Ji Yuxin saw that she couldn’t help secretly being one leng. She hadn’t seen Lin Su look at herself in this way, and her heart was full of thoughts, and she didn’t have the mind to tease Yang Xiu again.

Seeing that the strange feeling disappeared, Yang Xiu couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. If the other party doesn’t stop, he really intends to teach the other party to scrape. Otherwise, he has been so prepared and tired, and if he really does something shameful, that’s not good.
"All three have come in for so long. I haven’t asked a few names yet, I am disrespectful! " Yang Xiu quietly calmed down the mood. Calm way.
"Look at me, I thought you knew, but I forgot to introduce it." Lin Su patted his forehead and suddenly realized, "This is Ji Yuxin, this is Xia Wanqiu, and this is my little girl Lin Mengchu."
It turned out that they were the ancestors of the ivory tower and the Chuchen Pavilion. Didn’t they say that they were sworn enemies? How did they come together? Yang Xiu was really a little shocked. I didn’t expect this Lin Su to be involved with these two people, and he was willing to enter this "Jedi" for him. I don’t know what to say for Yang Xiu.
"I’ve heard a lot about your two famous names, but unfortunately I haven’t seen them before, so I didn’t recognize them. I was rude just now, and I got what I wanted today." Yang Xiu is telling the truth, Ji Yuxin and Xia Wanqiu’s reputation in the field of fix true, which is a representative of female monks, plus Yan’s fame spread far and wide. He really wanted to see the beauty before. Especially Ji Yuxin, because of her smile, I know more about her and don’t want to finally meet her today!
"I wonder if you are disappointed with the scattered people?" Ji Yuxin is recovering quickly, and among these people, her words are the most. At the moment, she asked again, but this time she didn’t use obsequiousness again.
But Yang Xiu is don’t want to talk to each other again, lest again, a bite, so don’t look back to the edge of the eye essence first flashing Lin Mengshun dish "next and miss Lin met at an earlier time? On that day, when we were fighting for the Purple Lancang Wave Palace, my present lady seemed to be a little curious about me. "
Lin Meng sat beside Lin Su, pulling each other’s sleeves with one hand, and heard the words and said with a smile, "It’s a distraction, if my little girl has seen it. There should be an impression! "
"Are you? . Yang Xiu was noncommittal. Since the other party didn’t want to talk about it, he didn’t intend to force him to ask now. "Maybe I’m really oversensitive, but I heard that it was you who went to the Zilan Langgong that day, and I haven’t congratulated you yet?"
"Compared with you, it’s nothing at all." Lin Meng chamber calm way.
"On that day in the purple Lancang wave palace, I left early because I had something to do. I heard that a great event was born in the fairy palace later. I wonder if Miss Lin can tell me something? " Yang Xiu is trying to find out the whereabouts of Bai Zhi. Although he feels that the ban in the other person’s body is still there, he can’t find the whereabouts of the other person, so he can’t help asking the other person. Since the other party refined the calligraphy and painting of the town government, it should have played against Bai Zhi. After all, there should not be many people who didn’t win the "black cartilage crisp" on that day. Otherwise, it won’t be Lin Mengqiang’s turn as the final winner.
Lin Meng rolled his eyes for a moment, knowing that this matter could not be concealed, organized the language and asked, "Are you looking for a guy named Bai Zhi?"
Yang Xiu heart movement, the more calm tone, way: "so miss should know his whereabouts? .
Lin Meng nodded darkly and said, "I know."
Yang Xiu: "Where is it?"
Lin Meng-chamber: "It’s in our sinking valley."
Yang Xiu’s eyes narrowed. "So, you arrested him?" I just don’t know what Bai Zhi told each other, but with the power he has now. Even if you tell each other everything he knows, how can you? As long as you don’t get out of Xianye Big 6, there are not many who can handle him!
"It’s not a catch, just please go back and discuss with each other about your own cultivation experience and talk about it." Lim Meng face a small car, apparently in return for what Yang Xiuge said.
Yang Xiu smiled lightly and said, "I have something to ask him. I wonder if Miss Lin can inform him to come here? When you have finished asking, you can go to talk about the Tao. It’s not too late, or everyone is here. It’s ok, the environment here is ok, and it will get twice the result with half the effort. "
"Of course, you can inform," Lin Meng said brightly. "I wonder if my little girl can go back to deal with some urgent matters without her father, or she can go back and personally inform Bai Zhi to come? .
Yang Xiu smell speech, can’t help secretly with a sneer at, even with Bai Zhi blackmail him, show CAI is wrong abacus, Bai Zhi for him now, but also is dispensable, can’t help anything at all.
And she certainly didn’t know that Lin Su had been banned. Even if she left here, she couldn’t turn out any waves in front of him.
However, he didn’t directly refuse each other, but suddenly changed the subject and asked, "I heard that the island where the original door was trying to plot is inviting monks from all over the world to denounce it. I think you have heard about it?"
"Yes, there is this thing. However, our ivory tower and Chuchen Pavilion have rejected this matter. " Ji Yuxin said.
"I’m afraid it’s not enough just to refuse. How about we form an alliance and resist together?" Yang Xiu unhurried suggested.
Ji Yuxin and others suddenly understood each other’s meaning, and their faces became ugly. They said, "Even if we join hands. In front of so many sects, it is just mantis cars. "
Yang Xiu mysterious smile. "Really?" he said. "As long as we don’t go out and fight with them, if they want to break the ban on Xiandao. But it’s not as easy as I thought. Moreover, it may not be possible that things will be solved like this without your hand. "
Ji Yuxin to Yang Xiu this last sentence, but some don’t understand, want to know so many factions together top order monks. It doesn’t mean that it can be solved if it is solved.
Only Lin Su, who is present here, has seen green, so he has some understanding in his heart. Up to now, he is still concerned about green ghosts and gods.
"This matter also don’t worry, you can take your time to think about it, and you come here in the distance, and you don’t have time to get together with Lin Daoyou alone, even if there are some selfish words to talk about, so I won’t bother you.
Say that finish, also don’t wait for the people to respond, body immediately into the void, back to the statue.
When they saw Gexiu quietly hiding, their hearts were suddenly taken aback, and then they were delighted. I saw Ji Yuxin and Xia Wanqiu taking their time from the storage bag, pulled out several sets of flags and began to decorate the room.
Chapter II,)

Chapter three hundred and eighty-three Island group repair
Chapter three hundred and eighty-three Island group repair
It’s calm, and there’s a spear cloud. The sea is a vast expanse of water, reflecting the sunshine, and the Yin Hui is covered with lightning, hurricane and paste.
Between the colors of Tianshui, there is an island covered with the breath of wind. Although we can’t see the situation clearly, we can feel its extraordinary from the glow and aura of clearing the mind.
At this time, not far from the west of the island, more than 200 people gathered, one of whom was glowing. Majestic and brilliant, most of them offered their own protective body and defensive magic weapon. It looks colorful, full of jewels and aura, and the scene is spectacular.
Thousands of miles away from these people, there is another group of people with relatively strange looks and clothes. In contrast, there are more than 400 people in this group. Clothes if it weren’t for the big red, colorful. Or bare-chested and naked.
And these people are uglier than one. Every one is funnier than the other, as if all the ugly people in the world are concentrated in a pile, with squint eyes, flat nose, lion’s mouth and bull’s eyes, and blue face and fangs. Red and green eyes, like ghosts, are randomly combined together. And there are still many faces that are not human, covered with dense scales. Hemorrhoids, tortoiseshell and tentacles. Seeing people’s scalp numb is obviously not a real human being.
Although the two sides are far away from each other, but their eyes, but they all looked at the body of the ruiqi churning island.
I don’t know how long it took, but a young Taoist came out of the group of human monks. The Taoist’s long face is like Wen Yu, and he doesn’t need a clean face. He is very handsome. It seems that he is only seventeen years old. He is dressed in a purple and gold gossip suit, with a high crown on his head, deep eyes, and every move is so free and easy, which seems to imply a certain law of heaven, and people can’t forget it at a glance. It is the Taoist Yuan Zhen!
Suddenly, he threw his fist at the group of demons opposite, saying, "Xuan Gui Da Xian, King Chijiao, and Mulberry Fairy, your deity has called all the schools to cultivate the truth, and wants to share this ancient fairy island. I don’t know about your demon family. Are you willing to work together? I have been there once, and it is rich in products and many elixirs. Even if the magic weapon is powerful, it will be of great benefit to future cultivation or resistance to natural disasters. "
I saw the man called Xuan Gui Daxian, whose face was dark and yellow, very rough, and his two shining eyes were very small, and sometimes they slipped round. Sometimes it’s half-narrowed into a gap, and when you squint, your flesh closes, and you can’t see a trace. It’s as if he doesn’t have long eyes, and his back is slightly arched, as if he had pressed something, which looks very awkward.
He is obviously the leader of this group of demon people. After hearing the proposal of Taoist Yuan Zhen, he was unmoved. Smiling faintly, he said, "We’re just hanging around here with nothing to do. Don’t worry about it, Taoist, just do your own thing."
Want to find a bargain. Hmm. Actually hit his head, Yuan Zhen Road flyover although angry. But he didn’t show it. Instead, he smiled more brightly and said, "In that case, the deity is not reluctant, but since you have come out to wander around, please leave thousands of miles away first, otherwise the sword will be blind. If we accidentally hurt you while breaking the array, it will be bad!"
When Xuan Gui Daxian heard the threat from the other side, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and he said slowly, "Don’t worry, Taoist priest. Although we are not as good as Taoist priests, we should still have no problem protecting ourselves."
Taoist Yuan Zhen said coldly, "Since Xuangui Daxian is so confident, it’s better to take care of yourself!"
After that, he ignored each other and said to the group of monks behind him, "Dear Taoist friends. The vault beam scattered people’s desire to monopolize the ancient fairy Wu, which was not in harmony with reason and emotion, but if he understood right and wrong. Repent in time, and then we should not force him too much and give him a chance. I wonder? "
These were all discussed in advance, so at this moment, the monks immediately and neatly replied: "Taoist Yuan Zhen is generous, just according to the words of real people."
When Taoist Yuan Zhen heard this, he couldn’t help but nod his head with satisfaction, and immediately sent a message to Xiandao: "Shidimen cooperated with the Xiuzhen Sect in the world to visit the vault and disperse the people, and I hope that the people will come out for a chat."
Make such a big noise outside, Yang Xiu knew it for a long time, of course, and now several acquaintances are among them, such as the empty sleep master, Tianxuan reality and Lin of Nanling School. The cold lamp Zen master in Kuyin Temple, the magic hatred of Shura Gate and so on.
Among them, the lowest level of cultivation is the yuan infant period, and the proportion is not much, just over 30 people. Everything else has been repaired in the fitting period, and basically each sect has taken one or two people. But fortunately, I didn’t see Hu Yibai and their figures, and I didn’t see the "Golden Clan" and the Delong Sword Sect.
I saw each other’s affectation in my eyes. Smell speech at the moment. I couldn’t help but flash a sneer. I said seriously, "It’s really glorious for us to have so many top Taoist friends from the fix-true world here."
Speak Sichuan "ten. Immediately, I took out a seal tactic, and opened the way outside the ban. Only one person knows Cambodia’s seven … Xiao Dao, and then said, "When you come to the next place of cultivation, you should go into the government to discuss it in detail, otherwise others will know. I also think that I deliberately neglect you, so how can I afford it? And if some unreasonable people mistakenly think that you are afraid to come in and not ruin everyone’s reputation, you will become a sinner next time! "
Taoist Yuan Zhen saw with his own eyes how severe the ban was, but of course he didn’t dare to go in, so he didn’t take it. clear voice said, "What the world says is mostly groundless, so why take it seriously with him? We should know why we came here. This fairy island is a sacred place for ancient immortals. Left here. It should be the common thing of all monks, and it can’t be monopolized by one person and one faction. I don’t know if the scattered people can be clear about their righteousness, open the fairy house and benefit all monks. At that time, everyone will admire the selfless chivalrous spirit of the scattered people, and it is not beautiful! "
Knowing that the other party was looking for trouble, Yang Xiu was not angry. He asked, "If Taoist Yuan Zhen is willing to open Taiwu Mountain, let the people in the world have one. Where I can stay, I am willing to follow suit. I just don’t know if Taoist Yuan Zhen has such selfless chivalry.
Taoist Yuan Zhen said unhurriedly, "Taiwu Mountain is the inheritance handed down by the ancestors of the first Taoist, and it has been ten thousand years since then. How can being original be the master of one’s own affairs?"
"This dome beam fairy island is also a place where the ancestors practiced, but also left a sign. It is only because I recently found a way to master this. So it can’t be ruined in my hands. The proposal of Taoist Yuan Zhen can only be sorry. " Yang Xiu face the same said.
"This fairy island was originally a thing of the earth, and there is no evidence. How can it be said that it is the practice place of scattered ancestors?" Road flyover Yuan Zhen’s side has no prescription. After listening to it for a long time, he couldn’t help it and asked.

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