"Oh … there are two beautiful women in the building!"

"hey! Isn’t that Miss Snow Dance and the transfer student? She looks really beautiful in a skirt. "
"The combination of white skirt and blue skirt is really like an angel!"
"There will be more boys coming to our school. Will we be gay if we go like this again?"
One person shouting causes more boys to stop and wait and see.
Girls’ reactions are much more complicated.
"Miss Snow Dance, how can she be with that transfer student?"
"I doubt that the transfer student is psychopathic. Otherwise, how can he wear a boys’ school and still fall in love with girls?"
"Come on! Such sour words sound like a dissatisfied housewife. I still like her cool appearance. Although I haven’t been in close contact, I heard that she will get a patent and donate more than 10 million to the school. Can you do it? "
At the top of the building, you can see someone stopping to watch and point, but it is not enough to hear each other’s comments.
What surprised Su Orange was that she could clearly hear those people talking as if they were talking beside her.
And the former can’t do it.
With her back to the railing, Snow Dance didn’t seem to notice the situation of the building. With a sweet smile on her face, she reached out and brushed a sue orange forehead with broken hair blown by the wind.
So it is natural to say that the snow dance didn’t hear anything
Sue orange don’t want these gossip to snow dance ears, and there are more and more people in the building, and there are many people whistling.
Sue orange grabbed the snow dance shoulder judo "I’m all right, let’s go! It is windy here. "
"hmm!" Snow dance clever nodded in Sue orange surrounded from the rooftop.
To Su Orange’s surprise, after entering the stairs, she could still clearly hear talking outside. What happened to her ears?
This feeling is strange and wonderful … Is there any strange ability gained with the increase of energy value?
There seems to be nothing unusual when you look at it while walking.
Forget it, it’s not a bad thing to be smart!
Is this a windfall?
Back to the dormitory door such as snow dance admitted footsteps, "just moved out of the dormitory packed my things must be a little tired! Have a good rest in orange sauce! I came to plan to come and help, but I didn’t expect it to be too late. "
"Without me, things are rarely packed casually."
Snow dance sighed and her voice was full of envy. "I really want to move to school, too!" But dad said that we live near the school and there is no need to occupy dormitory resources. "
Dean Chang is really strict with himself and his daughter!
Sue orange reverence for him again.
"Living at home is not good? It’s fun to see your family every day and raise some flowers and plants to take care of cute kittens! "
Snow dance nodded and smiled and bent into a crescent-shaped eye, which was very sunny and lovely. "Yeah! I am so happy! In this way, you can’t always see orange sauce, but since you are a girl, you can come and live in my home! My room is still very big, with many plush toys and large French windows. I like the feeling that I wake up in the morning and the sun is shining all over the room. "
This simple silly girl invited her to live at home!
Su Orange’s heart jumped wildly. Although she is a girl now, how can she live in a snow dancer?
Living in the same room with her is even more blasphemous.
"Well, miss snow dance on my side is not worried. Go home quickly! Give me a message at any time if you have something. "
Sue orange stretched out his hand and gently caressed the snow dance soft hair.
It’s something she never dared to think about before, or it’s not that bad to be a girl!
Snow Dance smiled cleverly and waved her hand. "Okay, I’ll go back to orange sauce and have a good rest!"
Two people didn’t notice through the half-closed door purple month witnessed all this.
The mood is really complicated and heavy!
There is no doubt that they are really a good match if gender is not considered! Personality is also very complementary.
Miss Snow Dance is simple, beautiful and lovely, while Su Orange is mature, steady and straightforward!
And both of them are very beautiful people!
It is unfair to be naive and give them the most beautiful facial features and figure.
It’s different types, but it’s pleasing to the eye. I have to sigh a stunning time, a gentleness and years!
Who can say for sure about love in this world!
Although her hope is slim, she is happy to see Su Orange Ziyue with a gentle smile from her heart.
I hope the appearance of Miss Snow Dance can dispel the haze of losing red leaves!
Although Su Orange doesn’t know now, how long can this matter be concealed?
It is a kind of happiness to love someone. If you can’t get it, let the other person be happy!
Sue orange went back to the dormitory quietly.
His door is closed under the purple moon
I was worried that I would be forced by Ziyue to try on all kinds of women’s clothes when I came back. I crustily skin of head and went into my room and found Ziyue was not among them.
The bed is messy, the clothes are neatly stacked, and the next door is quiet.
Sue orange not only wondered if this girl was resting in her room? Or have something to go out?
In this way, she can just change back to her clothes and go to the library to formulate a specific plan for operating a special fast food restaurant.
After a busy afternoon in the library, I looked at many restaurants, made notes and listed the outline.
The details should be carefully scrutinized and improved.
A few hours later, when I came out of the library and came to the restaurant, there were only a few students who could enjoy dinner easily.
On the way back to the dormitory, a night wind blew and wafted the refreshing fragrance of gardenia.
Sue orange felt as if something had passed by and looked up happily, but she saw nothing.
When I come to the dormitory building, I can clearly look at the direction of the bell tower in the teaching area. If there have been two girls in white, it seems to be an illusion.
Stop thinking, there are still many things to do.
When she turned into the girls’ dormitory, two slender figures, one black and one white, appeared on the platform where the bell tower was located.

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