen was overjoyed, and even the coercion that came out from time to time disappeared.
Chu Yifeng’s bold character waved out what he had decided to do at once. Since he decided to leave the earth with Lan Chen, he immediately asked, "Shall we go now?"
Lan Chen smiled and shook his head and said, "Not yet. Your body can’t withstand interstellar travel now, so I’m going to rebuild my body first and then strengthen your strength."
"Oh, well, then start to transform your body." Chu Yifeng urged that he was anxious to leave this world now.
"But before that, shouldn’t you call me Master?" Lan Chen suddenly said.
"Master?" Chu Yifeng questioned.
"Well, since you called me Master, I will accept you as an apprentice." Lan Chen immediately caught Chu Yifeng’s us.
"Hey, you are so insidious." Chu Yifeng pretended to be cold, but soon smiled. "Since I want to fix the truth with you, I’ll call you Master."
It was only after hearing Chu Yifeng talk like this that Lan Chen put down his mind that he could finally be sure that he had a successor.

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